10 anime heroes obsessed with strength and getting stronger


Each warrior has their own reasons for being strong, and Shonen Anime has a diverse cast of heroes with a desire for strength. Granted, these stories wouldn’t be interesting if the characters had never grown up or the fights never evolved, but these characters became so obsessed with getting stronger that it became a defining trait as well as ‘a common trope in Anime.

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Whether for better or for worse, or somewhere in between, each of these Anime heroes has their own reasons for their intense training. No matter where they take this drive, it’s interesting how obsession can change everything.

ten Neon Genesis Evangelion: Asuka trains to overcome her trauma


On the surface, Asuka appears to be brash and brash, but this is all a cover-up of the pain she is feeling. evangelization reveals Asuka’s dark past over time, showing the audience that all of her hasty decisions are her way of avoiding the pain she truly feels.

Asuka’s intense training and strong desire for success is how she fares, although that doesn’t take away from her impeccable skills as an EVA pilot. Once she learns how to properly deal with all of her trauma, she becomes a force to be reckoned with.

9 Soul Eater: Maka is determined to overcome all challenges, including the fear itself

Maka albarn

In the beginning Soul eater, Maka is not the strongest in the Shibusen Academy, but she is the smartest with great control over the wavelength of her soul. As incredible as these forces are, they only get her so far onto the battlefield, which is why she becomes obsessed with getting stronger.

Maka not only wants to be able to fight her enemies, but she also pushes herself to be strong enough to protect her friends, including her Soul partner. Her tenacity can backfire when she tries to move forward on her own, but after learning to balance her skills as a weapon master and as a fighter, she becomes strong enough to rise to the challenge. any challenge.

8 My Hero Academia: Katsuki Bakugo’s Driving Can Be A Little Too Explosive At Times

Katsuki bakugo

Although every student of My hero university intends to be the best, there is no one who does it like Bakugo. With a powerful and versatile quirk paired with innate talent, it’s no surprise he’s grown obnoxiously arrogant. However, seeing how much further he had to go, Bakugo grew taller and taller, never settling for anything less than victory.

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Bakugo’s goal is to become the number one hero and with how much he trains, pushing himself and the others, he could achieve his goal – unless his rival Izuku Midoriya has something to say about it. .

7 One Punch Man: Genos wants to be stronger for justice

Genos and one-punch man

The teenage cyborg of A punch, Genos, has already managed to become a powerful hero, possessing an S-Class rank among the profession, but that is not enough for him. Always seeking to be stronger to defeat any enemy of peace, he searches for Saitama whose heroic battles are unknown to the world.

Genos knows that Saitama is much stronger than he suggests, which is why he constantly asks Saitama to train him, and the latter can see how serious the young hero is in preparing for anything. what a battle.

6 Kill La Kill: Satsuki Kiryuin has strength in his pride and in his clothes

Satsuki Kiriyuuin

Satsuki appears to be an arrogant and oppressive ruler in Kill La Kill, but the audience finally realizes how much she deserves this job and all the hard work she’s done to achieve the power she has. Alone, Satsuki is very determined to gain as much power as possible to defeat her mother, restore peace to the world, and avenge her younger sister and father.

She appropriates the power of Kamui Junketsu, but even without this supernatural strength, her fencing skills are formidable. Unlike many other strength-obsessed characters, Satsuki has the strength of his intelligence and calls on the right people to support his efforts.

5 Bleach: Ichigo Kurosaki fights to protect his friends

Ichigo Kurosaki

Although he is immersed in crazy and supernatural situations throughout Bleach, Ichigo never complains about the inability to complete the challenge. Rather, it is his willingness to protect others that drives him to train as much as he can. Sometimes Ichigo pushes himself too much, drawing closer to death with each battle, but at the end of the day, getting stronger is his main focus.

It has a lot to do with the guilt he has carried from childhood, his inability to protect his mother from a tragic death, and later realizing that he is part of the reason for her death. Since those two life-changing moments, Ichigo can’t stand the thought of seeing other people hurt or die, especially the people he calls family.

4 Fate Stay Night: Saber resolutely advances in his quest for the Holy Grail


Although cold and emotionless at times, Fate Stay Night Saber can be an inspiration for his determination to achieve his goal. Even though she is young, she doesn’t take long to enjoy life, constantly focusing on obtaining the strength to defeat her enemies in the quest for the mighty Holy Grail.

Trained since she was just five years old, Saber – whose real name is Astoria – has been given the task of restoring peace to the country. When it comes to reaching the Holy Grail, she’s determined to do whatever it takes to win.

3 Naruto: Naruto Uzumaki keeps fighting to make his dreams come true

naruto uzumaki smiling

All along Naruto, main protagonist Naruto Uzumaki proves that one can become strong with hard work and determination. While his goals range from self-centered to heroic, he trains harder than anyone. With each challenge overcome, Naruto is always on the hunt for more and won’t stop until all of his dreams come true.

Even when all hell broke loose and he lost more than he won, Naruto continues on his journey, working so hard that he runs out to the point of exhaustion or – in the case where he is much older – does not take time for anything else. but the task at hand.

2 Attack on Titan: Eren Yeager is determined to turn the tide in the War on Titan

Eren Yeager

When the Maria Wall fell into the hands of the Colossal Titan, thousands of people lost their lives and many were marked by the horrors they witnessed – their hopes for a peaceful future dying as well. Eren Yeager is the exception and has used the pain and suffering of his own loss to drive him, obsessed with his goal of killing the Titans to the point that it becomes concerning.

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In The attack of the Titans, Eren is stubborn in his training, aiming to acquire the strength and skills necessary to achieve his goal. Although her passion inspires inspiration among new recruits, she is also very reckless, but even so, Eren will not stop until he has achieved his life goal.

1 Demon Slayer: Tanjiro Kamado balances his strength with compassion

tanjiro komado

Tanjiro is a rare sight among anime fighters because he’s not a hothead, nor is he stubborn or cruel. Although there are times when his anger shows Demon slayer, this only happens when someone has been injured. His morals are balanced with his thinking and this is what controls his actions.

As nice as Tanjiro is, he is passionate about developing his skills to achieve his goal. Taniro darkens from the terrors he witnesses, but ultimately his willpower causes him to grow strong for the sake of humanity, with a bit of vengeance on the side.

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