10 anime villains who exploited the hero’s cuteness


Many anime villains manipulate the innocent, and some can even manipulate the heroes, especially when they know the full extent of the hero’s kindness to others. Sometimes the villains manipulate the kindness of the heroes to get what they want, humiliate the hero in the process, or take the opportunity to defeat them.

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From Illumi Zoldyck using knowledge of Gon’s friendship with Killua to get Killua to surrender, to Mana deliberately bringing out Pecorine’s presence by terrorizing innocent villages and those in need of help, these villains willfully exploited the kindness of the hero to get what they wanted.

ten Mana deliberately attracted pecorin by terrorizing villages (Princess Connect! Re: Dive)

Mana Senri Princess Connect!  Re: diving

Mana was too serious a villain to be taken seriously Princess Connect! Re: diving, but she deliberately lured Pecorine into terrorizing dark beings in local villages. It was only so that she could find an opportunity to get rid of Pecorine for good, and also give her spy, the catgirl Karyl, the opportunity to observe Pecorine’s abilities on the move and possibly murder her. . That plan then backfired when Karyl joined Pecorine’s team permanently in the season one finale, though Mana still tries to destroy Pecorine in the upcoming second season.

9 President Rose knew Leon would do anything to protect Galar, including catching Eternatus (Pokémon)

President Rose and Leon from Pokemon Sword and Shield

In Pokémon trips, President Rose used Leon’s dedication and commitment to protect Galar to his advantage. Upon awakening Eternatus, Rose’s ultimate plans were for Leon to catch Eternatus for Rose so that Rose could eventually use the Legendary Pokémon to create Eternal and Eternal Energy for all of Galar.

This plan backfired when Leon failed to catch Eternatus, forcing Goh and Ash to fight the Pokémon themselves. Lucky for the group, Zamazenta and Zacian also arrived and helped Goh and Ash defeat and catch Eternatus. However, much to Rose’s chagrin, Eternatus was sealed after being captured, as it was too powerful and dangerous to be used as a power source.

8 Freya knew that Bell would try to protect Hestia (Is it wrong to try to get girls back from a dungeon?)

Freya from Is It Wrong To Try To Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon !?

Freya knew, after freeing all the monsters in the Ganesha Familia arena, that Bell would try to protect Hestia no matter what. While Freya’s ultimate goal was to try and kill Hestia with the monsters freed so she could take Bell for herself, Freya also took this opportunity to watch Bell in action. Freya deliberately made sure that one of the monsters only targets Hestia, chasing her and Bell everywhere.

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Considering that Bell faced this beast on his own and was considered one of the most difficult to face in the arena at the time, he could have died had he not defeated him.

7 Ruriko used Kyoko’s position to her advantage (Skip Beat!)

Ruriko_blushing Skip Beat

Ruriko could be seen as the main antagonist of one of the Spend timethe first arcs of the anime adaptation of the anime. This is because she used Kyoko’s position as a member of the Love Me section to make Kyoko her slave for the day and ultimately humiliate her. Not only did she pretend to be fragile to force Kyoko to carry her up a mountain to a movie set, but she also ditched Kyoko after collapsing with a sprained ankle to surrender herself on the tray, without bothering to tell anyone that Kyoko was hurt. Kyoko was later furious when she realized Ruriko was using her, and all Kyoko fans who were watching were equally angry.

6 Maximillion Pegasus knew Yugi would go save his grandfather (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

During the Duelist Realm arc, Pegasus took the soul of Yugi’s grandfather to lure Yugi to join his Duelist Realm tournament. His end goal was to resurrect Cecilia using the souls he had taken from others, and luring Yugi to the island allowed him to take on the Pharaoh’s soul residing in the Millennium Puzzle as well. However, Yugi and the Spirit of the Millennium Puzzle defeated Pegasus at his own game of Duel Monsters, foiling Pegasus ‘plans, which were further destroyed when Yami Bakura later took Pegasus’ Millennium Eye for himself.

5 Mizuno made a bet to claim Azuma for herself (Yakitate !! Japan)

Mizuno Azusagawa Yakitate !!  Japan

Mizuno was a minor antagonist during the Newcomer Tournament arc and was also Tsukino’s half-sister due to Tsukino’s mother being a mistress. During the Newcomer Tournament arc, Mizuno was rude to Tsukino and refused to call her an older sister as they were just half-sisters. Azuma, Tsukino’s defender, made a bet with Mizuno. If Azuma beat Mizuno in the Newcomer Tournament, Mizuno would have to recognize Tsukino as his older sister. However, if Azuma lost, Mizuno would take Azuma as one of his permanent employees.

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Luckily for Tsukino and Azuma, Azuma won the match and remained employed under Tsukino (although Mizuno did not recognize Tsukino as his sister until a later round of the Newcomer Tournament).

4 Yūri Amagake’s stalker dragged her to her initial death after trying to save her life (5 second fighting game)

Yūri Amagake Battle Game in 5 seconds

In the flashbacks of the first episodes of Battle game in 5 seconds, it was revealed that Yūri Amagake was being stalked by another man. After Yūri found him on the roof of a building, about to jump, she decided to make sure he got away from the roof ledge before warning him to never harass her again. However, her stalker took the opportunity to grab Yūri and jump off the roof with her, dragging her to death with him. Unfortunately for Yūri, it only got worse because, after Mion resurrected her, she was paired with her stalker to fight him.

3 Malty manipulated Naofumi and ruined his reputation (The Rising Of The Shield Hero)

Malty S. Melromarc is hated by most fans because of her Naofumi deception. After robbing Naofumi, betraying her, and ultimately accusing her of assaulting her, she outright ruined Naofumi’s reputation with the public. This forced Naofumi to find his way into the public good graces and set him on a path to get revenge on her for his actions.

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Luckily for Naofumi and viewers, Malty was later punished for her actions by being stripped of her royal position and name.

2 Illumi used Gon’s friendship with Killua to force Killua to disqualify himself (Hunter X Hunter)

During the Hunter Exam arc, Killua and Gon began to develop a friendship with each other despite Killua being from a family of assassins. However, Illumi, Killua’s brother, was one of the many candidates in disguise. During the final rounds of the exam, Illumi decided that if Killua didn’t surrender, he would simply threaten to kill Gon instead after getting his permit, as the Killers weren’t supposed to have any friends.

This led to Killua not only surrendering when Illumi faced him in one of their towers, but Killua also automatically disqualified himself by killing another candidate. If Gon had not befriended Killua, this tragic outcome would not have happened.

1 Wiseman turned Chibiusa into a Dark Lady after making her believe she destroyed Crystal Tokyo (Sailor Moon)

Sageman sailor moon

Wiseman transformed Chibiusa into the Black Lady (also known as the Wicked Lady) after manipulating her memories and making her believe that she had destroyed Crystal Tokyo in her future time zone. This gave Chibiusa a lot of guilt and heartache, giving Wiseman the perfect opportunity to transform Chibiusa into the Dark Lady and act as a new enemy against the Sailor Scouts. Luckily for Chibiusa fans, she returned to normal after Usagi contacted her to tell her that she was still loved by her friends and family.

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