10 behind-the-scenes facts about Kevin Feige’s time at Marvel Studios


Kevin Feige is Marvel Studios’ Super Producer, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe wouldn’t be what it is today without him, but it was recently revealed that he almost gave up on Marvel for DC during Phase Two. . But after 14 years of making movies in the MCU, that’s just one little story in an ocean of them.

Feige is one of the busiest producers working today, which has led to a ton of compelling stories during his tenure at Marvel Studios. Whether it’s an Iron Man shrine in his office, trying to get properties off the ground for years, or making drastic last-minute changes to movies, no one in Hollywood has better instincts than Feige.


ten He Almost Ditched Marvel For DCEU During Phase Two

DCEU Batman with Blue Eyes in Dawn of Justice

While Marvel fans have Feige to thank for how risky many Phase Four movies are and how well the cinematic universe came together overall, the producer didn’t always have so much freedom. . It’s well documented just how much Feige has locked horns with former Marvel CEO Ike Perlmutter. And during phase two, it reached a boiling point where Feige was tempted by DC and briefly considered changing.

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It’s fun to imagine what a Feige-led DCEU would look like, which would likely be more focused and far less sporadic. In the same report, it is mentioned that the new CEO of Warner Bros., David Zaslav, may consider recontacting Feige.

9 His office is full of Iron Man memorabilia.

Office of Kevin Feige

The day of the launch of Thor: Love and Thunder marketing campaign, Asad Ayaz tweeted a photo of Feige’s office and the impressive memorabilia it contains. There’s an Iron Man Mark I figure (on which hilariously rests an Ant-Man mask), a medium-sized Iron Monger figure, and a hoodie with a list of all the movies from Phases One, Two, and Three.

It’s endearing that Feige has some kind of Iron Man shrine in the corner of his office. After all, without the success of this film, the cinematic universe might never have existed. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with an artist being proud of their work, because they’re not the first Hollywood mogul to do so either. According to Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Bays’ house is covered in Transformers memories.

8 He wanted to do Moon Knight for years

Moon Knight Episode 5 Mark and Steven

Moon Knight is the latest MCU series to arrive on Disney+, and its release was a big event for many reasons, as the superhero is a fan favorite of comic books and introduces Oscar Isaac to the universe. Far more effort and passion has gone into the series than some other Disney+ series, and that could be down to Feige’s love of the character.

Feige wanted to develop Moon Knight for years, noting, “I’ve been thinking about doing a movie or a show about Moon Knight for a very long time, and we’re actually launching it tonight, and I’m very happy that you see it.“It would have been interesting to see how the project would have played out in movie form, but as it stands, the series is extremely satisfying and features the best MCU Disney+ villain.

seven Even he is starstruck

Tony Leung as Wenwu the Mandarin Shang-Chi

Feige has been in the industry for decades, and while his profile grew exponentially thanks to being the mastermind behind the MCU, he was also behind it. x-menby Sam Raimi Spider Man trilogy, and even the The Fantastic Four movies. With so much time on set, it’s hard to believe a producer like Feige would be starstruck, and while it doesn’t happen often, it does happen.

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When on set Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, meeting with Tony Leung left Kevin Feige completely speechless. The producer said about the famous Hong Kong actor, “I’ve rubbed shoulders with many movie stars and many living legends, but I was almost speechless when I met him briefly on set. Because he looks like an otherworldly star straight from the sky. .”

6 He learned a lot from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy

Feige produced all three Spider Man movies directed by Sam Raimi, and he apparently did a lot more watching and learning than handing out studio notes. The producer learned a lot from Raimi, explaining, “I watched and learned from a group of people who were trying to exceed expectations and trying to fulfill their own childhood dreams and the childhood dreams of the characters’ fans.”

Raimi has spoken at length about his favorite comics and superheroes, so it’s no surprise he wanted to go above and beyond when creating each one. Spider Man film. And Feige has clearly taken all of this into account and applies it to every film he produces. Every MCU entry is full of footage pulled straight from the pages of the comics, and all outfits are (sometimes unashamedly) true to the source material.

5 He made a last-minute change to Doctor Strange 2

Doctor Strange Musical Notes

While Feige clearly has the utmost respect for Raimi, he still made a last-minute change to Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessalso led by evil Dead director. One of the most difficult fight scenes to pull off was the fight between Strange and a variant of himself as they threw musical notes at each other.

According Comic Resources, Danny Elfman mentioned that the scene included an amalgamation of classic parts, but Feige recommended changing it. The composer explained: “Then, at the very 59th minute of the 11th hour, at the very end, Kevin Feige stepped in and said to just simplify Beethoven versus Bach.”

4 He always has Star Wars in mind

Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker Rey Daisy Ridley

While Marvel is Feige’s bread and butter, he often finds his mind adrift in a galaxy far, far away. The super-producer admitted he was still thinking about star warsand although it produces a star wars movie, he explained, “If I didn’t get paid to do it, I would do it here in my basement just with my toys, and no one would ever see it. It’s what I think about all the time.”

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No one knows very little about Kevin Feige’s secret star wars movie, but there are a few key details that will come as a relief. For starters, Han Solo won’t be in the movie, and what’s more of a sigh of relief is that it won’t be another sequel.

3 He says he owes his success to Richard Donner

Acclaimed director Richard Donner died in 2021, and after working for him for several years, Feige tweeted a eulogy to the filmmaker. Donner has directed so many classics, including The Goonies, Scroogedand lethal weaponbut the film that was clearly most influenced by Feige was 1978 Superman.

Feige tweeted that the Superman director taught him that “These characters could come to life on the big screen with heart, humor, humanity and verisimilitude.In 2018, Feige even advised Warner Bros. to review Superman when the studio was going through several internal changes, so it clearly wasn’t to be a fan of the DCEU’s darker tone.

2 He was more excited about WandaVision than any other project

An image of Wanda looking upset in Wandavision

When Paul Bettany was promoting Wanda Visionhe explained, “I think I can guarantee some things. I think we took a huge swing. I think it will pay off. I have never seen Kevin Feige more dazed and excited.” Considering so much has happened in the MCU in 14 years, including countless heroes going up against Thanos, Bettany might be exaggerating to say that Feige is the most excited ever.

However, there might be some truth to it, like Wanda Vision is by far the most unique MCU entry, as it’s influenced by sitcoms from different eras, and it’s full Hocus Pocus too. Few movies or shows are like Wanda Visionwhether in the superhero genre or not.

1 He intends to be ‘hands off’ with the Fantastic Four movie

John Krasinski as he appears in Multiverse of Madness

According Geek’s LairFeige intends to take a more passive approach with the upcoming The Fantastic Four. While that might be concerning considering the MCU has been so successful due to Feige being so hands-on, it’s based on his experience on Doctor Strange 2.

This is apparently based on the fact that he was able to be less active with Doctor Strange 2 by trusting Raimi, and he really wants to live the same experience with The Fantastic Four. However, this might be a tougher job than Feige anticipated, as Marvel has yet to find a new director to replace Jon Watts.

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