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The Amber Heard/Johnny Depp lawsuit continues into its sixth week, with reports of Heard fighting to keep his role in the upcoming one. Aquaman 2 film. Jason Momoa and James Wan reportedly fought for Heard to keep his role intact. The future is undefined, so fans don’t know what will happen with the King of Atlantis sequel film.

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We know Momoa has proven that Aquaman isn’t the dumbest superhero in comics. He has a robust set of powers that puts him among the likes of Superman. After all, he’s a member of the Justice League for a reason. It’s easy to knock down a character talking about ocean life if you’ve never read the comics.

For starters, Arthur Curry has superhuman strength, which is a must if you’re swimming in the choppy ocean currents. It can communicate with all aquatic life over great distances. On top of that, he can breathe underwater, see in total darkness, jump great distances, and has limited sonar. Catch yourself one of his stories written by a great writer and you’ll get a different perspective.

Dive into these Aquaman comics

1) The trench

The Trench shows Aquaman is no joke (Image via DC Comics)
The Trench shows Aquaman is no joke (Image via DC Comics)

If you want to see how important Aquaman is to the DCU and how powerful he is, look no further because Aquaman: The Trench Does the job. After the events of Flashpoint, Geoff Johns took on the role of breathing new life into Arthur Curry to make him relevant.

The trench did the trick because not only did Ivan Reis’ art make the creatures look intimidating, but Johns wrote a fast-paced story that intrigued and kept fans moving forward. It showed Arthur Curry earning the title of king and the respect of a hero. As it was a fresh start for the character, it’s a perfect point for new fans.

2) American tide

Arthur loses his hook to something more mystical (Image via DC Comics)
Arthur loses his hook to something more mystical (Image via DC Comics)

Not only does Arthur lose his hook to a hand made of water (a gift from La Dame du Lac), American tide places him in the role of a savior rather than a warrior. The story is a bit silly because Arthur struggles to save San Diego, California as part of it sinks into the Pacific, only to learn it’s not necessary.

Saving the city becomes questionable when Arthur learns that its citizens can already breathe underwater. At this point, he was banished from Atlantis, so Arthur made Sub Diego his home. It’s a low-stakes story that does a great job of defining Aquaman’s heroism while weaving in a slow-burning mystery.

3) Chronicles of Atlantis

Atlantis Chronicles is a story about Arthur Curry without him (Image via DC Comics)
Atlantis Chronicles is a story about Arthur Curry without him (Image via DC Comics)

This title may not introduce Arthur Curry, but it delves deeper into the mythology and legend behind the great city of Atlantis. Peter David writes a magical story that examines different perspectives of several characters within the great kingdom. And Estaban Maroto fleshes out the pages with beautiful illustrations, bringing Atlantis to life.

Again, this may not be about Aquaman, but it’s worth reading to understand Atlantean culture. It shows characters only mentioned by Arthur in future Aquaman titles and cements the importance of Atlantis in the DCU. At the end of this seven-issue arc, fans learn about the impact Arthur’s birth had on the kingdom.

4) Death of a prince

A prince's death shows the pain of losing a child (Image via DC Comics)
A prince’s death shows the pain of losing a child (Image via DC Comics)

Death is not a new concept for comics. What’s new is the deliberate murder of a child because DC heroes aren’t allowed to be happy. Defining Black Manta as Arthur’s nemesis had a price. It’s easily one of the darkest moments in comics, especially from a story written in the 70s.

Arthur continues to deal with the death of his son, and it can be told in one of the worst ways. It also brought some tension between him and Mera, with Mera blaming Arthur for their loss.

5) The crown descends

The crown descends (Image via DC Comics)
The crown descends (Image via DC Comics)

Dan Abnett crafted a great story for the King of Atlantis in 2016, and The crown descends is a masterful conclusion. It deals with high fantasy story elements while simultaneously modernizing the hero. There are amazing fights with large scale magic and epic battles.

It’s a story that goes right to the heart of Aquaman and Atlantis, showing the politics the king has to deal with. This story landed Mera a major co-starring role and turned into a miniseries. The crown descends was the definitive version of the character upon release.

6) The flood

The Flood (Image via DC Comics)
The Flood (Image via DC Comics)

It’s one thing to defeat a hero in battle. It’s something on a grander scale to ruin this hero’s public image. Batman and Superman suffered from such a scheme by some of their thieves. The flood shows that Black Manta subjected Arthur Curry to a similar trial with systematic planning and execution.

Black Manta uses the agents of the secret terrorist organization NEMO to destabilize relations between Atlantis and the surface world. This leads to the fulfillment of a prophesied total war: The flood.

seven) The drowned earth

Drowned Earth (Image via DC Comics)
Drowned Earth (Image via DC Comics)

Scott Snyder is a writer well known for his work on Batman and its comics belonging to its creator. When he assumed the writing duties on Aquaman, fans knew it would be a deep and gripping story. He did not disappoint.

Aquaman is generally considered a joke by many, so many of its stories strive to change that perspective. drowned earth book in this aspect. It all starts with Poseidon’s death and evolves into something bigger than most Justice League members are used to solving.

8) Drowning

Drowning (Image via DC Comics)
Drowning (Image via DC Comics)

Dan Abnett has a knack for showing that Arthur acts like a king. His use of politics through discussions with the surface world is top-notch. He has to deal with the minor problem of being framed for a crime that Atlantis had no part in. This is DC Rebirth Aquaman.

9) The Newts Saga

Newt Saga (Image via DC Comics)
Newt Saga (Image via DC Comics)

The Newts Saga solidifies Aquaman’s place within the Justice League and as one of the most powerful beings in the DCU. Whether American tide is a low stakes story, so The Newts Saga is a story with high stakes. It follows Aquaman as he takes on literal gods without a blink of an eye. Triton, son of Poseidon, rises from the depths of the ocean and threatens the world.

This iteration of Aquaman would inspire the big-screen version of Jason Momoa with his edgy looks and hulking demeanor. Although this is a story centered on the ocean in Atlantis, it shows the importance Arthur has for the world as a whole.

ten) thicker than water

Thicker than water gives Aquaman a new look (Image via DC Comics)
Thicker than water gives Aquaman a new look (Image via DC Comics)

This four-part miniseries attempted to revitalize the character by giving him a new look and reworking one of Arthur’s oldest enemies. Neal Ponzer and Craig Hamilton redefined Ocean Master, Arthur’s half-brother, as a wizard and a serious threat. In fact, the new camouflage suit Arthur wore left fans wanting more.

When several ancient Atlantis talismans are stolen, Arthur Curry goes undercover to find these artifacts, and they are thieves. Along the way, fans discover new and exotic civilizations beneath the waves that continue to be part of the Aquaman comics.

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Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is slated for a theatrical release on March 17, 2023.

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