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Many of Marvel and DC Comics’ most beloved superheroes are more conventional adult characters. But over the decades of comic book history, great teenage characters have been introduced to publishers’ pantheon of stories to help connect with their younger audiences.

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Spider-Man was arguably the mold-breaking superhero the most, sparking a revolution of young comic book heroes who quickly became fan favorites, including among the Ranker voting community. And while he’s perhaps the most iconic, many of these other teenage heroes have become popular iterations to succeed their elders’ respective coats as well.

ten Nova (Sam Alexander)

Sam Alexander's Nova flying in his black, yellow and red suit in the comics

While the original Nova Cloak holder was Richard Rider in the comics, over the past decade Marvel has introduced the Sam Alexander version of the hero. He is even younger than when Richard became Nova, being only 13 years old. He led an impoverished life in Arizona, with his father drinking too much and neglecting his job as a janitor and his mother working as a housewife to make ends meet.

Sam’s dad has constantly talked about his supposed membership in the Nova Corps, one of Marvel’s top cosmic teams. And after a strange accident, he wakes up to find members of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Rocket and Gamora – confirming that Sam’s father was Nova. Questions swirl among fans about the possibility of its inclusion, and which one, but it would likely lead to some exciting MCU cosmic adventures.

9 Flash thompson

Flash Thompson in his black Agent Venom armor, holding a gun

Mainly known as a character adjacent to Spider-Man, Flash Thompson begins in the comics as one of the high school bullies Peter Parker. However, the two became friends in college. Later, after joining the US Army, he becomes attached to the Venom symbiote to become Agent Venom.

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The original version of this story before giving the character of Agent Venom was punitive, as it came about after he lost both of his legs, succumbed to alcoholism, and was marred by his PTSD. Thompson has appeared in various Spider-Man live-action movies, though, as of yet, none have taken him beyond his minor supporting role.


8 Fire star

Firestar in his costume using his fire-based powers to fly

Firestar ventures into the mutant side of the Marvel Universe. Unlike many other superhero characters, Angelica Jones made her Firestar debut in the 1980s animated series. Spider-Man and his amazing friends alongside the titular hero and Iceman, battling various villains from Marvel Comics.

She can control microwave radiation to manipulate fire-based powers, and given her mutant status, featured in the X-Men after switching from the original TV character to the comic book. Her origins have been adjusted to have been trained by Emma Frost for the young team of mutants known as the Hellfire Club at their respective schools. With Disney having acquired the rights to the X-Men, Firestar could be a candidate to join the MCU.

seven Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Split image of Kate Bishop in her purple Hawkeye costume and glasses, and Hailee Steinfeld in Bishop costume in the snow

The timing was right for Kate Bishop’s incarnation of Hawkeye, as Hailee Steinfeld’s live-action portrayal of Clint Barton’s successor has been praised in the MCU’s Disney +. Hawk Eye series.

Writer Matt Fraction and artist David Aja’s 2012 comic book series is often considered one of Marvel’s best comics. The show draws heavily on Fraction’s writing to adapt Kate Bishop’s charming wit, as well as her excellent dynamic with Clint.

6 Cloak and dagger

Split image of Cloak and Dagger attacking criminals, and Aubrey Joseph and Olivia Holt as a duo on the TV series

Although two separate characters, Cloak and Dagger usually come in the form of an overall chord. The superhero duo’s debut has arrived Spider Man comics during the 1980s, and after a few sporadic appearances in this series with the Wall-Crawler, they developed into their dedicated.

The two teenagers came from very different but troubled upbrings and ran away from home, only to meet. After being kidnapped by an experienced criminal chemist, Tyrone Johnson and Tandy Bowen gain powers and become the titular team of Cloak and Dagger. They had a live-action series on Freeform, but due to the complicated relationship between Marvel Studios and Marvel TV at the time, it didn’t last long on the channel.

5 X-23

Split Image of X-23 / Laura as Wolverine and Dafne Keen as X-23 in Logan

One of the X-Men characters who have grown in popularity in recent years was X-23 / Laura Kinney. This is in part thanks to the portrayal of Dafne Keen in the outstanding 2017 film. Logan. She is the biological daughter of James “Logan” Howlett and ultimately succeeds him to become the next Wolverine.

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In the comics, she is first used as a first-rate assassin before being taken to the X-Mansion and, later, the X-Force team. How the mutants will be adapted in the MCU remains unclear, but given Hugh Jackman’s graceful exit from the role in Logan, X-23 might be a good place to pick up. Logan was an excellent execution of “bittersweet”, and the use of X-23 could be an interesting spiritual continuation although not in the same continuity.

4 Dick Grayson (Robin / Nightwing)

A split image of Batman and Robin shone in the spotlight and Nightwing casually falling into the cityscape below

As the original Robin and half of DC’s Dynamic Duo, Dick Grayson easily became one of the most synonymous “teen” superheroes. His role alongside Batman is crucial, as he is one of Bruce’s emotional and psychological anchors in his endless fight against the villains of Gotham City.

Despite their tumultuous dynamic in the early days, Nightwing remains one of Batman’s best relationships in the comics. But he’s a compelling character in his own right, as he offers a sense of charm, charisma, and a real air of hope and optimism. Bruce himself has said in the comics that Dick Grayson is the most complete idea of ​​what Batman should be.

3 Nova (Richard Rider)

Nova flying in space in comics

Like several other superheroes, there has been more than one person to play Nova. The original iteration of the hero, Richard Rider, was a high school student from New York who was selected to become the successor to Nova Centurion. Rhomann Dey is the sole survivor of Xandar’s Nova Corps. but goes to Earth and chooses Rider to succeed him as the former draws closer to death.

Following this, the young one travels to Xandar to help fight their battles. One of the main characters that the original series pits Nova and Xandar against were the Skrulls, and given the growing importance of the alien race in the MCU, fans are speculating on its impending live-action debut.

2 Spider-Gwen

Spider-Gwen swinging on her webs in Into the Spider-Verse promo art

She was skillfully worked into animation with 2018 Into the Spider-Verse, but Spider-Gwen has long been a fan favorite of Spider-Man in the comics. Although Gwen Stacy was one of the most tragic deaths in comic book history, the handy “multiverse” plot device allows fans to have an exciting alternative to the character, while taking a dark turn. on the origins of Peter Parker.

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In Earth-65 where she resides in the comics, some of her notable villains include warped versions of Daredevil and Punisher that fans know from the main stories. Another element that makes her hero so memorable is the vibrant and inspired design of her Spider costume, which tastefully incorporates cosplay culture.

1 Spider Man

Spider-Man swinging over New York in the comics

Unsurprisingly, Spider-Man is Ranker’s most voted teenage superhero. The Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man established himself in pop culture as the most popular superhero by consensus, and although he has grown and evolved over the decades, his humble beginnings as a high school student were a moment. landmark in the history of comics.

It was the crowning achievement of co-creators Stan Lee and Bill Everett in the medium, spawning various acclaimed story arcs and covering relevant themes that still resonate today. Ultimately, what keeps Spider-Man as timeless as he is narrative is that he’s simply a young man trying to do his best with the hand he’s received in life.

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Split image of The Amazing Spider-Man 51, Daredevil 229, and Daredevil 170 comic book covers.

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