10 clichés in the Iron Man comics


Iron Man was one of Marvel’s first heroes, the first to wear armor and function as a wealthy industrialist. He’s also gone through a lot of changes during his life in comics, which mostly helped him stay fresh for each new generation. However, there were also several snaps that followed Iron Man over the years.

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When it comes to comic book shots, these are often things that many fans expect to see, but because of this, many creators use them as crutches. These are things that happen more than once in the comics and are often used as a catalyst to start a new adventure or for something that makes it harder for Iron Man to move forward.


Tony Stark as a womanizer

Tony Stark walking with a date in the comics.

Tony Stark has been a womanizer his entire existence in Marvel Comics. For fans who followed Iron Man in the movies, he was meant to be with Pepper Potts. This is not what happened in the comics. He’s dated countless women and paid for it more than once, especially when he found himself dating one of the many villains from the Iron Man comics.

It’s a cliché to put Tony Stark in the middle of female troubles, something that often bothers him when working as Iron Man. He was recently dumped by Wasp and is now dating Hellcat, but most fans are waiting for him to hurt her like he does to everyone who comes in his life.

New armor

The different armors of Iron Man.

Iron Man is never at a disadvantage in any battle as he appears to have an unlimited supply of armor. It became cliché when Iron Man released a new suit of armor perfectly equipped to deal with the latest situation.

Sometimes it shows Tony Stark is working on something new, but other times it seems silly. Even when the Avengers had to fight seemingly unbeatable androids from the future, Iron Man had giant armor for every member ready and waiting. It’s cliché and sometimes unbelievable.

Villains in their own armor

Crimson Dynamo fights Iron Man.

With Iron Man as the hero in armor, it seems almost cliché that his enemies are also wearing armor. It’s similar to Spider-Man’s number of animal-based enemies. At the start of Iron Man, it all revolved around the Cold War, so he had a Russian armored villain to fight.

Even some of Iron Man’s other enemies have started using their own armor, from Ghost to Mandarin. It seemed like the writers believed a villain needed armor to take on Iron Man and became one of the biggest clichés in comics.

People are still trying to take over Stark International

Tony Stark loses his company in the comics.

One of the most repeated storylines in Iron Man comics surrounds Tony Stark and his company. If there was one type of villain that Iron Man fought that wasn’t an armored villain, it was an industrial criminal – someone who wanted to take over Stark International.

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This snap is a twist that has always made villains a bit more personal. Whether it was someone like Obadiah Stane or rivals like Justin Hammer, or even people trying to steal his technology, the takeover of Stark International has happened too many times for him to continue to do so. to recover.

Iron Man’s struggle with addiction

Tony Stark looking at himself in the mirror in the story of Demon in a Bottle.

One of the most critically acclaimed Iron Man storylines of all time was the Demon in a bottle tale. It was meant to be a one-shot story, where Iron Man’s battle wasn’t against a supervillain, but against his own vices and addiction. He would beat him at the end of the story and successfully move on with his life.

However, while it’s great to see this important question portrayed in a thoughtful way, it has become a common cliché in Iron Man stories, and the writers always return to it when they need him to wrestle where he is. normally wouldn’t. Even in 2021, there was a story where Tony needed drugs to make his heart beat, and his battle with addiction issues was used in this situation as well.

Tony’s arrogance ruins things for him

Tony Stark meets human Michael Korvac.

One of the biggest clichés in Iron Man comics comes in the form of his own arrogance. This also happened in the movies, as Tony created his own enemy in Iron man 3 by allowing his arrogance to sour the attitude of others towards him.

In the comics, this happens all the time. In 2021 Tony got the chance to work with Michael Korvac and his own arrogance pushed him into a situation where Korvac almost destroyed the world. After so many years, you would think Tony would have figured this out by now and taken steps to work on this obvious character flaw.

Science versus. Magic

Mandarin fighting Iron Man in the comics.

In the MCU, the saying goes that magic is just a science that people don’t yet understand. In Marvel Comics, one of Iron Man’s biggest clichés is that Tony Stark rejects magic and believes science will answer all questions. Iron Man’s war against Mandarin is based on this battle.

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However, that doesn’t make sense at this point in Iron Man’s life. He’s been teaming up with an Asgardian god for years. Tony worked hand in hand with the Supreme Wizard, Doctor Strange. Tony might hate magic, but surely now he knows it exists.

Excessive reliance on AI

Iron Man as an AI creation.

Tony Stark is one of the smartest characters in Marvel Comics and has gotten used to his intellect getting him out of trouble. However, he also turned out to be lazy and it became cliché for him to abuse AI. He uses AI to help him solve problems on a regular basis. He sometimes uses AI to make his armor work and do things he can’t be there for.

It worked well in Iron man 2020, but it was a story about artificial intelligence and its rights as living beings. Even when Iron Man died in the series – one of the many times Iron Man died in the Marvel Universe – he returned to the comics as an AI. However, when Iron Man simply uses AI to make his life easier, it ruins the message of this story.

Iron Man always pushes his friends away

Iron Man fights War Machine in the comics.

Iron Man has been a member of several teams during his career. Not only was he a founding member of the Avengers, but he was also one of the longest-serving members of the team. This makes the cliché that Iron Man can’t get along with others so hard to believe.

Iron Man is the reason why Civil war started while he was fighting with Captain America. Iron Man and Captain Marvel have started Second civil war. He even fought War Machine, one of Iron Man’s best friends in the MCU. It’s become a cliché that Tony Stark can’t get along with anyone, and which is very overused in the comics.

Iron man plays god

Iron Man fights Korvac.

If there was a contender for the biggest cliché in the Iron Man comics, it’s Tony Stark who plays God and pays for it. In the movies, he’s done it with Ultron, and although it’s Hank Pym in the comics, Tony has always played his part in creating many villains in the comics.

In the new Iron Man series, he provided everything needed for Korvac to reach divine level. He now has an armor where he wants to fix everything, considering himself a god. This isn’t new, and it’s yet another cliché Iron Man moment, as his genius always puts him above everyone else.

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