10 Darkest Characters The Teen Titans Fought In The Comics


The Teen Titans have gone through several incarnations over the years, but one thing that never changes is the caliber of villains they face. The group is one of DC’s Big Three teams, leading the younger generation of heroes away from the adults, and they’ve been called upon to face some villainous threats. They often faced much darker foes than the teenagers face.

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From interdimensional despots to Universal Destroyers to their own teammates, the Teen Titans have been forced into desperate circumstances against some of the darkest foes. The fact that they were able to survive is a testament to their skills.

ten Deathwing has done some wrong things

Dick Grayson is the oldest of the Teen Titans, becoming Nightwing and taking flight as a member of the team. Unfortunately, the Time Trapper decided to take advantage of this, using an unknown young man as a base for a new Nightwing to battle Extant in the future, the one who led the Teem Titans into a dark alternate timeline. During one of her many panics, Raven used her powers to corrupt this new Nightwing and created Deathwing.

Deathwing would end up fighting the Teen Titans and assaulting his girlfriend Mirage when he finds her. Deathwing was forged by circumstance into a monster and truly rose to the occasion in the most reprehensible way.

9 Lord Chaos was the future despot son of Donna Troy

Deathwing and Team Titans hail from a dire future controlled by Lord Chaos, an all-powerful villain who has slain every other hero on the planet. Lord Chaos was intimately connected with the Teen Titans, as his mother was the mainstay of the team, Donna Troy. The Teen Titans would find themselves in his future and help Team Titans fight him.

Born with the power and knowledge of a god, his first act was to kill Donna and become a man. From there he smashed all opposition and ruled unopposed for years. He was a terror from the start and proved it with every action he performed.

8 Psimon’s mental power made him a master manipulator

Psimon is the de facto leader of the Fearsome Five and has been battling the Teen Titans for years. His mental powers are among the strongest on Earth, and he delights in using them to dominate everyone around him, friend or foe. His whole life is a quest for more power and dominance, and it doesn’t matter who gets in his way.

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Psimon is completely amoral. Everyone has a use for him, and he’s not shy about using his powers to find the most efficient way to do it. Psimon is a monster, and there’s no two way about it; his mental powers turned him to the darker side.

seven Raven turned on the team multiple times

Raven is an integral member of the Teen Titans, having assembled the team during the New Teen Titans era. Although she struggled to control her shattering power, Raven is the strongest member of the team. Unfortunately, her powers can also break her spirit, and she ended up turning against her friends on several occasions.

Raven loves her friends, but her powers, combined with her terrible upbringing by the demon lord Trigon, have caused her to do terrible things over the years. She has always been the darkest member of the group and her evil side is black as black.

6 The Teen Titans took part in the battles against the Anti-Monitor

Crisis on Infinite Earths represented the most desperate battle in DC history. The Anti-Monitor had destroyed countless universes, making him the deadliest villain in the multiverse, and it was the definition of a moment when everyone was on deck. Like all the other heroes of the five main Earths, the Teen Titans helped in the battle against him.

The Anti-Monitor had no other goal than destruction. He was a monster who tried to devour creation just to make himself more powerful, and countless lives fell to him in his mad quest. Villains like him are little more than rabid dogs, destroying everything they can just because they can.

5 The Teen Titans suffered serious casualties battling Superboy-Prime

Superboy-Prime is extremely powerful; a pre-Crisis Kryptonian in a universe where power levels resemble his eclipse gods. During infinite crisis, he and Alexander Luthor set out to recreate the multiverse for their own good, working behind the scenes to tailor events to their liking. Prime was a terribly damaged young man, driven mad by Luthor’s isolation and manipulation.

He attacked Superboy, who called for reinforcements. The Teen Titans past and present were joined by the Justice Society and Doom Patrol, but Prime still tore them apart, killing Pantha and Wildebeest and literally disarming Risk. Only Kid Flash, with help from Wally West and Jay Garrick, was able to stop him.

4 Deathstroke has made killing a group of teenagers his life’s goal

Deathstroke has been battling the heroes and villains of the DC Universe for years, but his first and most intense hatred will always be for the Teen Titans. Blaming the team for the death of his son Grant, he has made it his life’s goal to destroy them, doing everything possible to make this twisted dream a reality. With the Teen Titans, it’s always personal for Deathstroke.

Over the years, the mercenary had done some terrible things in his mission to destroy the team, the worst being manipulating Terra into acting as his mole on the team. Deathstroke’s whole life has become two things: killing for money and getting revenge on the Teen Titans.

3 Terra didn’t really need much manipulation to turn against the Titans

Terra earned the Teen Titans’ trust due to her extreme charisma and tragic backstory, sneaking into the team’s good graces. This was all just a ploy, as she was working with Deathstroke to destroy the team from within. Although she was manipulated by the older villain, it didn’t take long for her to do so; she has always been a child of hate.

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Unlike her brother Geo-Force, she grew up far from the Markovian throne and had to do horrible things to survive. Her terrible youth shaped her into what she would become, and the way she died, crying out for the blood of her former teammates, proves just how broken she was.

2 Brother Blood is a cult leader who overthrew nations

The Teen Titans have a lot of fan-favorite villains, the ones everyone wants to see the team fight against at some point. Brother Blood is one of the team’s most iconic villains, a cult leader whose evil dates back centuries. There have been many Brother Bloods, and all have set out to devour the world with their message.

The Teen Titans themselves have battled several incarnations of Blood, with a new one emerging from the Blood to torment them. Blood and his followers overthrew the country of Corto Maltese, ruling it until the Teen Titans got involved. Blood preys on the most vulnerable to bolster his numbers, always looking to expand the Church of Blood’s influence.

1 Trigon is a demon lord who covets the power of his daughter

Trigon is the Teen Titans’ most powerful enemy, his twisted quest to steal his daughter Raven’s power bringing him into conflict with the team several times. Trigon is lord of his own terrible dimension, and his power there is unmatched. His attacks against the Titans have always been desperate times for the team. Even with Raven’s help, he’s a formidable foe.

Trigon is just a monstrous being all around. He has no love for his daughter other than what she can do for him and will stop at nothing to bend her to his will. His battles against the team nearly destroyed Earth, all to satisfy his quest for power.


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