10 DC heroes wants you to forget


There have been some DC heroes who have resisted being resurrected and revisited. Often times, they represent perceived failures in story direction or marketing. Sometimes they’re just a bad idea in the form.

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Heroes are more likely to be revisited due to a protagonist’s role in shaping their narrative. However, many heroes see their appeal limited to nostalgia or the historical legacy they represent. These heroes are not beyond rehabilitation. Aquaman was once the butt of countless jokes and is now a legitimate film franchise in the age of superhero movies.

ten The original red tornado was an embarrassing footnote for decades

My Hunkel was an embarrassing footnote oft-mentioned about the android Red Tornado. She didn’t start out as a crime fighter, starting as a supporting character for the humorous Scribbly the Boy Cartoonist.

If the character came back every now and then, it was based on nostalgia. She never put on the potty that was her helmet again. She was a guardian of the Justice Society, especially of her granddaughter, Cyclone.

9 Jack O’Lantern lacks an original concept

Justice League Europe # 30 detail

Irish hero Jack O’Lantern has emerged as part of a global superhero team. Unfortunately, this team was filled with national stereotypes. Jack O’Lantern was the Irish stereotype, with a magic lantern donated by a fairy queen.

Given a weapon centered around his name and a bit more, Jack O’Lantern is ineffective. In International Justice League, this left the hero used by a villain, despite his better judgment. Another version of the character that followed Hour H hasn’t changed it enough to generate enough interest for further iterations.

8 Seraph was another world keeper but in a problematic part of the world

Seraph teams up with Superman

For a team of Global Guardians, Israel is a country that seems essential for representation. Seraph was created in the 1970s and reflected mundane ideas about Israeli culture. It was defined by their religion, and Seraph reflected that.

Unfortunately, Israel’s role in world politics has become more complicated. In doing so, Seraph disappeared from the limelight. Being the national hero of such a polarizing nation, it becomes very problematic to include him on a high profile squad.

seven Young heroes in love probably don’t belong in DC anyway

Young heroes in love # 14

Young heroes in love was a 17-issue series by Dan Raspler and Dev Madan that explored budding superheroes in the DC Universe. The team was built on dishonesty and manipulation.

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At the end of the series, one of the young heroes uses his telepathic powers to get himself elected governor of Connecticut. Of course, the possible implications of this may never be explored. According to the clues, Raspler and Madan retain the copyrights on Young heroes in love, making it an afterthought in DC history.

6 The New Guardians were a failed spin-off of a maligned crossover event

Detail of the new goalkeepers # 1

Coming out of Millennium, DC gave fans a cosmic team filled with Earth-based stereotypes. Longtime DC characters Tom Kalmaku and the Floronic Man joined the team, whose mission was unclear. Part of this came from the DC editorial that reneged on a promise to let writer Steve Englehart go free on controversial topics.

After twelve issues, the series was canceled. Floronic Man and Tom Kalmaku reprized their previous roles and the other members were never seen again. The next time a team became known as the New Guardians, they had no connection to the original team.

5 Re-visiting Inferno makes time travel and the multiverse more confusing

Detail of the Legion of Superheroes # 94

Inferno was with the Legion of Super Heroes when they came to the present day. She was considered part of the team, even though she was not. Frustrated, she reached her breaking point and left the legionaries.

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She takes refuge in a shopping center and befriends several runaways. She helped them against a psychic threat but never showed up again. It would be confusing at this point, given that she comes from Earth-247, apparently lost after Final crisis.

4 Access Is A Hero DC shares custody of Marvel

Access Amalgam comics

In 1996 and 1997, Marvel and DC joined forces for a mega-crossover, Marvel vs. DC. This series featured a character named Access who was a central figure in the Crisis. When the two universes combined, it was even more essential to restore the two realities.

Access could move between universes and create character fusions, remnants of Amalgam’s combined universe. He was the protagonist of Marvel vs. DC, and a suite, DC / Marvel: Unlimited access. Since its presence allows for inter-company crossover, it might be best if everyone just forgot that there is somewhere out there.

3 Midnight was just a scam of the mind

Secret Origins cover detail # 28

Will Eisner retained ownership of his character, Spirit. When Eisner left to serve in World War II, Quality Comics editor Everett Arnold asked Jack Cole to create a replacement in case Eisner was killed or incapacitated during the war. That character would become Midnight, who would run for eight years.

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Midnight would appear again in Star Squadron and the Elseworlds series JLA: Destiny. He doesn’t have much to offer now that the mind is well regarded by fans. A very different new version in a save story in 2018 gave the hero vices and stuck him in the ghost zone.

2 Fortress Lad had a notorious creator

Boy from the Fortress of Secret Origins 46

Gerard Jones was commissioned to come up with a story for Secret origins # 46 on the original Legion of Superheroes clubhouse. The story also featured Arm Fall-Off Boy, which has more fans. Fortress Lad could transform into a steel structure resembling a crashed rocket. When the Legionaries were attacked by a villain who was trying to erase their memories, he protected them but lost all thought except for an objective of protecting the Legion.

Fortress Lad creator Gerard Jones is currently serving jail time. It is unlikely that any of his stories will be reprinted or published online because of this belief and not to promote or reward his work. This may even be the reason why Nathan Fillion’s character in The suicide squad was called TDK instead of Arm Fall-Off Boy.

1 Pandora reminds everyone of the new 52

Pandora of the new 52

When DC Comics relaunched its entire line under the New 52 name, the first character to tie it all in was the mysterious woman Pandora. She was responsible for merging the DC, Wildstorm, and Vertigo universes. A mysterious box in his possession even opened a bridge to Earth 3, initiating the event centered around the Forever evil series

As it became apparent that the New 52 was not having a hit with fans, the Rebirth Wave was launched. In DC Universe: Rebirth Special, Pandora was murdered by an invisible superhuman. It later turned out to be Doctor Manhattan, blaming her for the sins of the New 52 world.

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