10 Disney heroes and a quote that goes against their personality


Upbeat but clumsy, Mirabel proved to be a different hero in Disney’s latest animated feature Encanto, and that’s one of the reasons she’s so adored. She will likely become one of the most beloved heroes of this generation of young Disney fans, much like fan favorites Aladdin and Simba before her.

Despite their kind hearts and well-meaning intentions, even the strongest Disney heroes have moments of weakness that cause them to slip and maybe even go against who they are and what they believe in. But the heroes only grow from those darker times and eventually end up being a better version of themselves.



“I can’t go on alone. I can’t wish you freedom.”

Streetwise Aladdin may be a trickster who works better solo (aside from his monkey Abu), but he’s honorable, only using his tricks to get by. Although he puts his needs first, Aladdin will help those who need it most, such as when he gives two starving children the bread he stole.

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So it’s surprising that Aladdin goes back on his promise to free the Genie in order to continue his act of Prince Ali. It’s not just because Aladdin is unable to carry on without the help of others, but he eventually broke his promise, lying for what he wants rather than what he needs. This naturally hurts the Genie, who notices it bitterly. “You lied to everyone, I was starting to feel left out.”

Jack Skellington

“What have I done? How could I be so blind?”

Jack Skellington is the playful protagonist of the classic produced by Tim Burton The Nightmare Before Christmas. Bored with Halloween and eager to take over Christmas, Jack is shown to be childish and excitable in his actions, even at the expense of others’ well-being.

Once he realizes the error of his ways, Jack becomes extremely mournful, melancholy, and even mature, far from the cheerful figure fans recognize him. Even when it turns out he misses Halloween, Jack remains somewhat whimsical and innocent. As a result, the start of the song “Poor Jack” is perhaps the darkest moment in the entire movie.


“You’re starting to look like my dad.”

Simba from The Lion King

In The Lion King, there is no doubt that Simba adores his father, Mufasa. In fact, that’s part of why Mufasa’s murder at the hands of Scar is one of the most devastating deaths of any movie character. Thus, it would seem unusual for Simba to speak ill of Mufasa.

Yet he does to an extent, commenting bitterly on how Nala “starts to look like [his] father” when she tries to tell him to go back to Pride Rock. While one of adult Simba’s initial character flaws is immaturity, he always had good things to say about Mufasa, even as a child. For him to turn around and say this to Nala out of spite is rather out of character for the young lion.


“One more tear and Andy is done with me! And what do I do then, Buzz?”

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Alongside his best friend Buzz Lightyear, Woody is one of the main heroes of the popular toy story franchise. Throughout the series, (with the exception of toy story 4), Woody is driven by his owner Andy’s happiness and that’s what ultimately keeps him going through thick and thin.

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However, in toy story 2, Woody decides to go to Japan to be part of a museum’s permanent toy collection, insisting that if Andy rips him up again, he’s as good as trash. Woody had always remained loyal to Andy no matter what, so for him to choose a questionable soulless existence as a museum exhibit over a beloved toy came as a shock to the characters and the audience.


“I do not need you !”

Disney Hercules looking sheepish

The classic Disney tale Hercules follows the eponymous demigod’s quest to become a true hero. Humble and eager to learn from others even as an adult, Hercules receives help from grumpy hero trainer Phil and takes advice from his father Zeus in order to discover the meaning of being a true hero.

But after punching Phil angrily as he tries to tell him that Meg isn’t what she seems, Phil dejectedly leaves and Hercules, in a moment of anger, tells him “I don’t need of you!” Although spoken in the heat of the moment, he comes off as arrogant and ungrateful, two traits that are the exact opposite of Hercules’ rather likeable character.


“Calm and wise. Graceful. Polite. Delicate. Refined. Calm. Punctual.”

Mulan looking at her reflection in her Mulan helmet

Although part of the official range, Mulan is not a Disney princess. Besides not being royalty, Mulan also couldn’t be more different from some of the stereotypical “damsel in distress” princesses that came before her, like Snow White or Sleeping Beauty.

Mulan is introduced writing these traits on her arm to remind herself how to behave in front of a matchmaker. But she immediately shows that she is the opposite when she talks with her mouth full and realizes that she is late for her chores. And of course, she turns out to be anything but calm and wise when she becomes a war hero.

Flynn Ryder

“It’s a holiday for me.”

Flynn holds up a wanted poster of himself in Tangled

Although arguably the last of Disney’s most classic heroes, Flynn Ryder still remains a beloved character. It’s because of his insightful remarks, his self-confidence that borders on humorous arrogance, and his character growth as he falls in love with Rapunzel and begins to become a more humble person.

However, her confidence and skills are somewhat tested when Rapunzel ties her up and doesn’t even react to her charms, including her famous brooding. Her comment about how it’s a “day off” for him is not only kind of funny, but goes against his personality as it shows a crack in his usually unshakable confidence.

Ralph’s Wrecks

“Felix, pull yourself together!”

Wreck it Ralph crashes into Fix It Felix's apartment

The eponymous hero of Ralph’s Wrecks is the reluctant “villain” in the Fix-It arcade game Felix Jr. While not malevolent at heart, Ralph is emotionally driven and has a very short temper, which ultimately contributes to his name Wreck-It Ralph.

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There’s a moment when Ralph remains calm, telling Fix-It Felix to pull himself together when the latter collapses from being trapped in King Candy’s castle. Normally, it’s Ralph who can’t seem to control his emotions, but in this case he surprisingly keeps his head clearer and isn’t ruled by his emotions.

Judy Hopps

“I’m really just a stupid rabbit.”

Judy Hopps in Zootopia

Bright and positive, Judy Hopps is an extremely driven individual, determined to succeed as a police officer in Zootopia. By her determination and her intelligence, she quickly proves to be one of the best of the force.

Judy always manages to get back on her feet no matter what, but the only time she truly felt defeated and gave up was when she inadvertently hurt Nick Wilde with callous comments about predators. In a tearful apology, Judy calls herself a stupid bunny, which fans and characters know is far from the truth, despite her initial naivety. zootopia is an animated film that deals with serious issues, from self-esteem to prejudice.

Madrigal of Mirabel

“I’ll never be good enough for you, will I?”

Encanto - Mirabel Madrigal

Mirabel is Disney’s latest heroine, and she’s already proven to be one of the most adored. It’s not just because of his positive attitude, but also his relationship with many modern audiences.

Although she has no magical gifts, Mirabel keeps her head held high and remains happy and supportive. But eventually, she can’t go on like this anymore and admits, perhaps to herself as well as Abuela, that she “will never be good enough”, nor her sisters. Although it ultimately goes against Mirabel’s optimistic character, it is both a pivotal and poignant moment in Encanto this ultimately helps the Madrigals for the better.

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