10 Incredible Anime Characters Lost In Bad Anime


There are thousands of anime available in dozens of genres, so it makes sense that not every series produced is a fan favorite. Taste can be subjective, but there are definitely anime with less than stellar ratings. However, as with most forms of media, viewers can find something good in even the worst anime. Whether it’s a decent arc, a stunning soundtrack, or a unique animation style, no “bad” anime leaves its audience without something to take home.

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Some anime viewers’ favorite characters are the ones they find while watching shows they despise. Unfortunately, shows with a bad reputation usually have characters that are underrated by the anime viewing community, because no one wants to watch the shows they are from.

ten Re-Kan! Ain’t the worst, but Narumi deserves better

Narumi from Re-Kan!

Re-Kan! is not wrong, but not much happens in its 13-episode run. For slice of life fans, Re-Kan! brings to the table a typical ghost-seeing protagonist schtick, and the characters are quite alive. That being said, the series doesn’t do much to set itself apart from other anime in its genre.

Narumi, the resident tsundere, adds so much heart to the otherwise tame series. She hates all things occult and pretends to dislike other important characters, but fans see through her act. Even if the show is lackluster, Narumi’s character is worth it.

9 Merman In My Tub is too short for a character like Wakasa

Triton in my bathtub is criminally short; it’s only 13 episodes, each episode is less than five minutes long. Despite how easy it is to pass on an anime that takes place almost entirely in a bathroom, Wakasa’s character is the perfect blend of chaotic and charming.

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There aren’t enough mermaid characters in anime, and fans always love a good princely-type male lead. Wakasa is hilarious and brings so much life to an otherwise short and imperceptible series. Second viewers finish watching Triton in my bathtubthey want another show dedicated only to Wakasa.

8 Misaki spices up Sakurasou’s little girl

Petgirl by Sakurasou Misaki

The Pet GSakurasou’s daughter is an anime that garners mixed opinions from its viewers, but ultimately lacks the stable fanbase of an average shojo. The show relies on melodrama to fuel its plot, but by far the most interesting character is outgoing student Misaki Kamiigusa.

Misaki not only acts as a mentor and older sister figure to the young students, but she’s proof that sometimes an eccentric outlook on life is the best way to brighten other people’s days. Sakurasou’s Granddaughter has a slow plot and bland protagonists, so most fans are looking forward to Misaki’s scenes.

7 Tabitha Adds Mystery to Zero’s Familiar

Tabitha from Familiar Of Zero

Zero’s Familiar follows the classic isekai-turned-harem layout, with Saito filling the role of an average human in a world full of mages. The setup looks cool, but what could be an interesting plot ends up being wasted on unlikable characters and cheap use of tropes.

Tabitha adds intrigue to an otherwise bland cast of characters. As one of the few characters who doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, she’s given her own story and character exploration that makes viewers want to learn more about her past. Unfortunately, Tabitha doesn’t get the screen time she deserves.

6 Yuno is the best and worst part of future diary

Yuno smiles and shows something

Future Diary is an anime infamous for its edgy themes and excessive gore. Although the series has its cult following, most viewers find the series’ protagonist, Yukiteru, to be one of the most underwhelming heroes in all of anime… ever.

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The show seems wasted on different kinds of fanservice, especially since the premise is so unique. Yuno, being one of the most iconic yandere characters of all time, is one of the only reasons to keep watching Future Diaryand especially because of its unbalanced and chaotic character.

5 Megumin is hilarious in KonoSuba

Kono Suba, although it is a very popular series, attracts as many detractors as fans. While Kono SubaThe perspective of an isekai storyline in a dungeons and dragons style universe is interesting, many viewers are put off by the redundant and tasteless jokes at the expense of the female characters.

Megumin is by far the most theatrical character, and her obsession with explosion magic leads to hilarious situations and a jovial dynamic in the group. Although her powers are used for comedic purposes, Megumin is also a great asset to her team and is reason enough to watch the show.

4 Kana has personality in Brynhildr In The Darkness

Kana of Brynhildr in Darkness

Brynhildr in darkness is comparable to most harem sci-fi anime, except that the main protagonist is exceptionally dull. Unfortunately, the cast starts out pretty dry and the plot leaves a lot to be desired. Kana Tachibana is the first character to have a noticeable personality, and fans are falling in love with her. Kana, on the surface, has a sassy attitude and is wary of those she is not close with.

After getting to know the others, however, Kana does everything in her power to protect them. Her smart decisions save her friends on more than one occasion, and her story is one of the most compelling in the series. Despite the series’ lack of character writing, Kana stands out.

3 Literally everyone in Fairy Tail deserves better

Fairy Tail Anime Final Series Group Charge

Fairy tale is proof that after a while, reducing almost any character to a cheap joke ruins the plot. Fairy tale has the stuff of an epic shonen: the soundtrack, the fight scenes, the friendship.

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Unfortunately, the unique characters and their fleshed-out dynamics can’t reach their full potential on a show that relies so heavily on fan service. Hero and enemy have intriguing stories and goals in Fairy taleso it’s a shame that the series’ self-proclaimed limitations hold them back.

2 Hotaru Keeps Dagashi Kashi’s Sense Alive

Hotaru Dagashi Kashi

Dagashi Kashi is another case of anime not having enough confidence in its premise and instead relying on overt fanservice for exposition. Hotaru has an energetic and competitive personality that fans love, and she carries the premise of the series all by herself.

Fans learn about the different types of snacks and their origins, which makes this series potentially as educational as it is interesting. Unfortunately, most of the informative scenes rely on Hotaru’s knowledge, making her the only character that stands out to the audience.

1 Tensai carries Nanana’s buried treasure

Nanana Tensai's Buried Treasure

Nanana’s buried treasure doesn’t have to be horrible show, but its complicated structure and premise prevent it from joining the ranks of anime that are more acceptable to a wider audience. If there’s a reason to watch this convoluted series, it’s for its resident detective master, Tensai.

Although the main reason to love Tensai is her adorable detective outfit and confident attitude, she also doesn’t lie when calling herself a master detective. Tensai’s deduction skills surpass those of any other character, and without her, the main cast wouldn’t progress as well in their treasure hunt as they did.

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