10 Marvel Superheroes You Didn’t Know Had Kids


There aren’t many happy superhero families to speak of, as the ever-looming threat of being attacked by supervillains creates a very unstable environment. But even amidst all the chaos, many Marvel characters have managed to find a bit of harmony in their children. The stories of Marvel heroes and their children aren’t always wholesome and are often tragic, but there are some notable exceptions.

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Looking at mainstream 616 continuity characters from the Marvel Universe and not alternate Earths, where potentially all of the characters had children at some point, there are a number of supes fans may have forgot to have children.


Charles Xavier (Professor X) – David Haller (Legion)

side by side image of Professor X and his super powerful son Legion (David Haller)

Charles Xavier has been portrayed as the world’s greatest telepath in the comics, so it’s only expected that his son will also be a mutant of immense strength. To that effect, Legion has been described as being an omega-level mutant, but that comes with a significant catch.

David Haller suffers from dissociative identity disorder, which is a double-edged sword. Through his different identities, he has access to nearly limitless power, making him one of the most powerful X-Men of all time, but sometimes they often cause more harm than good.

Wanda Maximoff (Scarlet Witch) – Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan

side-by-side image of the Scarlet Witch and her reincarnated sons Tommy Shepherd and Billy Kaplan

Wanda’s reality warping powers are extremely powerful, and one of the most notable displays of her ability was when she conjured up two children out of thin air, as she couldn’t have children herself. same (Vision and the Scarlet Witch Volume 2, 1986).

Later, when the spell broke, her two children also ceased to exist, leading to a distressed Wanda committing some of the most villainous acts of her career. Later, his children Billy and Tommy were somehow reincarnated as the young superheroes, Wiccan and Speed.

James Howlett Logan (Wolverine) – Akihiro (Daken)

side-by-side image of Wolverine and his son Daken covered in blood

Laura Kinney (X-23) might be the true successor to Logan’s legacy in the comics and his adopted daughter, but she’s technically not his offspring but his clone. Akihiro, on the other hand, is of his own blood born from the union of Logan with the woman Itsu, from the time when he lived in Japan (Wolverine: Origins2006),

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Itsu was killed and Akihiro kidnapped by the Winter Soldier at the behest of the villainous Romulus, who would then influence Daken towards a more wicked trajectory. Daken inherits a lot from his father, including a violent personality, claws in his hands, and a strong healing factor.

Bruce Banner (Hulk) – Skaar

side by side image of Hulk and his son Skaar

The Hulk World War of 2007 (preceded by Planet Hulk) was a major event in Marvel Comics that found Bruce Banner banished from Earth and stuck in his Hulk form on a planet called Sakaar. There he fell in love and married Caiera Oldstrong, but their happiness was short-lived as Caiera was pregnant and many more were killed in an explosion, one of the worst things to ever happen to the Hulk.

In a subsequent limited series titled Skaar: Son of the Hulk it is revealed that their son actually survived the ordeal, and he eventually travels to Earth to confront his father.

Max Eisenhardt (Magneto) – Lorna Dane (Polaris)

side-by-side image of Magneto and his daughter Polaris from the X-Men comics

For a long time, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch were thought to be Magneto’s children, but it was established some time ago in the comics that they weren’t. In the mainstream continuity, he has only one living daughter, who is Lorna Dane. Born from the affair between Magneto and a human woman, Lorna accidentally killed her parents when her mutant powers manifested at a young age.

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Although she’s fought them in the past, for most of her history Polaris has been an ally of the X-Men, using the magnetic manipulation powers she inherited from her father to aid mutantkind.

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones – Danielle Cage

side by side image of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones and Jessica Jones cradling their baby

Luke Cage and Jessica Jones first met in the pages of A.k.a (2001), which not only marks her first appearance as the character, but is also one of the best Jessica Jones stories in comics. Their meeting leads to Jessica becoming pregnant and the two marry in New Yearly Avengers (2006), the baby being born in issue 13 of The pulse (2006) at the hands of Dr. Strange.

Comic book marriages rarely last, but Luke Cage, Jessica Jones and their daughter Danielle have been a happy family for quite some time.

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) – Eleanor Camacho

side-by-side image of Deadpool and his daughter Eleanor Camacho

Anyone who even remotely knows Deadpool as a character will know that the last thing it’s okay to do is be a parent. But it’s also in his nature to do something like not know he’s had a daughter for many years.

The story of the affair between Wade Wilson and Carmelita Camacho and their daughter, Eleanor Camacho, is thoroughly explored in dead Pool Volume 5 (2013). Although he is initially hesitant to meet his daughter, Deadpool and Eleanor quickly form a romantic bond and he shows aspects of his personality that go against his typical nature.

Raven Darkhölme (Mystic) – Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler)

side-by-side image of the X-Man Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) and his villainous mother Mystique

On the surface, Mystique and Nightcrawler only seem to share their blue skin color, but what many don’t know is that their connection goes deeper than that. One of the oldest and most beloved X-Men of all time, Kurt Wagner is also the son of mutant villains, Mystique and Azazel.

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Nightcrawler’s origins were revealed in the pages of Unlimited X-Men #4 (1994), which tells how Raven conceived him while married to a German nobleman and abandoned him soon after he was born, after which he was adopted by the witch Margali Szardos.

Scott Lang (Ant-Man) – Cassandra Lang

side-by-side image of Ant-Man (Scott Lang) and his daughter Cassandra Lang as superheroes Stature

When ex-criminal Scott Lang’s daughter is diagnosed with a serious heart condition, he steals the Ant-Man suit from Henry Pym trying to save his life, as explained in First Wonder #47 (1979). This eventually leads to him taking on the persona of Ant-Man himself and joining the Avengers.

Following the death of Scott Lang in The Avengers #500 (2004), Cassie discovers her own super-growth powers (powers she gave herself, something only comic book fans will know) and joins the Young Avengers as Stature.

Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) – Gerald Drew

image of Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) with her baby Gerald in her arms

Due to Spider-Man’s huge popularity, many other members of Marvel Comics’ Spider Family are often overshadowed, and Spider-Woman is definitely one of the best spider-powered characters. A longtime avenger with a rich and complicated history, she is first shown pregnant in spider woman Volume 6 (2016), and it is later revealed that she had the baby through the process of artificial insemination.

But having a baby hasn’t stopped Jessica Drew from doing what she does best, and she continues to be the same superhero that fans love in addition to being an awesome single mom.

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