10 Most Powerful DC Heroes Carnage Can Kill


There are few villains scarier than Carnage. The symbiotic psychopath made a name for himself slaughtering dozens of innocent people and fought Spider-Man, Venom and others to a standstill. He is a difficult enemy to beat, as his symbiote protects him from almost all types of attacks and gives him all the strength and offensive weapons he needs to be dangerous.

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While DC has strong heroes, many of whom could beat Carnage, there are plenty of tough heroes who would fall before his rampage. Carnage’s savagery and brute strength would overcome anything they threw at him.

ten Batman Wouldn’t Have Enough Prep Time Against Carnage

Batman has defeated many dangerous foes, but Carnage would be too much for him. There’s no doubt that Batman would eventually figure out how to beat Carnage, and he’s well-equipped enough to stumble upon one of Carnage’s weaknesses. However, even then, it’s unlikely he can leverage the distraction quickly enough to make a difference.

Batman isn’t going to run away and let Carnage kill while he equips himself with better weapons. Even using stealth won’t save him for long. Eventually, Carnage will catch up to him and separate him, ultimately killing the Caped Crusader.

9 Nightwing doesn’t have the right gear to deal with Carnage

Night wing #87

Nightwing has been in some tough fights, but the one against Carnage would be his last. Unlike his mentor, Nightwing isn’t the best-equipped vigilante, based on his skills more than anything else. This is going to be a huge problem against Carnage. Nightwing is smart but he just doesn’t have the weapons to stand out against Carnage.

On top of that, the villain is much stronger and faster than him. Nightwing has won fights against the odds before, but Carnage would be too much for him. Its advantages would be impossible for Nightwing to overcome, and it would cost him his life.

8 Blue Beetle doesn’t stand a chance against Carnage


Blue Beetle has always been a tougher hero than it seems. Ted Kord is a smart cookie and was able to survive pitched battles alongside Justice League International. He’s an extremely capable person, but that wouldn’t help him. Blue Beetle is definitely the type of hero who could figure out how to beat Carnage. However, he simply wouldn’t be able to.

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Short of smashing the Bug straight into Carnage and hoping the fire won out, nothing Blue Beetle will help him win against Carnage. The villain holds all the cards in this fight and would take Kord down easily.

seven Beast Boy Wouldn’t Find An Animal Form That Could Beat Carnage

Beast Boy is the most immature Teen Titan, but he’s still a tough hero. He’s been doing this for a long time, and his ability to transform into an animal gives him plenty of attack options. The problem against Carnage is that none of these options would really do any good. Since none of Beast Boy’s attacks would involve sound, fire, or electricity, he would lose the fight.

Although Beast Boy could transform into an electric eel, he wouldn’t have the voltage to actually damage Carnage. His attacks would be useless and Carnage would tear him apart relatively easily, as none of Beast Boy’s animal forms could withstand Carnage’s strength.

6 Hawkman couldn’t stay away from Carnage forever

Hawkman with mass lifted in the air

Hawkman is one of DC’s toughest heroes, but even he would have a hard time fighting Carnage. While the Nth metal makes him strong and gives him a healing factor, it’s not going to help against the villain. He’s well-armed, but his weapons won’t do any damage to Carnage, and the best he can do is stay away from Carnage with his flight.

This is not a solution, as Carnage will use time to kill more. As soon as Hawkman gets close enough to attack, Carnage grabs him, and that’s essentially the end of the fight. Hawkman does not have the offensive ability to affect Carnage.

5 Hourman’s Hour Of Power Won’t Be Enough To Beat Carnage

JSA Hourman

Hourman has a surprisingly rich legacy for a B-list superhero, with current Hourman Rick Tyler overcoming his family demons to become a clutch member of the JSA. His Miraclo-enhanced strength and durability make him a tough hero, and he’s been battling evil for years. He’s tough and experienced, but that won’t be enough.

His offense is just too limited to win against Carnage. He would give the villain a good fight, but once his Miralco ran out, Carnage would catch him in a split second before the next dose took effect, a bloody end to his father’s legacy.

4 Cliff Steele’s strength wouldn’t be enough for Carnage

Cliff Steele has faced many bizarre threats with the Doom Patrol and is ready for anything. He’s been a hero for a long time, but his robot body is rather limited offensively and is actually quite prone to damage. It’s going to be a problem against Carnage. He is an expert at taking down his enemies.

Cliff and Carnage’s strength is likely about the same, with Carnage having a slight advantage. While Steele can beat Carnage in terms of experience, he simply doesn’t have the tools to beat the symbiotic monster.

3 Starfire’s Attacks Are Powerful But Wouldn’t Hurt Carnage

Starfire is one of the strongest Teen Titans. She is strong, skilled, and her flight gives her a mobility advantage over Carnage. His starbolts are also powerful weapons, but they’re not sound-based, they’re not fire, and they’re not electric. So while she would be able to hit Carnage from a distance, she wouldn’t be able to hurt him.

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Eventually, she would get closer, just like her MO, and that would be the end of things. As strong as Starfire is, hitting him with Carnage won’t help. The fight would take a while, but eventually Starfire would fall on him.

2 Booster Gold’s Mistakes Would Cost Him Against Carnage

Booster Gold is one of the more annoying members of the Justice League, but he’s still a great hero. His armor and future technology grant him super strength, flight, force field, and energy blasts, and he has gained time and space several times. With the help of his robot Skeets, he would probably even be able to figure out Carnage’s weakness.

The problem would come from exploiting it. Booster Gold wastes a lot and usually wins with a return strategy. Unfortunately, against Carnage, mistakes are going to be fatal. Booster Gold would be too hurt to come back and win.

1 The animal man would last a little but not long enough

Animal Man is one of the most underrated members of the Justice League. His connection to Red gives him all sorts of options, and he can mix and match animal abilities for maximum effectiveness. He even manifested the powers of an alien animal that once shot lightning bolts at his face. He would be a pretty formidable opponent for Carnage.

The problem, of course, is that he doesn’t have the knowledge to beat Carnage. Trying to use red to tap into the symbiote is one option, but there’s no guarantee it will work. It could just end with Animal Man under his control. More than likely, the fight would end long before he thought of that strategy, and he would be dead.

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