10 movie heroes with weird weaknesses


In order to balance a character’s strength, or give the characters something to overcome, they are usually given a weakness. All of these weaknesses don’t make sense – sometimes they’re played for fun or are weird choices. These strange weaknesses often force audiences to stop, wondering why he was chosen for the film.

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Weird weaknesses can often create plot holes, so too much suspension of disbelief is required. However, these weird weaknesses can still work well in their respective films. Audiences have seen countless weaknesses used in movies before and generally want to see something new.

ten Return To Never Land: Tinkerbell disappears if people stop believing in her

Tink and Peter look surprised

Tinker Bell is the fairy we always see alongside Peter Pan. Thanks to her dust, she is able to grant anyone the ability to fly. Considering her small size, it makes sense that she is at a disadvantage a few times in the Peter Pan franchise. His height isn’t his biggest weakness, as Disney’s second animated film proves Peter Pan: Return to Never Land. Tinker Bell begins to die if someone tells her that they don’t believe in fairies, even if only one person expresses that disbelief.

9 Jumanji – Welcome to the jungle: the mouse explodes if he eats cake

The mouse looks at its statistics

The characters in the video game version of Jumanji each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Mouse Finbar has its worst weaknesses and lacks both speed and strength. His most ridiculous weakness is his weakness for the cake. Jumanji shows the consequences of being exposed to it, because shortly after the mouse ate it, it explodes. Before this tragic accident, Fridge assumes he just found the cake irresistible, but sadly got it wrong.

8 Ella Enchanted: Ella received the gift of obedience

Ella looks to the side

When the main character of Ella, delighted was born, her godmother the fairy blessed her with the gift of obedience, assuming that she was doing him a favor. It forced him to obey any command from anyone, and people exploited it.

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Even her mother ordered her not to tell anyone about her curse, having the best of intentions but depriving her of her freedom to share this information if necessary. Ella almost kills someone on command, showing just how horrible this gift really is.

7 Edge of Tomorrow: Heroes can’t reset the time if someone saves their lives

Guillaume on the battlefield

On the battlefield, William Cage was covered in the blood of an alien invader called Mimic. This granted him the powers of the alien race, allowing him to reset the time as many times as he wanted. In Edge of tomorrow, William is able to learn from his mistakes, getting wiser with each reset. However, this power was easily negated when someone attempted to save his life by replacing his bag with one from a donor. It stripped him of his powers, just as Rita Vrataski lost hers.

6 Lilo & Stitch: Stitch is indestructible but can’t swim

The point fades dramatically

Lilo & Stitch first arrived at Disney in 2002. Stitch was created by Jumba Jookiba, who built it to create chaos and destruction. In order to make it virtually indestructible, Jumba made its molecular structure incredibly dense.

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This means that he was completely unable to swim or even float on water, which is why he had such an aversion to water. Considering that the Earth is 71% water, it is not the most ideal planet to live on Stitch.

5 Jurassic World: T-Rex can’t catch up with women in heels

The T-rex overlooks the park

T-Rex was created in jurassic park like a creature with limited eyesight. As long as the characters weren’t moving or making noise, he wouldn’t be able to see them. While this is less than likely an actual fact in reality, fans were able to suspend their disbelief during such an intense scene. Although it almost passed a moving vehicle, the T-Rex in jurassic park was unable to move faster than a woman in heels.

4 Kung-Fu Panda: Po is weak at the stairs

Po is exhausted after going up the stairs

That’s an incredibly relatable weakness, considering how many stairs this poor panda has been forced to climb. However, this is an odd weakness for the Dragon Warrior. In Kung Fu Panda, Po is often seen running and moving with agility during his battles after achieving some mastery of the martial arts.

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Despite all of his training, any amount of stairs will cause him to wheeze and pray weakly that the pain will stop.

3 Space Jam: A New Legacy – Looney Tunes Characters Are Ugly To Be Serious Or Follow Rules

Lebron stands with his new recruits

Lebron James wanted to recruit the best possible players for his basketball team, but the only ones willing to help him were the Looney Tunes. Not knowing exactly how his son’s game worked, he wanted his team to play a serious basketball game, following the traditional rules of the sport. The Space jam the characters weren’t capable of playing well at all, as they are at their best when acting like crazy.

2 The Last Airbender – Earthbenders are weak against a small number of Firebenders

The last air Master

The most ridiculous weakness the earthbenders had in The last air Master was that they were powerless against a handful of Fire Nation soldiers. Despite an unlimited amount of land around them. They had absolutely no motivation to retaliate until Aang gave a heartfelt speech to convince them to rise up against their oppressors. Apparently, these heroes are much weaker than their animated counterparts.

1 Ghostbusters: No one seemed to believe the Ghostbusters despite overwhelming evidence

The original Ghostbusters together

Despite a large body of evidence that the ghost hunters together ran a legitimate business (and even fought a giant marshmallow man), people stopped believing in ghosts. They claimed the Ghostbusters team had done their job too well. However, when Egon Spengler warned his teammates of the impending danger, even they didn’t believe him. If he had shown someone the ghosts he had been suppressing for years that were struggling to come to the surface, more people would have believed him. Since he didn’t, everyone called him crazy, leaving him alone to deal with the problem.

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