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Sam and Dean Winchester, along with their staunch friend and ally Castiel, were the quintessential heroes of cult fantasy. Supernatural. They killed monsters and saved the world and clashed with Lucifer, Darkness, and God himself.

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However, while their bravery was one of the things that kept fans hooked on the show, there were other characters on the show who were just as brave but perhaps not so captivating. Their heroism has thus often gone unnoticed or has remained underestimated, even if some of these discreet heroes have been able to save the protagonists themselves on a few occasions. These men and women have shown extraordinary courage under terrifying circumstances, and it is time they got their due.

ten Kaia

The two versions of Kaia together created another low-key hero. Whether it was the young girl who just wanted to lead a normal life but could dream of Bad Place, or her darker Bad Place counterpart himself, Kaia displayed an extraordinary strength of character.

That the Kaia of this world had survived so long alone in the Bad Place from where she was finally rescued by the other Kaia, Sam and Dean, was in itself a miracle. Even the other Kaia from Bad Place, she learned to fight against the various nameless monsters and protect herself in the worst circumstances.

9 Benny

Vampire Benny was one of the monsters in the show with the heart of a kind human. Dean met him in Purgatory and befriended him to such an extent that they fought together the hidden creatures in Purgatory as brothers in arms.

Benny was a hero in his own right, having survived Purgatory for so long. He helped Dean get to the escape portal, and later even helped Sam and Bobby escape this dark and barren land, letting them escape while fending off a bunch of vampires himself. thirsty for blood. He could have easily come back to earth with Sam, but refused to do so, choosing instead to stay in the dreaded Purgatory, which got him upset. Supernatural fans might wonder if anything made sense about Purgatory, but Benny and Dean’s friendship certainly did.

8 Meg

Rachel Miner as Meg in Supernatural

Meg Masters was the demon-possessed young woman believed to be the yellow-eyed daughter of Azazel. The demon’s own identity was never revealed and she is only known to the boys as Meg.

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Meg was vicious and hostile at first, but since the boys were still unable to kill demons, they had to let her go. However, Meg returned at a later date in another ship and ended up being a reluctant ally for the Winchesters. Eventually, she even gave her own life to buy the brothers time and save Castiel with whom she had developed a strange, somewhat romantic relationship. Meg was one of the many antagonists who became allies of the brothers, and heroic when she wanted to.

7 Donna Hanscum

Sheriff Donna Hanscum’s path became intertwined with that of Sam and Dean as the latter worked on a case involving a spa where Peruvian monsters called Pishtaco preyed on unsuspecting customers.

Donna quickly became adept at hunting herself, as did Jodie, and showed up to help the Winchesters, or ask for their help more than once. A talkative at first glance, she had nerves of steel and although she appeared less than Jodie, fans will remember her as one of the bravest women on the show.

6 Eileen Leahy

When Eileen first met the brothers, she was on the trail of a banshee that killed her parents when she was a baby. Since their meeting, Eileen has become a firm comrade of Winchester and fans were shocked when she too, like so many other friends of the brothers, was brutally killed by the British men of letters.

Eileen was brave until the end. Resurrected in season 15, she teamed up with the boys in their fight against the ultimate villain, God himself. She continued to hunt alone even when she stayed in the bunker and did not need Sam, whom she had grown close to, to protect her, still killing herself. Fans will remember her as a woman who did some of the most heroic things on Supernatural.

5 Garth

Garth Fitzgerald IV, or simply Garth, was one of the best and most beloved recurring guests of Supernatural. Garth didn’t exactly inspire confidence at first glance, but in his own way he was quick-witted, intelligent, a skillful hunter, and helped the boys on several occasions.

In fact, in Season 15’s “The Heroes’ Journey”, had it not been for Garth’s quick thinking, Sam and Dean could have turned into a veritable feast for the fierce monsters fighting in the ring where they nearly ended up. Somehow, after Garth transformed into a werewolf, he became an even better ally for the brothers since now he had powers that even Sam and Dean didn’t. Garth was most definitely one of the unsung heroes of the series.

4 Jodie mills

Jodie Mills was almost a mother figure to Sam and Dean in the absence of their real mother. Having encountered a horrific reality where she saw her undead child eat her husband alive, Jodie had what you might call a baptism of fire in all that is supernatural.

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Sheriff Mills thus became an ally of the Winchesters and Bobby, and continued to hunt several monsters, sometimes with the boys, other times alone, or with Sheriff Donna. She also hunted with her little brood of wayward daughters, including Claire Novak and Alex, among others. Jodie was loyal and courageous with unwavering determination. But her heroism has remained low-key, making her all the more admirable.

3 Jo & Ellen Harvelle

Jo and Ellen Harvelle were more family than friends to Sam and Dean. Ellen was easily one of the smartest Supernatural hunters in terms of intelligence, and her daughter Jo had grown up with hunters, both of her parents in the business of hunting down the supernatural.

Fans will remember how Jo started to engage in solo hunts that took a lot of courage. But the most heroic, albeit tragic, moment for Jo came when she decided to destroy the Hellhounds that had already torn her apart to save the rest of the gang in Season 5’s “Abandon All Hope.” she was already beyond all help, she chose to sacrifice herself for the brothers. What was even more tragic was that Ellen decided to stay with her daughter in her dying moments.

2 Singer Bobby

Bobby Singer standing in a Supernatural room.

For Supernatural fans, Bobby Singer was as much of a hero as Sam, Dean or Cas. But Bobby’s bravery was always more subdued. He’s always been the wiser, doing tons of research and saving the brothers more times than they’d like to admit. Virtually a surrogate father to Sam and Dean, he stayed in the background but was a constant hero in the brothers’ lives.

Even Bobby in the world of Revelation was brave and heroic as he led the remaining humans in this world against Michael’s armies. Fans were devastated when Bobby of this world shockingly passed away, and his contributions to Winchesters’ history would never be forgotten.

1 Kelly kline

Last but not least, a woman whose love for her child strengthened her resolve even when faced with the news that she was carrying Lucifer’s baby, Kelly Kline was a hero through and through.

Kelly might not be the kind of flamboyant hero, but out of sheer determination she might have beaten the Winchesters themselves. There is also no doubt that his inherent kindness played a major role in transforming Jack from who he has become. Although Jack had never seen Kelly, the spirit of purity she instilled in him surely helped him as he blossomed.

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