10 smartest DC companions, ranked


DC heroes have long used sidekicks. These young heroes learned from their mentors and often became great heroes in their own right, but some of them started off better than others. Many acolytes were already geniuses when they began their journey, bringing an unprecedented amount of intelligence to things, while others absorbed the lessons of their teachers and became even smarter than they were. were when they started.

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Over the years, many of DC’s sidekicks were a dual threat, both in combat and in intelligence. This made them much better as partners and individual heroes, setting them apart from other sidekicks.

ten Cassie Sandsmark is one of the smartest heroes of her generation

Cassie Sandsmark was the second Wonder Girl, and while she didn’t get some of the perks of her predecessor, she was still pretty smart. As the daughter of Ares, Cassie gained great strength, speed, and durability, but on top of that, she had a tactical and commanding spirit that made her natural when helping lead the Teen Titans.

Cassie was also one of the more balanced young heroes, more likely to think and then rush, balancing the impulsiveness of Superboy and Bart Allen. Cassie might not be the type of person to make things up, but she was still a smart cookie.

9 Donna Troy received an Amazonian education

Donna Troy from Prime Earth

Donna Troy grew up on the island of Themyscira and received an education like no other. Donna was trained in Amazonian combat methods and learned their technologies. This education benefited her greatly as a sidekick in Wonder Woman and helped her even more when she went out on her own with the Teen Titans.

Donna Troy’s literal classic education was quite different from that of her teammates. She knew how to use the weapons of the Amazons and was an expert at unarmed combat, but she also had knowledge that few in the male world understood. Donna has grown smarter over the years, using her knowledge to become a better hero.

8 Jon Kent is as much Lois Lane’s son as he is Superman’s

Jon Kent aka the new Superman saves refugees from Gamorra in Superman: Son of Kal-El

Jon Kent has changed a lot since his humble beginnings as a Superboy. While most people think of him as Superman’s son, everyone seems to forget that he is Lois Lane’s son as well. Lois is one of the smartest people in the world, and her son inherited both his inquisitive nature and his intellectual curiosity.

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Jon has always been a studious young man, and his intelligence only grew during his stay in the 31st century. Beyond that, he also has access to all of his father’s information in the Fortress of Solitude. While he has since become Superman, Jon was still one of the smartest sidekicks of his time.

7 Wally West has an innate understanding of the physics of speed

Wally West acquired his super-speed powers at a very young age and was taught by the best speedsters in the world. Between Barry Allen, Jay Garrick, Max Mercury and Johnny Quick, Wally has received one of the best physics training on the use of his powers that anyone can ask for. Although he’s always been more of a worker, his understanding of his powers makes him smarter than most people realize.

Wally has memorized several Flash facts over the years and created new ones, especially after discovering the Speed ​​Force. Wally’s years of experience also helped make him one of the DC Universe’s foremost speed experts.

6 Dick Grayson was a sponge for teaching Batman

Nightwing swinging his sticks.

Dick Grayson remains one of Batman’s greatest accomplishments. The young man was excellent at whatever Batman threw at him, learning everything he needed to know about combat, forensics, and a plethora of other topics. Dick took all of this information and used it to become one of the main acolytes of his generation.

All of this knowledge would come in handy later in life when Dick would become Nightwing. He led the Teen Titans through all kinds of situations and excelled at solving and stopping crime in Bludhaven on his own. He’s proven to be as smart as he is tough.

5 Garth grew up in Atlantis and mastered magic

garth aqualad

Garth was the first Aqualad, and things weren’t exactly easy for him. One thing that’s hard to deny about him, even back then, was how smart he was. He grew up in the technologically advanced society of Atlantis, speaks and reads Atlantean and English, and has more practical knowledge of the ocean floor than most ocean scientists could even dream of.

Later in his life, Garth began to study Atlantean magic, mastering this ancient discipline and using it to become a greater hero than before. As Tempest, all of that work paid off and he became a more powerful hero than before.

4 Bart Allen read an entire library

While all flashes can speed up reading, most of the time they don’t retain knowledge right away. Bart Allen is different. His Speed ​​Force abilities were different from other speedsters, and he was able to remember and use all the knowledge he had gained from quickly reading an entire library. Before that he had a reputation for being reliable but a bit stupid; thereafter, Bart was one of the smartest Teen Titans.

While his critical thinking skills aren’t always the best, the amount of knowledge Bart has at his disposal is far greater than most people realize.

3 Damian Wayne is one of the smartest Robins of all time


Damian Wayne is known for his violent tendencies, and for good reason; he was trained by his mother and the League of Assassins to be a highly skilled fighter. But that’s not all Damian learned – his mother Talia made sure her son was well educated in other areas as well. Even at a young age, Damian’s level of education is equivalent to that of most students.

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Damian is as smart as his mom and dad and is learning at an amazing rate. While his arrogance holds him back a bit, Damian has a large knowledge base and has proven to be one of the smartest Robins.

2 Tim Drake discovered Batman’s identity before he became Robin

Tim Drake talks to Barbara Oracle

Tim Drake is considered the best Robin for many reasons, but one of the most important is how he became the wonderful boy. Tim understood that Batman was Bruce Wayne and applied to become Robin, succeeding Jason Todd, who died at the time. Tim’s intelligence served him well and it became his defining trait; he was a good fighter but an incredible detective.

Tim made a name for himself not because he was the toughest Robin, but because he was the smartest. He could solve any case and was a born leader, using his own intelligence and everything Batman taught him to become the shining star of his generation of sidekicks.

1 Barbara Gordon turned out to be smarter than all of her peers

Barbara Gordon makes a new costume for Oracle

Barbara Gordon has done a lot in her life and all of them prove one thing: she is one of the smartest heroes around. Long MVP of the Bat-Family, Barbara was a master fighter, but it was almost the least of her abilities. Barbara’s keen intelligence has always been her greatest attribute, one that she fully embraced as an Oracle, providing every hero who asked her with all the information they needed.

Her mastery of information and the technology to obtain it have made Barbara the backbone of the superhero community. She was the leader of the Birds of Prey, a member of the Justice League and one of Gotham’s fiercest defenders and all because of her intelligence.

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