10 Things Naruto Does Better Than Any Shonen Protagonist


naruto is a long-running shonen action anime starring Naruto Uzumaki himself, who was born with nothing but a nine-tailed fox spirit inside him and a dream of becoming Hokage one day. Naruto has come a long way since the first episodes and time and time again has proven to anime fans why he is one of the best shonen protagonists of all time.

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Naruto Uzumaki is loved not only as a shonen action star, but also as a person. He’s surprisingly deep and emotionally intelligent, considering his wild antics as a juvenile prankster. Naruto does many things that even his peers like A pieceis Monkey D. Luffy and Bleach’s Ichigo Kurosaki can do – or he just does them better than them.

ten Naruto reinvented the “Big Eater” trope

Naruto is holding chopsticks

A variety of shonen heroes are known for silly “fat eater” sight gags, such as dragonballSon Goku devouring the food of an entire restaurant or Monkey D. Luffy’s famous love of eating meat. Naruto also fits the big eater trope, but he gives it more meaning than Goku and Luffy.

Naruto’s favorite food is ramen, and not just the cheap packaged kind. He often visits the charming Ichiraku Ramen shop for lunch and the owner is like a doting uncle to him. Additionally, Naruto’s name reflects the spiral fish cake toppings found in ramen bowls.

9 Naruto’s training sequences are all unique

naruto rasengan training

Almost all shonen series have training scenes, and for that matter, the same goes for shojo or seinen series. Ichigo Kurosaki trained with Kisuke and Yoruichi, Jujutsu KaisenYuji Itadori trained with Satoru Gojo, and my hero academiaIzuku Midoriya from trained with All Might and Gran Torino.

Naruto has gone through a lot of training sequences, but it’s never tedious. Each training session is creative and unique, which means the training arcs are exciting and compelling rather than mandatory. He even trained himself to stand still and absorb natural energy without turning into a toad.

8 Naruto sees his mentors as father figures

Most shonen heroes have a few mentors to guide them, and they often befriend their mentors, such as Ichigo and Kisuke, Yuji and Gojo, and Jonathan Joestar and Baron Zeppeli. Naruto Uzumaki goes one step further and considers some of his best teachers to be surrogate fathers.

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For young Naruto, Iruka Umino was like a parental figure, even if he didn’t admit it. Later, Naruto saw the wise toad Jiraiya as an evil but beloved teacher and father figure, meaning Jiraiya’s eventual death was absolutely devastating to him.

seven Naruto’s Talk Jutsu is Legendary

It’s not just a running joke in the anime community that Naruto has a meaning for words. Naruto isn’t an academic, but he knows exactly what to say to convince his opponents to see things his way after giving an impassioned speech.

A good example of this was when Naruto confronted the villainous Nagato in person and used his and Jiraiya’s dream of peace to convince Nagato to redeem himself. It worked, and Nagato chose to believe in Naruto’s vision of the future rather than inflict more pain on the world. Ichigo and Luffy could never have pulled this off.

6 Naruto has incredible empathy

6 A Beaten But Determined Naruto Talks To Gaara

Naruto’s “talk jutsu” requires more than charisma or carefully chosen words to work. The most important factor is Naruto’s strong empathy as he understands what it’s like to grow up alone and in pain as an outcast. It is true that Luffy and Ichigo also felt pain in their childhood, but not like Naruto Uzumaki.

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Naruto’s remarkable empathy gives him more emotional intelligence than some characters realize, and it’s truly inspiring for naruto Fans. Naruto channels his personal pain so constructively and generously, setting a fine example for shonen heroes everywhere. Even Tanjiro Kamado could learn from him.

5 Naruto’s dream is concrete and meaningful

Naruto Seventh Hokage

Many shonen, seinen, and shojo heroes have a clearly defined goal, ranging from killing Griffith to becoming the Pirate King or breaking the Sohma curse, but arguably Naruto Uzumaki has the best goal of them all. He aims to become the next Hokage and he’s been chasing that dream for years.

Naruto’s goal is difficult but realistic, and becoming Hokage would allow him to both find personal validation and protect the village as the new leader, which is admirable. It also allows Naruto to follow in the footsteps of his father, who was once the Fourth Hokage.

4 How Naruto Treats His Monster Half

naruto and kurama

Many shonen and seinen heroes have a dark side or a monster within them. They’re often deeply compelling, from Yuji being Ryomen Sukuna’s vessel to Ichigo’s inner Hollow or Ken Kaneki being a half-ghoul. Naruto defeated them all, however, with the fox spirit Kurama.

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Naruto’s inner monster made him an outcast, which drove him to channel his pain and fight to become a great hero despite his adverse circumstances. Naruto and Kurama have also learned to cooperate and become partners, and it’s rewarding to watch Naruto take control of Kurama and befriend him little by little.

3 Naruto’s humor suits him

naruto laughs at

Every shonen hero is going to crack jokes or have moments of comic relief from time to time, from Tanjiro fidgeting to Zenitsu to Luffy getting the wrong tricks of speech. Naruto Uzumaki is also clownish and funny but in a thoughtful way. He’s not just a class clown.

Naruto’s wild behavior stems from his painful childhood of isolation and fear, so he’s become a total troublemaker to get attention and feel included in some way. It’s both funny and tragic and it puts A piece‘sand Bleachhumor to shame.

2 Naruto has good intuition and resourcefulness

Naruto Uzumaki with glasses before officially becoming a Genin

Naruto Uzumaki certainly isn’t as smart as the genius Shikamaru Nara or the clever Sakura Haruno, and he often gets confused with the simplest things for humor’s sake. Then again, Naruto is smarter than he looks, and his intelligence matches his character well.

Naruto has street smarts and he is surprisingly resourceful and creative. He’s a tactile learner who likes to improvise, and it paid off when he used shadow clones to extend his use of Sage Mode well beyond the normal 5-minute time limit.

1 Naruto’s tragic backstory is well fleshed out

Many shonen heroes are missing one or both parents, or their parents may be deceased. Ichigo Kurosaki misses his mother Masaki very much, for example, and Tanjiro lost his own mother when Muzan Kibutsuji struck. Naruto, meanwhile, is one of anime’s most compelling orphans.

Naruto’s parents both died protecting him from the Akatsuki, and their deaths were heroic and tragic. Naruto’s orphan status totally shaped his upbringing, with him being a troublemaker with everything to prove as the future Hokage. As an orphan, Naruto was defined by more than just the lack of his parents – it affected his character arc significantly.

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