10 villains who had to fight a version of themselves


In the Marvel Universe, there are many different villains introduced in many different stories. And due to the multiverse and branching timelines, there are plenty of stories that have shown these villains to face different versions of themselves. On these occasions, it’s not uncommon to see these versions of characters come face to face with their counterparts.

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Whether it’s time travel, alternate realities, misdirection, battles between villains and alternate versions of themselves prove to be epic. Always a fantastic display of strength, wit, and character, these interactions sometimes completely redefine these villains in the eyes of readers, and their motivations and goals are truly emphasized, reasserting themselves in the public eye.

8 The Ultimate Universe’s Reed Richards is a maniac

Reed Richards The Maker Ultimate Universe

In the Ultimate Universe, Reed Richards helped the world as Mister Fantastic, but after the separation of the Fantastic Four, Richards fell into madness. He used his superior intelligence to try to control the entire world as the creator, destroying any hero who stood in his way. Going completely insane, the Creator has become the greatest threat to the Ultimate Universe.

The Creator would be opposed to his Earth-616 counterpart during the Secret wars Event. After an omnipotent Doctor Doom created Battleword, the two Reeds reunited to try to restore their universes. As expected, The Maker deceived Mister Fantastic into believing him to be weak and unfit for the power that Doom possessed. Thankfully, Molecule Man, the source of Battleworld’s power, sided with Richards, and The Maker was scattered to pieces in different, separate universes.

7 Hydra’s Captain America couldn’t handle the real deal

Captain America Hydra Empire Secret

After a piece of the Cosmic Cube manifested as an omnipotent girl named Kobik, the Red Skull created a version of Steve Rogers who was completely brainwashed and loyal to Hydra. The perfect Super Soldier secret weapon, this version of Steve Rogers was inserted into the main 616 timeline and executed the Secret Empire event discreetly over the next few months.

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Hydra succeeded in gaining control of the United States, leading a fascist regime and crushing any superhero threats that stood in their way. But when Hydra’s Captain America tried to assemble the rest of the Cosmic Cube, the Winter Soldier and Ant-Man were able to convince Kobik to bring the original Steve Rogers back to the timeline. This led to an intense fight between the two Captain Americas, where the original Steve Rogers ultimately came out on top.

6 Devil Hulk is still fighting the other Hulks

Immortal Hulk Devil Hulk Bruce Banner

The Incredible Hulk has changed in personality over the decades, after years of a complicated relationship between Bruce Banner and the green gamma monster. In Banner’s psyche, the Hulk split into several personalities, each corresponding to a different level of rage, power, and control over Banner’s body. One of those versions of the Hulk that has recently risen to prominence in Banner’s psyche is the Devil Hulk (or Immortal Hulk).

Despite being an incredibly powerful version of the Hulk who cannot die, the Immortal Hulk still faces off against the other versions of the Hulk personality in Banner’s mind, such as the Savage Hulk or Joe Fixit. . However, the Devil Hulk is incredibly powerful and matches all the other Hulks better. Said to be even stronger than the Green Scar version of Hulk, the Immortal Hulk just might be the strongest there is.

5 Ultimate Cable had to fight its way through a broken timeline

Wolverine Ultimate X-Men Cable

In the Ultimate Universe, Wolverine ended up becoming the chronological version of Cable, the classic time travel mutant. In a quest to stop the ancient mutant Apocalypse after resuming its timeline, Wolverine-Cable time traveled 30 years in order to kidnap Charles Xavier. After attacking the X-Men who came to Xavier’s defense, knowledge of Cable’s future prepared him for anything, easily sending out mutants, even his past.

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Eventually, Cable would succeed in taking Xavier into the future, where he would prepare him to fight Apocalypse. Then, when Apocalypse manifested through Mister Sinister, Cable and Xavier returned to the current timeline, where they were bailed out by Jean Gray’s use of the Phoenix Force, defeating Apocalypse and most likely erasing the timeline entirely. Cable.

4 The Void is constantly fighting against the Sentry

The Sentinel of the Void Robert Reynolds

Robert Reynolds was an ordinary man who, after ingesting a serum meant to replicate the Super Soldier Serum, became the Sentinel, a man endowed with the extraordinary power of a million Exploding Suns. Gifted with this immense power, Robert also became the host of The Void, a dark entity who exploited his enemy’s greatest fears, causing him great pain and mental torture. The more he used his powers as a Sentinel, the more the Void would attack his mind.

While the Void is still a mental manifestation of the Sentinel, the Sentinel is constantly forced to fight with the Void for control of their mind and body. The complete antithesis of all that the Sentinel stands for, Reynolds must carry the burden of knowing that the Void can strike at any time, and the mental fight against the horrid creature is lonely, but a fight nonetheless.

3 Knull is the god of all symbiotes

King in Black Knull Venom Eddie Brock

During the King in black Eventually, the symbiote god Knull descended on Earth, sending out a massive wave of symbiotes that transformed both the Avengers and the X-Men into symbiotes. Knull, the all-powerful symbiote, is known as the source of all symbiotes, making him the original version of Venom, the symbiote controlled by Eddie Brock. Knowing that Eddie Brock was a threat to his reign, Knull made sure that Brock was killed at the start of the event.

After the Heroes of Earth were removed from Knull’s control, Brock was visited by the Enigma Force, the source of Captain Universe’s power. With a huge power-up, Brock was revived and managed to defeat the divine version of his own symbiote, making him the new King in Black.

2 The Skrulls took on the Avengers in their own backyard

Avengers Skrulls Secret Invasion

In the Secret invasion Eventually, the alien race of the Skrulls managed to completely infiltrate Earth with shapeshifting warriors, causing mass hysteria and paranoia as the superhuman community came to barely trust each other. This feeling was only reinforced when a ship crashed into the Wilderness, and the only passengers were earlier versions of many Avengers. A fight broke out with everyone pretending to be the real article and not a Skrull.

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Some heroes were forced to fight with old lovers, old friends, and others were forced to confront earlier versions of themselves. Heroes like Spider-Man, Hawkeye, and Luke Cage have all been caught up in conversations with potential impostors dressed like them, but it wasn’t until Mr. Fantastic arrived that they learned the ship was, in fact, a Skrull decoy.

1 Stryfe is doomed to fight the cable forever

Cable Stryfe X-Men Nathaniel Summers

Stryfe is the mutant Cable clone of an alternate future ruled by the mutant Apocalypse. After Nathan Summers was infected with the techno-organic virus as a baby, a woman from the future offered to take the baby to the future, where technology was available to keep the baby alive. Once the baby was brought into the future it was cloned, but Apocalypse found the child and decided to raise it himself as Stryfe.

Stryfe would come face to face with his clone Cable on several occasions over the years, as the two would lead opposing sides in the long war for their ravaged future. More recently, Stryfe was found alive in the Cable solo series, where Stryfe had kidnapped mutant babies, seeking to use them as part of a ritual sacrifice. Once again, he was thwarted not by just one version of himself, but by two, as the original, older version of Cable was resurrected for combat.

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