8 comics to adapt in Venom 3


The nightmarish combination of Eddie Brock and the alien symbiote Venom debuted in 1988 and instantly became a fan favorite – and has been for over 30 years. The character crossed the line between outright villain and anti-hero and provided a compelling lead for several story arcs.

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This was doubly true when Tom Hardy took on the role of the symbiotic monster in 2018. Venom, which made a hit at the box office. With its first sequel, Let there be carnage, on the big screen in October 2021, there are plenty of suggested scenarios that should be adapted for the (probably) inevitable third chapter.

8 He must fight Spider-Man

Spider-Man Venom

Something fans are demanding to see is the meeting between Tom Hardy’s Venom and Tom Holland’s Spider-Man, which would officially reunite the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Sony Spider-Man sequel. Whether it requires a retcon or a multiverse explanation, there is plenty of comic inspiration to watch.

A movie could examine the first iconic confrontations between the two enemies, finding a way both for Peter Parker to acquire the Venom symbiote for a while, and for Eddie to form genuine hatred towards the hero. This would allow Venom to play a more villainous role compared to his current leadership status.

7 The venom clone was a deadly killer

The 2003 series, simply titled Venom, introduced the character of Patricia Robertson, who had to deal with a dangerous clone of the Venom symbiote in the Canadian Arctic. This clone was a vicious killer, bonding to hosts and then draining their vital fluids before moving on to another target, with the ultimate goal of finding and killing the original Venom.

Patricia found herself linked to the clone but also able to control it (a bit) thanks to a specially designed necklace she wore. This plotline could allow for a unique third movie entry, with a new She-Venom as a sympathetic villain and a very different setting thanks to the Arctic region.

6 Maximum Carnage is chaos from start to finish

Another possible Venom / MCU crossover, the 1993 event “Maximum Carnage” saw Eddie, Spider-Man, and a host of other heroes battle Carnage and a team of villains as they brutally assaulted NYC. While the comics used a mostly forgotten group of heroes from the ’90s, a big-screen version could borrow from the MCU and feature a fun new team of heroes to fight Carnage’s “family”.

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One of Carnage’s villains is Shriek, who makes his film debut in LTBC, and one of the heroes reluctant to fight them was Morbius, who will get his own feature film in 2022. The potential for a full-scale crossover here is obvious, and seeing such a bonkers storyline on the big screen would be something else.

5 Agent Venom Run would be unexpected

2011 saw a bold new status quo for the Venom series, with Flash Thompson, Peter Parker’s former high school bully, becoming Agent Venom. Flash was a decorated soldier who lost his legs in battle, but with the symbiote he was able to return to battle and fight for his country as a superhero.

A third movie could see Eddie separated from the symbiote, who is then linked to The Flash (or an original character in his stead) while Eddie finds himself contained by the government. As Agent Venom does his job, Eddie ultimately becomes Anti-Venom and the two have an inevitable showdown.

4 Venomverse would be an explosion on the big screen

The successful comic book series Spiderverse has already formed the basis of the Oscar winner In the Spiderverse animated film, and is likely to play a huge role in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Path Home. In 2017, Venom got its own version of the Multiverse Mayhem in Venomverse.

The next entry in the franchise could go all out and launch several different versions of the Venom symbiote from various universes against a common threat. The comics have featured plenty of unique hosts for the symbiote, other superheroes with alien life forms, and even a T-Rex.

3 Carnage USA was basically a horror story

Carnage United States

The comic series Carnage United States featured the psychotic symbiont killer successfully infecting an entire city and turning residents into, essentially, dumb zombies to do whatever he wanted. This grim storyline, along with some fantastic artwork, resulted in a unique and truly frightening conflict.

A film adaptation could really take a look at the horror aspect of that premise, with images that could pay homage to classic films such as The thing. The plot would need to be reworked, such as replacing Flash Thompson with Eddie Brock and possibly removing several guest heroes to streamline the cast and increase the odds against Eddie.

2 The toxin is Carnage’s child, and he’s even stronger

Extreme Carnage Toxin

Just as the Venom symbiote gave birth to Carnage, so did Carnage to Toxin. As before, the child was much stronger than the parent and presented a massive threat to both his father and grandfather, which prompted them to form an alliance to destroy the new creature before she came. for them.

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The twist this time was that the alien didn’t bond with a criminal host, but a police officer instead. Patrick Mulligan was able to resist the symbiote’s dark urges to kill and feed themselves, although not quite every time it prompted him, and he used it to fight for good for a while. time. A movie in which Toxin takes the heroic lead and stars Venom, and perhaps Carnage, as the antagonists, that would be quite a change.

1 Hail the king in black

King in Black Knull Knullified

Recently in the comics, Venom faced off against the very creator of the symbiote race, the Dark God Knull. The storyline would be the perfect basis for an epic event-level movie with huge sets. On a note similar to Carnage United States, the story could feature dozens of civilians possessed by symbiotes like an enemy horde.

A particular highlight of King in black is in the inclusion of a large dragon symbiote and the awesome imagery of Venom that grows wings and soars. This could be the final chapter in a Venom trilogy and really raise the bar on previous entries.

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