A year later, DC Universe Infinite still hasn’t launched globally


Comic book fans around the world are being left in the dark after DC Universe Infinite failed to receive its promised global launch last summer.

Although American fans have access to DC Infinite Universe unfortunately the same cannot be said of the rest of the world. As with many forms of entertainment, comics have turned to digital streaming in recent years. Subscription services like ComiXology Unlimited and Marvel Unlimited allow fans to access a vast library of contemporary and classic comics on their computers, smartphones and tablets. However, DC Universe Infinite has one major flaw that no one talks about.

In 2018, DC Entertainment joined the digital subscription market with DC Universe, which brought together its comics, TV series, movies, and other exclusive content in one place. The platform saw the start of some original adaptations, including Titans, Swamp thing, Patrol of fate, and the Harley quinn animated series. However, DC announced in September 2020 that the service would become a comics-exclusive platform the following January, with its other content moving to HBO Max. The launch of DC Universe Infinite, unlike its predecessor, promised to roll out to global markets from summer 2021 – but the service remains exclusive to US readers at the time of writing.

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To visit DC Universe website is currently giving the following message to international fans: “Sorry, this service is only available in the US. We’ll announce when it’s available in your area.” However, no update has been given since the release of DC Universe Infinite in January, nor any explanation as to why the company has not delivered on its promises for this summer. The phased launch is most likely the result of licensing issues, as DC Entertainment is limited by various contracts with publishers in other countries. For the same reason, ComiXology Unlimited is also available only in the United States, despite the website’s statement that they “Plan to extend this service to other regions in the future” (who stayed there for years). Meanwhile, Marvel Unlimited is already accessible across the world.

Despite this significant barrier to entry, DC Universe Infinite has also been acclaimed by its users in the United States, offering DC fans an unparalleled chance to learn about their favorite heroes and discover new ones. For just $ 7.99 per month or $ 74.99 per year, subscribers get unlimited access to over 25,000 comics and graphic novels published by DC and its imprints, including the revolutionary DC Black prestige format. Label. Even though this content is available in print and as one-time payment on other services, readers around the world are still denied the opportunity to enter contests or receive special offers from the DC Store.

DC’s silence is particularly surprising given their recent commitment to diversity: the first DC FanDome in August 2020 underscored the brand’s global appeal by employing hosts from around the world, and the new Batman: the world anthology recruited international artists and writers to reinvent the dark knight for their own culture. Much of the top creative talent in the American comic book industry hails from Canada, Europe, South America, and Asia. Perhaps, however, the lack of communication on DC Infinite Universe stems from a lack of urgency, thus raising questions about the future of the industry as publishing houses continue to push digital distribution.

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