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If you’re looking for an affordable pair of headphones that sound great, the Jam True Wireless ANC will do the trick. However, the design and the ANC leave much to be desired.


  • The sound is crisp and clear
  • Touch controls are simple

The inconvenients

  • It’s hard to get a good fit
  • ANC is subtle


  • UKList Price: £ 99.99
  • United StatesList price: $ 119.99

Main characteristics

  • Noise suppressionTrue Wireless ANC active noise cancellation

  • DesignThe earphones have an AirPod-like tail design

  • Battery lifeJam claims headphones provide up to 7 hours of battery life with ANC turned off

  • Touch controlsPlayback is controlled via touchpads on the headphones


Jam Audio has been making wireless audio technology since 2012 and at Trusted Reviews we’ve tested a lot of them.

From portable Zero Chill wireless speakers and Rhythm and Symphony wireless speakers to Ultra headphones, none of the brand products we reviewed scored less than 3.5 stars. In fact, all but these last got a 4 and up, which is why I was delighted to take a closer look at the Jam True Wireless ANC.

The True Wireless ANCs are currently the most expensive in the Jam line of headphones, sitting on top of the Black TWS Exec and TWS Game On, along with Live Loud and Live Free headphones.


  • The headphones have a simple rod-shaped design
  • It can be difficult to get the right fit
  • There is no IP index

The Jam True Wireless ANC have a fairly simple appearance. The earbuds are matte black and thick, with an oval shaped top and Apple AirPod-like stem. Visually, they remind me of EarFun Air and Urbanista London.

The headphones come with a choice of four silicone tips – the pair on top of the headphones, plus three extras in the box in sizes small, medium, and large – so you can go with the pair that offers the best seal.

It’s always important to have a waterproof seal between your ears and a pair of headphones, and the Jam True Wireless ANC is no exception. The sound quality here is highly dependent on getting the best possible seal, which can be a challenge due to the bulky construction of these headphones.

Pictures of models wearing the headphones on the box suggest that the pair is meant to be worn with the rods pointing towards the ground, but in this position the headphones were loose and moved with very little movement.

Close-up of Jam True Wireless ANC headphones

In my experience, turning them inward has dramatically improved the sound, making them more stable in the ear – but I’m not entirely sure that’s how Jam wanted to wear the headphones.

The fit isn’t uncomfortable anyway, but the headphones move too much for my liking, affecting the audio.

Jam True Wireless ANC Flat Case

The True Wireless ANC comes with a matching palm-sized charging case with USB-C support, but no wireless charging. The headphones also don’t have an IP rating, so I wouldn’t recommend taking them to the pool or using them in the rain.


  • Noise suppression is poor
  • Six to seven hours of battery life seems exact
  • There is no support for wireless charging or fast charging

The True Wireless ANCs aren’t a feature-packed pair of headphones but, as the name suggests, they take advantage of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC), which isn’t always expected at this price point.

You can access ANC by triple-tapping the right earbud. I did not find a huge audible difference between activating the ANC and stopping the ANC. Plus, there’s no voice to tell you if the setting is on, making it even harder to tell the difference. According to the manual, one beep means noise cancellation is on, while two beeps mean it is off.

Jam True Wireless ANC both headphones

The sound is improved slightly with the ANC turned on, but the headphones won’t do much to cancel out noise in busy public spaces or noisy transportation.

Jam proudly announces that the True Wireless ANC enjoys a battery life of seven hours on the box. Look at the fine print and you’ll see that the headphones are rated to last seven hours without ANC, six hours with ANC, and there’s 24-28 hours of total charge in the case.

Jam True Wireless ANC in the case

I tested the headphones playing music at an average volume until they died and found they last just over seven hours with the ANC on.

There is no support for Qi wireless charging or fast charging here, so you will need two hours to get a full charge.

Sound quality

  • Headphones contain 10mm dynamic drivers
  • The quality of the sound largely depends on how they adapt to your ear
  • The sound is crisp and dynamic

Jam says that the True Wireless ANC’s 10mm dynamic drivers offer “a great combination of sound quality and affordability” and, for the price, the audio quality is very impressive.

However, as mentioned above, the sound quality of the headphones is highly dependent on the tightness achieved. As such, the quality can falter if the earbuds move around, as the True Wireless ANC so easily does.

Jam True Wireless ANC Earphones and Case

That said, when the headphones are in the right place, they sound great.

David Bowie’s Heroes offers a good balance of highs, mids and lows, with little distortion unless you push the volume to its limit. However, the soundstage could be more spacious; the instruments sound more and more cramped as the track is built.

Switching to a classic track, Debussy’s Clair De Lune demonstrates crisp highs and a lot of vibrancy as the song gets louder. The soundstage is less of an issue here and overall it’s a clear, detailed performance.

Jam True Wireless ANC one earphone

The bass performance sometimes seems a little insufficient. Dua Lipa’s Don’t Start Now is full of energy, with the bass managing to keep up – but I wish it was a bit more punchy for a dance piece. Let the headphones slide out of their place and you’ll lose the bass altogether, but that sounds more like a design flaw than an issue with the audio.

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Should we buy it?

You want a cheap pair of headphones that sound great The Jam Audio True Wireless ANC delivers crisp, balanced sound with the right seal.

You want a tight fit The bulky design causes the headphones to move with slight movements, which affects the sound quality.

Final thoughts

The Jam Audio True Wireless ANC delivers crisp, dynamic, and generally well-balanced performance – if you’re able to get the perfect seal.

However, it is difficult to look past the weakness of the ANC and the precarious adjustment. The headphones look and sound nice, but the design seems to compromise the audio when the headphones are out of place.

How we test

We test every helmet that we scrutinize over a long period of time. We use industry standard testing to properly compare features. We will always tell you what we find. We never, ever take money to review a product.

Tested the headphones for a week

Emptied the battery from 100% to 0%

Listened to a variety of musical genres


Does the Jam True Wireless ANC cancel out noise?

The headphones are noise-canceling.

How do you control reading?

There are touchpads on the headphones to control the music.

Are the headphones using Bluetooth?

The Jam True Wireless ANC includes Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for wireless listening.




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ANC (Active Noise Cancellation) uses a set of microphones in a headset to sense the frequency of sound coming from the listener, with the ANC chip creating a reverse wave (i.e. opposite sound) to remove any external noise. undesirable.

Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0 is the latest iteration of the standard and can send data at twice the speed of previous standards, cover four times the distance and transfer eight times the data.

IP Index

Short for ‘Ingress Protection Code’, which lets you know how waterproof or dustproof a device can be.

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