Applauding Stellar Heroes’ Effort Behind the Scenes of “Momentous” Show at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort


Since its debut in June 2022, “Momentous”, the highly anticipated brand new nighttime show at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort (HKDL) has not ceased to impress audiences young and old. Transcending the lives of different characters through classic Disney music and projection images of approximately 150 Disney and Pixar characters, the mesmerizing show provides a multi-sensory experience for guests, inspiring them to celebrate life’s different stages and cherish being with their loved ones.

“Momentous” as the world’s most magical show was a smash hit, as the show delights guests’ senses night after night with its revealing multimedia elements, including large-scale projection mapping, water splashes , theatrical lighting, lasers, choreographed water fountains, flames, pyrotechnic effects and fireworks.

Behind the scenes, the successful delivery of the show depends on the teamwork and contributions of talented local and international Disney actors who began working on this project when the new castle didn’t even exist five years ago.

The technical team plays a vital role, especially in ensuring that the special effects work perfectly in the show. According to Gary Yiu, Supervising Technical Manager – Operations of HKDL, team members are responsible not only for multimedia elements such as projection mapping, water splashes, theatrical lighting, lasers, choreographed water, flames, pyrotechnics, fireworks, but also programming, organization of rehearsals and maintenance, allowing the show to run smoothly in compliance with safety rules.

Normally, the US team is responsible for setting up the large-scale performances, but the pandemic got in the way, so the local team took on the set-up and rehearsals for the entire show. “But the show must go on!” he remarks. “It’s a strong motivation for us to rise to the occasion. I am grateful to all of my colleagues for the professional team spirit they have shown as everyone strives and goes the extra mile to get the show on the road. He describes “Momentous” as “unprecedented”. Although there have been many large-scale performances with fireworks and music in Hong Kong, none of them compare to “Momentous.”

The music is another crucial part of the show. HKDL Music Director Ceejay Javier believes that music is the soul that connects the whole show. The musical elements help to tell the story more effectively and also induce the emotional involvement of the audience.

“The show explores different stages of life through classic Disney animations and characters,” he notes. “In order to connect the music to the show, it took a lot of effort to select works that fit the theme of ‘life’ from Disney’s many tunes.”

He explains that even though some of the same songs appear in different Disney shows, the production team rearranged the music so that audiences could recognize the familiar melodies while finding freshness in them at the same time.

“For me, the greatest thing about ‘Momentous’ is that everyone can relate to the show because it’s like reliving the happy and sad moments of encounters and separations in life,” adds he. “Everyone will feel it differently based on their own personal memories. Like me, I love Coco’s scene and the song ‘Remember Me’ the most because it reminds me of my memories with my grandmother.

For the show to be a success, Virginia Sung, Senior Manager of Show Operations at HKDL, believes that coordination between different departments is crucial. with different teams, ensuring operations run smoothly and executing all contingency plans based on the situation and the weather of the day,” she explains.

Virginia emphasizes the importance of flexibility for the operations team, as they have to deal with unforeseen circumstances that can arise out of the blue. “In the event of an emergency, we will take stock of the situation and follow the pre-established procedures to develop emergency plans in coordination with the various services.”

Fiona Yu, who has participated in various performances at HKDL, is the production manager of the local team of “Momentous.” She applauds the hard work of each member of the team: “Preparing for the show has been an arduous journey, but the team has managed to bring together the essence of many Disney classics, while the music and projected images are well connected alongside the multimedia effects.

“She highlights the ‘Afterglow Moment’ in ‘Momentous’ because it was specially curated by the local team for guests to remember the show. “We hope to keep the energy of ‘Momentous’ in the castle after the show and expand it to Main Street, USA, so that guests have plenty of time and space to think and reflect on the message behind the spectacle.”

Fiona agrees that the most exciting thing about the show is that it resonates with everyone. “Launched this year, the show has a special meaning as it echoes how we go through life these days,” she says. “Since the pandemic has somewhat freed us from the usual fast pace of life, it seems to remind us to slow down and cherish the most basic and beautiful things in life.”

Fiona added that apart from “Momentous”, HKDL has different shows and performances that attract many local talents with diverse skills to join the team. Since opening in 2005, HKDL has become one of the most popular employers among young people and has provided fertile ground to nurture several generations of professionals in Hong Kong’s creative, entertainment and hospitality industries.


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