Aquaman and Green Arrow get the Freaky Friday treatment


Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep Target # 1 by Brandon Thomas and Ronan Cliquet puts the two heroes in each other’s shoes for an epic adventure.

Over the past 80 years, Green Arrow and Aquaman have established themselves as two of DC’s greatest heroes. Both have reached heroic heights as individuals and as members of the Justice League. But, their new adventure will put their legendary abilities to the test as they struggle to mend a shattered timeline that has put them in a Horrible friday-as a situation. Arthur Curry and Oliver Queen swap powers and identities in author Brandon Thomas and artist Ronan Cliquet Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep Target # 1, an over the top but fun start.

Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep Target # 1 features a mutilated version of the DC Universe timeline where Arthur Curry is the Green Arrow and Oliver Queen is the King of Atlantis. Sensing that something has gone terribly wrong, Curry swims to Atlantis to confront Queen about their traded lives. Meanwhile, the mysterious General Anderton searches for a strange new technology that allows him to interact with living things in the ancient past, including dinosaurs. Aquaman and Green Arrow are struggling to get their lives back on track.

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Arthur CUrry, as Green Arrow, swims to Atlantis

In their respective 80-year histories, neither Aquaman nor Green Arrow were ever referred to as subtle characters – which makes them well suited to the absurd premise of this series. Thomas establishes a fun and controversial relationship between the two heroes. Despite the duo literally walking for miles in each other’s skin, they still blame each other. Thomas is waiting to reveal that the heroes have swapped places until they already fight over it. In this way, it subverts the reader’s expectations and establishes that this version of the DC Universe cannot be trusted.

As good as Thomas in writing Aquaman and the Green Arrow, this problem works thanks to his fascinating and mysterious villain, General Anderton. Thomas shows the audience just enough of the General’s nefarious activity for the public to infer that his actions are wreaking havoc on the DC Universe and its timeline. Thomas’ captures the character’s capacity for cruelty, and Anderton’s dangerous machinations add big stakes to Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep Targetcrazy situation.

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Green Arrow targets Aquaman for his throne

The drawings of Ratchet of Aquaman using a bow and arrows and of Green Arrow wielding a trident are inherently silly. Subtly, it illustrates the duo’s uneasiness in using each other’s powers in scenes that are both tense and funny. The scene where Curry and Queen fight works like a standard action sequence and illustrates how poorly they are adjusting to their lives. The work of colourist Ulises Arreola adds a sense of realism to the comic book that helps anchor the crazy story in a world that feels like it could be real – without the ridiculous events that happen on every page.

Aquaman / Green Arrow: Deep Target # 1 tells a strange story that would seem arbitrary if it weren’t for the mystery behind Curry and Queen’s Horrible friday to live. The entire creative team seems to take pleasure in blurring the line between ridiculous and convincing, and the result is a fun comic book and the promise of a surprising series.

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