Avatar: The 10 Best Battles, Ranked


Avatar: The Last Airbender is one of the most unique and comprehensive animated shows in the West. The last air Master comfortably holds a title as one of the great Japanese anime. Although it was originally aimed at younger audiences, the character development, gorgeous art style, and gripping storyline captivated fans of all ages.

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Avatar brings the laughs, the tears and the adrenaline, and has established itself as the baseline of a children’s show that appeals to everyone. When a show has such an unrivaled power system as flex, it’s no wonder the fight scenes are some of the most memorable parts of the show.

ten Sokka vs. Piandao (Master of Sokka)

Sokka holding a sword in a fighting stance

Although not a bending battle, the sword fight between everyone’s favorite “comic relief” characters was an important part of Avatar. Master of Sokka is a great demonstration of how non-benders make an impact in such a world. Fans can finally see Sokka prove his worth – both to himself and to the fans who have called him just a character to follow. Even though his trusty boomerang looked like another member of the team, it was great to see him find his own master to help him become a formidable force on the battlefield.

9 Katara vs. Pakku (The Seat of the North)

Katara fighting Pakku at the North Pole

The first season of Avatar has the slowest pace, which can be forgiven considering all the necessary world-building that had to happen. The core group has only just begun to find their footing, and Katara doesn’t seem to be contributing much due to her inexperience as a waterbender.

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All that changes in the final of Book one. Fans are shocked after seeing Katara give waterbender Pakku a run for his money. The North Headquarters This is the first time fans have seen a real battle between two of the same benders, and Katara’s formidable ability is a sight to behold.

8 Avatar Roku Vs. Firelord Sozin (The Avatar and the Firelord)

Young Roku and Sozin at the Fire Nation

Flashback episodes are generally looked down upon, but The Avatar and the Fire Lord is one of the best episodes of the season. The origin story of how Aang’s predecessor Roku had to deal with the start of the 100 Year War was desperately needed. Fans can finally see a fully recognized Avatar show off their mastery of the four elements. He fights the strongest firebender in the world and the fans were in awe of the elegance.

seven Toph Vs. Earth Rumble Fighters (The Blind Bandit)

Toph at the arena laughing and pointing

Bringing new characters into a cast of already beloved heroes is a struggle for any show, let alone one as beloved as Avatar. Fans knew this was coming because Aang needed an earthbending master to train him. No one expected a blind young girl to master what is considered the most robust and solid of all elements.

Toph quickly won the hearts of watchers with her incredible strength and tenacity. She also had a unique sonar-like ability to sense the vibrations of the earth to know where everything is. There’s no better introduction than having a character who easily takes on multiple enemies at once.

6 Katara vs. Hama (the puppeteer)

Katara looks down and cries

The puppeteer is one of the darkest episodes as it follows the grittier and more ominous by-products of war, the POWs. It is revealed that Katara is not the southern tribe’s last waterbender, but rather an escapee who learned a new waterbending skill that was seriously overpowered.

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Bloodbending sends shivers down the spines of watchers. Katara learns that, during a full moon, waterbenders can control the bodies of living individuals. The ultimate battle between two waterbenders will never be forgotten.

5 Siege of Ba Sing Se (Final)

The White Lotus on a rock about to enter Ba Sing Se

The Order of the White Lotus had been an enigmatic group throughout Avatar, with subtle hints of its existence noticed by the most discerning observers. As an organization that replaces feuds between nations, watching a team of wise and old folks thwart the Fire Nation’s plans was a welcoming sight.

The finale is the first and only time fans see the benders of all four elements working in perfect sync to defeat a common enemy. Fans can watch masters of their craft show off their talent unfiltered. Uncle Iroh’s return to Ba Sing Se was the perfect ending for the character.

4 Fire Nation Invasion (Day of Black Sun)

Tanks leaving the water about to invade the Fire Nation

The day of the black sun sees the protagonists enact their long-planned invasion. It brought back many beloved secondary characters. The Fire Nation invasion was always going to be a huge battle. The audience knew something the protagonists didn’t – the Fire Nation was already aware that the invasion was coming.

Seeing new technology created specifically for the invasion and watching the effects of war play out in real time left fans on the edge of their seat to see when it would all come crashing down. The incredible earthbending, swamp monster, and inner battles between the GAang and Dai Li agents made this battle a game changer.

3 Aang and Katara counter. Zuko and Azula (Crossroads of Fate)

Azula's blue fire clashes with Zuko's red

Each season finale was meant to end with an epic climax that brought the heroes to their breaking point. It’s never been truer than the end of book two, and the fight in the Ba Sing Se Catacombs between Aang and Katara, and Zuko and Azula.

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There were so many biting moments that left the outcome of the battle shrouded in mystery – whether Zuko would finally choose the path of good, and whether Aang could win without access to the Avatar State. This is the first time fans have seen Katara’s full potential after training against foes that rival her abilities and Azula’s utter ruthlessness.

2 Zuko and Katara against. Azula (Final)

Katara in the catacombs using her octopus arms

Predictably, the final battle of the entire story would end up being the greatest of all. The last air Master. The heroes split up for a three-pronged assault on the Fire Nation, before Ozai reduced the Earth Kingdom to ashes as they did with the Air Nomads.

The Agni Kai everyone was waiting for was there. With Sozin’s Comet overhead, firebending was at unparalleled potency. Seeing Zuko fight Azula, who loses her mind, and sacrificing herself for Katara was the ultimate act of redemption. This, coupled with an epic musical score and stunning visuals, made the battle legendary.

1 Aang vs. Ozai (Final)

Aang holding Ozai's beard with Ozai kneeling holding a flame

The battle Avatar alluded to was an underdog tale for the ages. Fans wondered if Aang could ever hope to defeat one of the most powerful firebenders, who is also powered by Sozin’s Comet, without the Avatar State.

The battle was a visual masterpiece. Without any dialogue, the animation and soundtrack spoke for themselves. The battle scenes were intercut with the Agni Kai and Sokka and Toph’s attempts to stop the airship fleet. Aang finally recovers his avatar state, which puts Ozai on the back foot. The Folding Techniques He Used Led To The Most Iconic Work Of Art Of All Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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