Batman Has The Most Ridiculous New Outfit (And He Still Looks Amazing)


In a variant cover for Batman #120 by artist Dan Hipp, Batman gets a hilarious new look that pays homage to his favorite Gotham villain.

The Dark Knight channels Chris Evans Knives out look in an upcoming variant cover depicting a ridiculous new outfit that Batman still somehow manages to look cool. The art will appear on some issues of Batman #120, coming to comic book retailers on February 1 from Joshua Williamson, Karl Kerschl, Jorge Molina and Tomeu Morey. The issue itself will see Batman tangle with new villain Abyss and deal with Lex Luthor’s control of Batman Inc. – Bruce’s former international team that has since fallen under the sway of nemesis of Superman. Of course, variant covers exist for a little fun, and while the issue’s regular cover features a towering Abyss, Dan Hipp’s variant goes in a decidedly different direction.


Dan Hipp is a cartoonist and cartoonist known to TV fans as the art director of Teen Titans GO! A recent slew of artwork sees Hipp’s comedic instincts take hold, with characters like Moon Knight and Joker portrayed in eerie new costumes filled with Easter egg references. While Hipp Joker Annual 2021 a variation of the cover sees the Clown Prince of Crime adorned with buttons in the likeness of Gotham’s heroes and villains, his art Moon Knight sees Marc Spector adopting an outfit filled with references to Oscar Isaac, who will soon play the brutal vigilante in Disney + Moon Knight.

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The next Batman #120 cover – recently shared on Twitter by Joshua Williamson – sees Batman dressed in a chunky cardigan, with its motif dedicated to a reference to Catwoman’s longtime love interest, aka Selina Kyle, whose many costumes are also paid homage by a series of buttons down the front of the garment . Bruce is holding a Mr. Freeze-inspired smoothie and staring at what appears to be Selina with large, fancy sunglasses worn over her usual cowl. Band-aids and bandages show that this version of Bruce is no less hardcore for his ridiculous outfit, and despite his costume’s uncharacteristically light-heartedness, he still manages to conjure up memories of Chris Evans. Knives out character Hugh “Ransom” Drysdale – another disgruntled child of wealth, whose sweater garnered memetic appreciation from fans.

It’s a ridiculous costume for the Dark Knight, and it arguably takes the top spot as his most unusual yet. Of course, that’s a tough feat, given that the competition includes the character of Bruce Zur-En-Arrh (a Batman alien later retconned to be an emergency personality that Bruce created if his mind was ever compromised) , and the rainbow combinations of Detective comic #241. But even those suits were designed for combat, while Bruce’s new cardigan seems to be incredibly impractical, despite the fact that a lot of work must have gone into this tribute to his favorite burglar cat (probably at the hands of butler Alfred long-suffering Pennyworth.)

No comic book hero can afford to throw stones when it comes to silly costumes, but Dan Hipp’s Catwoman-themed cardigan takes the cake as the weirdest outfit. Batman has always been ready to show off, even if he always manages to make it look cool.

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Source: Joshua Williamson

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