Black Canary and Green Arrow are medieval warriors in breathtaking art


The spotlight is on Green Arrow and Black Canary in a new cover for Dark Knights of Steel. Check out their stunning medieval designs in an upcoming variation.

Warning! Minor spoilers Dark Knights of Steel forward!

The power torque of Black canary and Green arrow are getting an epic makeover in a twist for an upcoming issue of Dark Knights of Steel. Although typically portrayed as a brawler with a killer voice, Canary is shown removing a page from her longtime lover’s book, wielding her own bow and arrows. The new twists of these old favorites are just the latest in the series making waves for its fantastic reimagining of classic heroes.

Dark Knights of Steel by Tom Taylor and Yasmine Putri is an ongoing series that places classic DC characters in an epic medieval setting. Superman is the descendant of one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world and enemies around the world aim to bring his family down. This fantasy world has already seen its versions of Green Arrow and Black Canary encounter members of the Court of El with disastrous results. But this cover art shows that the tide could turn for the couple in the months to come.


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Scriptwriter Tom taylor revealed two covers for Dark Knights of Steel # 5 on Twitter; one being the main cover of Dan Mora and the other a variation of Joshua Middleton. The cover variant features Black Canary in heavy protective clothing with a quiver slung around his back and a bow and arrows close at hand. Above her is a vigilant green arrow and another image of Canary crying out with all her heart. Amidst the gorgeous colors and character positions is the shape of a bird, certainly a symbol for Black Canary. The cover raises questions about what lies ahead for the famous duo as the war against the Court of El begins to escalate.

The Black Knights of Steel the greatest strength has been taking familiar DC heroes and seeing where they fit into a landscape of sword and wizardry. Dinah Lance is known for her powerful vocal vibrations, so in this medieval world she is a banshee whose magical nature is forbidden. Anti-authoritarian Oliver Queen is enlisted in an assassination attempt to overthrow an oppressive leader. Taylor’s understanding of the beliefs and powers of these characters helps him effortlessly transplant them into the archetypes of fantasy scenery. In the same way that Harley Quinn’s cowardly inhibitions towards others made her the perfect court jester, Green Arrow and Black Canary’s story of facing great and mighty tyrants makes her an excellent choice as rebels seeking to overthrow a kingdom.

Fans wonder why Canary is up to a bow and arrow, but with Green Arrow’s encounter with Superman, he might take on a mentoring role. Canary’s voice failed him during the fight against the bastard Bat-Prince, so learning how to shoot will likely help the duo in their quest to bring down El’s Court. For now, the beautiful art of this variant should just serve as a clue to what’s to come. Black canary and Green arrow in future issues of Dark Knights of Steel.

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