Brisbane Lions FC support the mental health of our healthcare heroes through the Healthcare Heartbeat charity


May 26, 2022: The non-profit organization Healthcare Heartbeat has been chosen by the AFL’s Brisbane Lions FC as the beneficiary of an upcoming 50-50 charity raffle. Funds raised from the home game on Saturday June 11 at The Gabba in Brisbane will be used to improve the mental health of healthcare and emergency service workers through Healthcare Heartbeat.

Healthcare Heartbeat brings together a range of essential services tailored to healthcare professionals and first responders under one banner. This includes mental conditioning training, personal and career development courses, access to crisis lines, retreats, volunteering abroad and meal delivery services.

Each year, the Brisbane Lions support a number of charity partners with the 50-50 Charity Raffle, to raise awareness and funds for charities to continue the vital work they undertake within communities. communities. Half of the prize pool raised in each fundraising raffle goes to a lucky ticket holder who is drawn during the game. The remaining 50% goes to support great causes, and for this game, Healthcare Heartbeat will share the profits.

Healthcare Heartbeat is looking for volunteers to experience the ‘behind the scenes’ matchday action while selling Brisbane Lions 50-50 Charity Raffle tickets to fans for their upcoming home game against St Kilda at The Gabba on Saturday June 11.

Registered nurse Helen Zahos will be one of the volunteer participants at the Gabba on June 11. Helen is a humanitarian, emergency and paramedic nurse who has volunteered in disaster areas around the world and cared for some of the world’s most vulnerable people. She has now begun her studies exploring the increased rate of burnout and mental health issues that frontline workers face as a result of their profession.

“Health and emergency service workers time and time again put the needs of the community ahead of their own, and we all know that takes a toll,” says Helen. “Our workers are feeling drained, exhausted and need a break. . Nurses resign from job stress and pressure, and those who haven’t are beyond exhausted. No one should be pushed to the point of quitting their job because of stress, nor should they be expected to be pushed to their limits every day to almost irreparable burnout.

“By supporting vital initiatives such as Healthcare Heartbeat, we can ameliorate some of the many challenges our workers currently face. This is extremely valid for the younger generation of nurses and first responders who are just starting their careers. We need to make sure they’re equipped with the right tools to manage stress and anxiety, so they don’t suffer from burnout or PTSD early in their careers.

Gabriella Ocenasek, Director of Healthcare Heartbeat and World Youth International, thanked the Brisbane Lions for their support and commitment.

“Healthcare Heartbeat creates opportunities for our hard and valuable healthcare and emergency service workers to access additional support while being recognized for their continued efforts during these challenging times,” says Gabbi. “Many have dedicated their lives to the well-being and safety of their communities, often at the expense of their own health and that of their families. We are so grateful that the Brisbane Lions have chosen Healthcare Heartbeat as their beneficiary of the 50:50 charity raffle and share our goal to positively impact a workforce at breaking point.

Can you help improve the mental health of our healthcare heroes by joining Helen and the Gabba volunteer team on Saturday June 11?


Saturday June 11.

  • Volunteers should arrive at 5:00 p.m. for a briefing and sell raffle tickets from 6:00 p.m. until the end of the half-time.
  • Volunteers can then watch the big match with a free match ticket (volunteer-only area)
  • Ticket sellers must be 18 years or older.
  • On-site training and support to sell raffle tickets by iPad and contactless payment device (no cash) will be provided.
  • Work in pairs or individually

E-mail [email protected] for more information and to register as a volunteer for Saturday 11 June.

Online sales will open on Monday June 6 via

About Healthcare Heartbeat

Healthcare Heartbeat is a subsidiary of the ACNC-registered charity, World Youth International. Working with Australian healthcare professionals since 2005 has given Healthcare Heartbeat insight into the sector and the challenges these workers face on a daily basis, as well as the wider impact it has on surrounding communities. Levels of anxiety, job stress, burnout and communication problems among emergency service workers, nurses and healthcare professionals are much higher than ever before. This has a significant effect on their families, family life and mental well-being. Healthcare Heartbeat brings together a range of essential services to improve the mental health of healthcare workers and first responders. This includes training and mentorship programs, career development, retreats, overseas nursing placements and meal delivery services. This approach aims to better equip them to face the challenges that arise on a daily basis and thus improve their mental health.

About Global Youth International

World Youth International is a registered charity, established in 1988, which has facilitated meaningful volunteering opportunities for over 3,800 Australians and provided access to basic services such as healthcare and education to over of 40,000 people around the world. At the heart of all our work is a commitment to community-led sustainable development projects and a belief in the power of volunteers to create real impact. Our vision is to educate, empower and inspire positive change in the global community through the legacy of our founder, the late Robert Hoey.

World Youth International is committed to:

  • Create innovative and exciting opportunities for people to live their lives with passion and contribute to the global community;
  • Improving the quality of life, strengthening communities and reducing poverty through sustainable development projects.

World Youth International is approved as a recipient of the overseas aid gift deduction by the Australian Department of Revenue and the Department of Foreign Affairs.


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