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In Star Wars: Brotherhood, author Mike Chen gave some insight into Anakin Skywalker’s past at the start of the Clone Wars. He had just been promoted to Jedi Knight, but was overwhelmed by pressure to abide by the Chosen One etiquette granted by Qui-Gon Jinn. This led to friction between him and Mace Windu, but over time Anakin used his connection to Qui-Gon’s ghost to ease the tension. However, he had another soothing influence from his childhood when his emotions boiled over. And as more information came to light about this entity, fraternity ended up remixing the legend of Flamebird from the Superman mythos.

In DC lore, Flamebird was a fiery destroyer and a child of the Kryptonian sun god, Rao. Created by Greg Rucka for Action Comic Annual in 2009, the being would be tied to Nightwing’s story and religiously revered until eventually manifesting in Thara Ak-Var, similar to Marvel’s Phoenix and Jean Grey. Ultimately, Flamebird was a source of life, rebirth, and immortality, which is why Dick Grayson and Kal-El revered him so much.

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star wars has his own spin on this entity with the sun dragon, something Anakin learned on Tatooine. His mother, Shmi, would often talk about it and how the being slept in the beating heart of an exploding star, resting and hoping to emerge one day to make the galaxy better. It was similar to the phoenix rising from the ashes, which inspired Anakin, whether as a pod racer or as a hopeful kid wanting to become a Jedi.

When he got angry, he thought about the story, soothing his soul in a way even Qui-Gon’s memory couldn’t. After all, his mother told him he was one and that one day he would spread love and hope. It was a form of mythical worship, which shocked Padmé Amidala, who never knew he was so spiritual. But it also hinted at why Anakin lost control and slaughtered the Tusken Raiders. He admitted that he felt he was losing his Sun Dragon identity, so he lost control and destroyed them – something the dragon could do if his power got out of control. It may also explain why Anakin would turn to the dark side and help exterminate the Jedi, as he might have thought they were stopping him from being the Sun Dragon.

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This added depth to the mythology of the creature, building on Chen mentioning it in the short story “Disturbance”, published in From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back in 2020. And it’s much more nuanced than his brief dissection in the star wars legends film novelization Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover in 2005. This is because, in fraternitybeing is as much a force for evil as for good.

In the end, Anakin saw the light in the creature. That’s why he told his pseudo-apprentice, Mill, and other young people training for military service. He wanted them to aspire to his greatness like he did, which is essentially what Flamebird did for Kryptonians. Both beings were also beacons of hope, whether for heroes or extremists who have gone astray. In Anakin’s case, fraternity confirmed it was a mix of the two, compounding how polarizing and tragic his journey was.

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