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Code Geass is still one of the most popular mecha anime of all time. The recent release of Code Geass: Lelouch of the Resurrection and the mobile game Code Geass: Genesic Re; code brought the series back to viewers’ attention, while also introducing the adventures of Lelouch vi Britannia to a whole new generation of anime fans.

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In Code Geass, Protagonist Lelouch faces the impossible task of dismantling the tyrannical empire ruled by his father, Charles. Serendipity guides him to the Witch CC, who contracts with him and grants him the Geass of Absolute Obedience. Unbeknownst to Lelouch, many other characters possess such abilities. Some of the Geass in Code Geass are very reminiscent of the Quirks present in My hero university, including that of Lelouch.

ten Lelouch’s Absolute Obedience Is Exactly Like Hitoshi Shinsou’s Brainwashing

Lelouch’s Geass allows him to take control of others and forces them to obey his orders. In order for his Geass to work, it takes eye contact and some range. The Geass also has a limit of one order per person and cannot force people to do things they are physically unable to do.

Lelouch also loses control of it in the final episodes of the first season, although that changes in Lelouch de la Ré; upliftment. In many ways, absolute obedience is exactly like Hitoshi Shinsou’s brainwashing quirk. These are two forms of outright mind control. Hitoshi’s Quirk requires a verbal response from its target but essentially does the same.

9 CC’s Geass mixes Shinsou’s quirk with La Brava’s

While CC first appears as an Immortal Code Bearer, she originally got her own Geass. Like many Geasses, his ability also affected the mind, making people love him.

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The connection to Hitoshi’s Quirk also appears in CC’s Geass, but viewers might remember La Brava’s Love as well. Quirk allows La Brava to give a boost to the people she loves. While people who love CC don’t reap the same benefits, the essence of Quirk carries the root of the same emotion.

8 Mao’s Geass involves telepathy like Mandalay’s Quirk

One of the most classic mental quirks in comic book history, telepathy appears in Code Geass in many different forms. The strongest, however, is Mao’s Geass. His ability allows him to hear the thoughts of anyone around him, within a certain radius. Its main weakness is that it cannot be turned off, and the avalanche of thoughts can become overwhelming for Mao.

A more limited version of telepathy appears in My hero university in the form of Quirk of Mandalay. She can telepathically transmit messages to people, an ability that comes in handy in rescue operations. Unlike Mao, she can project her thoughts, not hear the thoughts of others.

seven Emperor Charles’s Geass is like a more powerful form of Giran’s mud

Lelouch’s father, Charles zi Britannia, has more than force of arms at his disposal in his quest to reshape the world. He has his own Geass which allows him to manipulate memories. The only perfect Geass ever seen in the series, he erases Lelouch’s mind after her son is captured by Suzaku Kururugi at the end of season 1 of the series.

During the Akito The Exiled OVAs, Lelouch appears in his brainwashed state, as strategist Julius Kingsley, struggling with memories that are not his own. My hero university also has a character who can alter memories, but not quite to the same extent. Informant Giran uses his Quirk Muddiness to ensure his safety throughout his life as a criminal. The mud allows Giran to give amnesia to people he touches. The capacity is limited to short-term memory, making the preceding and following five minutes vague.

6 Jeremiah Gottwald’s Geass Canceler is the same as Eraserhead’s erasure

The real dark horse of Code Geass, Jeremiah Gottwald starts off as a rather unfriendly character who persecutes the Japanese. He later makes a comeback and his loyalty to the house of Vi Britannia makes him join Lelouch’s service. Seriously injured in two individual fights – with Kallen Kozuki and CC – he is experienced and receives the Geass Canceler.

A very special form of Geass, Jeremiah’s ability allows him to erase all pre-existing Geass effects from his targets and makes him immune to other powers of this type. It has many similarities to Eraserhead’s Quirk, Erasure. Shota Aizawa can temporarily prevent his targets from using their Quirks, although the skill is less effective against individuals with mutant abilities.

5 Bismarck Waldstein’s Geass recalls Sir Nighteye’s foresight

The knight of one and pilot of the Galahad knight-mare cadre, Bismarck Waldstein is the most powerful warrior in the service of Emperor Charles zi Britannia. While this is mostly due to his own fighting skills, he also has a Geass ability that allows him to see into the future. Its power is similar to that of Sir Nighteye’s foresight, but Nighteye’s Quirk can see distant futures as well and appear to have greater applications.

Despite their respective abilities, the two characters are overpowered and killed. Sir Nighteye falls to Overhaul during the Shie Hassaikai raid while Bismarck is defeated by Suzaku after Suzaku becomes Lelouch’s knight from Zero.

4 Rolo Geass’s time suspension freezes targets like Habuko Mongoose’s paralysis

Introduced in season 2 of Code Geass, Rolo is an Order Geass-trained assassin who poses as Lelouch’s brother during his time of amnesia. Rolo’s Geass allows him to suspend his targets’ time perception, essentially crippling them – both physically and mentally.

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In My Hero Academia: Training the Dead, a similar Quirk is posted by student Habuko Mongoose. Habuko is able to cripple his targets with a single glance, although in his case, they remain aware of what is going on around them. A second Quirk that has some similarities to Rolo’s Geass is Hero Killer Stain’s Bloodcurdle, but his requires blood ingestion to function.

3 Marianne’s Geass is a form of astral projection like Nyikang’s spiritual possession

Lelouch’s quest for revenge is guided by his desire to avenge the death of his mother Marianne. In fact, Marianne survives the assault on her life by using her Geass. A form of astral projection, it allows Marianne to possess Anya Alstreim’s body and to linger deep in Anya’s consciousness.

The ability is very similar to the spiritual possession of the pro hero Nyikang. A lesser-known character from My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Nyikang can convert his consciousness into spiritual energy, which he then uses to possess others. It’s a very interesting skill, and too bad she doesn’t get the chance to shine on the show.

2 Orpheus Zevon’s Geass has a lot in common with Himiko Toga’s Transform and Camie Utsushimi’s Glamor

A character that appears in the manga Code Geass: Oz the Reflection, Orpheus Zevon receives his Geass from VV, much like Rolo. He escapes his hellish existence in Order Geass with his romantic interest in Euliya, but they are pursued and Euliya is killed. Orpheus later joined the terrorist organization Peace Mark, his ultimate goal being to avenge Euliya’s death.

Orpheus’ Geass of Transformation allows him to take on the appearance, manners, and voice of whomever he chooses. This has a few traits in common with Himiko Toga’s Transform, as well as Camie Utsushimi’s Glamor. His Geass is illusion-based like Camie’s, but it focuses on him like Himiko’s.

1 Shamna’s Geass is even more powerful than Eri’s rewind

A Geass user who appears in Lelouch de la Ré; upliftment, Shamna has a unique ability. The Queen and the Holy Priestess of Zilkhstan can send her conscience back six hours each time she dies. The skill is so powerful that it is only defeated because of Lelouch’s brilliant deductions. Interestingly enough, it’s not his original power.

Shanma claims to have had another ability that allowed her to see the future. This makes his Geass a special combination of Sir Nighteye’s foresight and Eri’s rewind. Using Rewind, Eri can return the body of a living being to its previous state. Shamna’s Geass is much more powerful, but Eri is still very young and his ability can still scale. Shamna is not so lucky, as she is killed at the end of the movie.

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