Critical Role’s third campaign gets theatrical opening


Just months after the end of their second campaign, the Critical Role team is about to begin their epic third campaign, and this time things will get a theatrical kick-off.

Cinemark cinemas in 20 different cities across the country will simultaneously broadcast the first episode of Critical Role’s third campaign. The new experience will begin on Thursday, October 21, and Cinemark already has a website for the event. With just one sitting, however, tickets will likely sell out quickly, so you’ll want to grab them while you can. Also, be sure to allow some time, as the first one should be around four and a half hours.

For anyone new to Critical Role, this is a series with a focus on top actors playing Dungeons & Dragons. The series is directed by Matthew Mercer (Monitoring), Marisha Ray (Fire Emblem Heroes) and Travis Willingham (Marvel Avengers). In addition to the trio, a host of regular departures will return, including Liam O’Brien (Star Wars: The Bad Lot), Taliesin Jaffe (Final Fantasy XIV), Sam Riegel (Ninja Turtles), Ashley Johnson (The last of us) and Laura Bailey (also The last of us).

After the premiere, everything will run smoothly, with new episodes airing Thursdays on Twitch and YouTube, followed by a full public release on Monday. During the pandemic, Critical Role has started the pre-tap episodes and this will remain the same for the third campaign due to the flexibility it gives the crew. At the same time, they will take the last Thursday of each campaign month to use it as a rest period. A blog post on the official Critical Role site sometimes states that there may be some extra programming these days, while other times it can just be used to rest.

Critical Role has promised that the third campaign will be a ‘wild tour’, with the announcement of reading the blog post,

“Throw all those expectations out the window!” This campaign, while featuring the same elements you know and love, including our lovely original cast, will be a little different from previous campaigns in a way you’ll see as the story unfolds…. Mysterious… BUT AWESOME! Prepare for the unexpected.

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