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Mumbai: Acting on several complaints of harassment and threats made by fraudulent loan collection agents to clients, including one where a 38-year-old man from Kurar who was scammed and died by suicide, Maharashtra Cyber ​​Police has wrote on google play store to remove 15 loan apps.

The police said the apps were selected after an analysis of complaints received in the state by 48 cyber police stations, including the four cyber crime police stations of the Mumbai Police.

“Most of these loan apps were developed after Covid-19, attracting several people who lost their jobs and needed money. These apps offer easy and fast loans, they (the scammers) trick people with high processing fees, irrelevant taxes and exorbitant interest rates. However, people who take loans should not be afraid of these apps, if they have taken loans and are harassed, they should immediately report the incidents to the police,” said Sanjay Shintre, Superintendent of Police, Maharashtra Cyber .

He added that they have also compiled a checklist to guide cybercrime police stations in investigating such cases.

“The Reserve Bank of India has already formed a task force on digital lending and the group has recommended that in the medium term, the government consider legislating to prevent illegal lending. loan apps currently operational, 600 of them are illegal,” the policeman said.

“A user can even report the app to Google Play Store and if he receives multiple such requests, he also takes action on his own. We have identified 15 apps and are checking if there are any other apps from this guy,” Shintre said.

Mumbai police have already recorded 9 such cases in the past two weeks. The first case was recorded after the suicide of a 38-year-old man, who worked as a jeweler in Kurar. Although the man did not take out any loans, he was harassed by the loan sharks, who transformed his photos and distributed them to people on his contact list.

The Mumbai Police advisory released on Wednesday said people should not receive video calls from strangers and not succumb to the lure of easy money via social media. One must be careful not to fall prey to bogus loans, he added.

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Sanjay Shintre said, “We have written to Play Store to remove loan apps like Loan India which is operated from Lakshmi Nagar in Delhi, Cash Loan, Cash Advance operated from Navi-Mumbai, Mumbai, Kosh operated from from Haryana, Yes Cash operated from New Delhi, Handy Loan operated from Gujarat, Rupees Land operated from Pune, Magic Loan, Andhra Pradesh, Credit King, Tamil Nadu, Mobile Cash, Chembur, Alfa Loans, New Delhi, Speed ​​Loan, New Delhi, Alexandria Loan, Gurugram, Haryana, Koko and Janecoin Apps.


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