DC: Batman’s 10 biggest failures, ranked


Batman is one of DC’s greatest heroes, and he has a reputation for winning. Bruce Wayne has no superpowers other than his billions of dollars and the resources of a small nation, but he does have some incredible skills that have enabled him to rise to the top of the super world. -hero. Although he’s known for his ability to beat almost anyone with enough prep time, Batman has suffered some pretty heavy losses over the years.

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The allure of Batman is that he’s only human and that means he’s wrong like other humans. Ultimately, Bruce Wayne is just a man. Batman has suffered devastating setbacks over the years that would have ended the careers of lesser heroes – but not the Dark Knight.

ten Losing control over your wealth harms your ability to fight crime

In “Joker War”, Joker managed to steal Bruce Wayne’s fortune and revealed to the city that he was hijacking his own business. That’s true to some extent, since he uses that money for Batman-related expenses, but it’s nothing he can admit. This caused the IRS to take a look at his finances and Wayne Enterprises CEO Lucius Fox to take drastic action.

Bruce Wayne no longer controls his fortune and no longer has a place on Wayne’s board of directors. He can no longer plunder Wayne Enterprises for money and material because the IRS is watching him like a hawk. This greatly affects its ability to fight crime.

9 Brother Eye evolving beyond him almost doomed the universe

Batman can be a bit of a control freak. It’s not usually malicious, but it does feel like it’s making the best choices when it comes to making the tough decisions. The creation of the Brother Eye satellite system was his way of monitoring the world’s overpowered population and fending off threats before they got out of hand.

It backfired horribly on him as Brother Eye gained consciousness and secretly joined with Alexander Luthor, aiding Max Lord’s Checkmate and creating armies of OMAC to attack the heroes. Batman’s desire for control backfired.

8 His failure to save Harvey Dent took a heavy toll on him

Double-Sided Throwing a Coin in Long Halloween.

Harvey Dent was one of Batman’s closest allies until a terrible acid attack disfigured him. This disfigurement led him to become Double-Face. For years, Batman tried to get his old friend to get the help he needed.

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Batman has suffered devastating setbacks over the years that would have ended the careers of lesser heroes – but not the Dark Knight. Harvey Dent is a good man and Batman would do anything to make this man come back.

7 His failure to successfully hold the Laughing Batman prisoner almost destroyed the multiverse

The Batman Who Laughs - Laughs.

The Batman Who Laughs caused a stir, but Batman managed to find a way to hold it back for a while. Unfortunately for everyone, the Batman Who Laughs was able to escape and directly led to the near destruction of the entire multiverse. The Batman Who Laughs is as tough an opponent as the real Batman.

Batman’s failure to hold off his alternate reality was inevitable, but it’s still something that weighs heavily on Batman. The entire multiverse has come extremely close to destruction, all because Batman couldn’t keep someone prisoner.

6 Ra’s Al Ghul seizing his plans against the Anti-Justice League almost led to the deaths of his friends

Batman is a pragmatic person, so he has plans to defeat every member of the Justice League in case they get bad. Batman’s security is generally pretty good, but Ra’s al Ghul was able to get his hands on the “Tower of Babel” plans and nearly destroyed the League. While the team were finally able to persevere, Batman’s pragmatism nearly cost the Justice League their lives.

It’s all the more compounded by the fact that Batman didn’t notify the Justice League about these plans, which hurt how much they trusted him. It has all been a huge stain on his legacy with the team.

5 Her failure to find the joker in “The Killing Joke” led to the brutal treatment of Barbara Gordon

joker murder joke

Barbara Gordon has always been one of the most skilled members of the Bat-Family, but Batman blames himself for the worst night of his life. In “The Killing Joke”, Joker had once again escaped from Arkham. Batman was trying to find him when he shows up at Jim Gordon’s door and shoots Barbara in the stomach, causing her to become paralyzed. In Batman’s mind, Barbara would never have been put in the situation she was in if he had been faster.

4 Part of Jack Drake’s death was because Batman couldn’t figure out who Sue Dibny’s killer was

Batman Robin Tim Drake

Tim Drake is one of the best Robins, but being Batman’s sidekick isn’t always a good thing. Tim discovered it in Identity crisis when his father was killed by Captain Boomerang, targeted by Jean Loring in his twisted quest for the atom to return to him. Batman had been working on solving Sue Dibny’s murder and if he had solved it faster, Jack would have survived.

On top of that, if Batman had been faster to get to Drake’s place, he and Tim could have stopped everything. Batman failed to protect Tim from the same thing that happened to him as a child.

3 He lost Gotham to Bane

that of Tom King Batman run saw Bane institute a long-term plan that ended in controlling Gotham with an army of the city’s toughest villains as muscle. He managed to outdo Batman every step of the way, defeating the Dark Knight at his own game. While Batman would eventually defeat his foe, the loss of his city is one of his most epic failures.

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Batman’s entire identity is based on his protection of Gotham City. For him to completely lose control – leaving his citizens at the mercy of his greatest enemies – was a blow to him.

2 Bane broke his back

Bane rolls back the Batmans.

Bane’s first attack on Batman set the stage for everything that followed between the two, cementing his place as one of Batman’s greatest enemies. Bane’s physical dominance is complemented by a sharp strategic mind, which is how he managed to tire Batman. Bane opened Arkham Asylum, forcing Batman to run around the city to try and get the bad guys back into custody.

Bane punched down Batman when he was at his lowest level, weakened by the constant fighting and was able to completely dominate the Dark Knight, breaking his back. It remains one of Batman’s biggest defeats.

1 Jason Todd’s death at the hands of the Joker changed Batman forever

The Death of Batman Jason Todd

There are few Batman comics more iconic than the death of Jason Todd. Jason was the toughest Robin, and his brutal killing by the Joker changed Batman for a long time. Even now, all these years later and after Jason Todd’s resurrection, Jason’s death is always The defining failure of Batman.

The Joker has done a lot of terrible things to Batman over the years, but Jason’s death has affected Bruce the most. Batman doesn’t care what happens to him, but the fact that a young man he has taken under his wing has been killed by the worst enemy haunts him. The pain never went away and he will never get over it.

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