DC Just Gave Its Most Powerful Justice Leaguer Its Own Flashpoint


Aquaman/Green Arrow – Deep Target #6 gave the Justice League’s Mightiest Hero a false reality that needs to be undone Flashpoint ASAP.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target #6 now on sale from DC Comics.

One of the most shocking aspects of Aquaman/Green Arrow – Deep Target That’s how messy the timestream got, causing the two members of the Justice League to swap powers and backstories. All thanks to the sinister General Anderton and his organization, Scorpio, who have altered the past. The goal was to shape a reality until it became their version of a true paradise.

When it was almost too late, the lizard-like Anderton realized he had made a mistake. To fix things before they went any further, he teamed up with the heroes to disrupt the timeline he created. However, just as they seemed to have reset Earth chronologically, one hero got their own version of Flashpoint, complete with a mini Civil War.

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Aquaman might have its own Flashpoint

When Arthur and Ollie traveled through time in issue #6 (by Brandon Thomas, Ronan Cliquet, Ulises Arreola, and Josh Reed), they found a world filled with human-monster hybrids, which inspired Anderton to redeem himself. However, when everyone’s memories reconciled, something was wrong with Aquaman. Ollie didn’t take it too much because he had bigger fish to fry.

He used Martian Manhunter to secretly probe both versions of Anderton and their lackeys, suspecting that something was still wrong given that the lizard-like general continued to exist. But when he tried to reach Aquaman, he couldn’t raise his teammate. Worried, Queen travels to the Justice Leaguer’s realm. Arriving, GA is shocked to find Aquaman unhappy to see him. So unhappy, in fact, that Arther unleashed the guards on Ollie with instructions to end the archer’s life.

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Aquaman might have its own Flashpoint

It looks like the timeline “fixation” has instead dropped the heroes into a Flashpoint-style situation. In Arthur’s case, slight changes in his past have accumulated into significant changes in the present. In this new reality, his mother, Atlanna, retrieved him from his surface-dwelling father, Tom Curry. She then, apparently, groomed him and his other son, Orm, to become co-kings. This is why Arthur shares the throne, suggesting that Orm never became Ocean Master. This gave Arthur the royal family he wished he had. However, as Ollie senses, the changes are unlikely to be localized solely in Arthur’s life. If Aquaman doesn’t work to reset things, there’s no telling what’s wrong with the world.

With Green Arrow outnumbered at the moment and a problem to be solved, he may not be able to count on the other leaguers as they could also be compromised. This creates the possibility that he is taking advantage of Mera and other loved ones erased from Aquaman’s mind to get the king to do the right thing. But, in the end, it will always be a tragic decision that robs Arthur of the dream childhood and brotherly love he always wished he had.

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The Teen Titans are terrible at security

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