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Over the past two years, My hero university has become the anime favorite of countless viewers. Interestingly enough, protagonist Izuku Midoriya isn’t everyone’s favorite character, as many fans of the show find fault with his emotional nature and way too reckless behavior. Instead, they took a liking to the explosive Katsuki Bakugo or the stoic Shoto Todoroki.

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Even so, no one can deny that Izuku has grown a lot since the first episode of My hero university. Honoring his mentor’s faith in him, Izuku already has his own accomplishments that make it clear that he’s on the right path to becoming the number one hero.

ten He confronts the villain of the sludge for the sake of his tyrant

Deku runs to save Katsuki from Sludge Villain

The Slime Villain might not have been the scariest or strongest villain Izuku has faced, but he’s still very important, for more than one reason. None of the heroes present – not even All Might – act when the villain captures Katsuki Bakugou. Izuku is the one who rushes to help Katsuki. Even without the quirk, he does his best to at least give Katsuki a moment to breathe.

This is all the more relevant, considering that Katsuki is his bully and baited him into suicide on the same day. It’s All Might who defeats the villainous slime, but through his courage Izuku proves that he has retained his heroic spirit and selflessness – despite society’s determination to beat him.

9 He helps Shoto Todoroki come to terms with his quirk

Deku and Shoto prepare to fight

A hero’s job is to interfere, and not all heroic acts are a fight with a villain. When Izuku finds out about the tragic past of his classmate, Shoto Todoroki, he takes it upon himself to help Shoto see the truth. During the UA Sports Festival, he teaches Shoto a valuable lesson: his quirk is his and he doesn’t have to live in his father’s shadow. The fight between the two seriously damages his hands, so it could be argued that his actions may have been a bit extreme and shouldn’t be praised.

8 He acquires his provisional hero license

Anime My Hero Academia Battle Royal Class 1A Hero License Provisional Exam

The life of a young hero is a story of gradual progress, and one of the most important steps is to obtain his provisional hero license. After All Might retires, UA students participate in the Provisional Hero Licensing Exam. Izuku Teams Up With His Friends To Fight Ketsubetsu Academy Students And Combat The AU Crash In Part Two Of The Test, They Successfully Rescue Civilians Trapped In A Mock Pro Attack Hero Gang Orca. With the exception of Katsuki Bakugou and Shoto Todoroki, all students in class 1-A obtain their provisional licenses.

7 With the help of All Might, he defeats Wolfram on I-Island

Deku and All Might Vs Wolfram in My Hero Academia Two Heroes

While My Hero Academia: Two Heroes, Izuku, All Might, and a group of other students in Class 1-A travel to I-Island. There, Izuku meets All Might’s friend, David Shield, and bonds with his unusual daughter Melissa. But things turn sour after bad guys hack into I-Expo. Their target is a bizarre amplification device created by David to aid All Might.

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As the students work together to stop the bad guys, it is revealed that David has cooperated with them in an attempt to secure the device, which had been taken by its sponsors. The actors hired turned out to be real villains, who have the backing of All for One. Their leader, Wolfram, uses the device to amplify its two quirks – metal manipulation and muscle augmentation. Deku teams up with his mentor All Might, and together they manage to take down the villain with an epic Double Detroit Smash.

6 He saves All Might’s life at USJ

Early in his UA student life, Izuku isn’t very adept at using his quirk. The appearance of Shigaraki and the League of Villains in USJ comes as a complete shock to him and his friends. He tries to fight the Nomu, only to find that his quirk is useless against him.

All Might defeats the creature, but the battle leaves him exhausted and vulnerable to Shigaraki and Kurogiri. Deku jumps between All Might and Shigaraki. While he fails to take down the villains or save All Might himself, his intervention saves just enough time for the other heroes to arrive and avert disaster.

5 He beats The Hero Killer Stain with his friends

Mojo running to Stain

One of the first significant confrontations in Izuku’s career as a hero is the fight against the Hero Killer Stain. Realizing that Tenya Iida is seeking revenge for her brother Tensei’s crippling injury, Izuku sets out to find her friend. He finds Tenya at the mercy of Stain and manages to save him just in time. With the help of Shoto Todoroki and Tenya, he finally defeats the Hero Slayer, a huge accomplishment for someone so young.

4 He dominates the muscle in the attack on the forest training camp

Deku combat Muscular, My Hero Academia

During the Forestry Training Camp Arc, young students in grades 1-A and 1-B are attacked by the Vanguard Action Squad. Realizing that Kota Izumi is in danger, Izuku searches for the child in his secret base. There, he finds Muscular already cornering Kota.

Muscular is a terrible opponent for Izuku. His increase in muscle gives him such strength and durability that he can withstand an attack from One for All. Izuku isn’t deterred, and even at the cost of being seriously injured, he defeats Muscular using his 1,000,000% Delaware Detroit Smash super shot.

3 He beats nine with Katsuki Bakugou

The heroes rise up

In My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising, 1-A students face an unexpected threat. Sent to the isolated island of Nabu as part of a security program, they confront the evil Nine and his group of minions.

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Nine owns a limited copy of All for One, as well as a dangerous whim of weather manipulation. Izuku teams up with his rival Katsuki Bakugou, and when their efforts aren’t enough, shares One for All with Katsuki. Together, the two beat Nine, while the other students take care of Nine’s minions.

2 He learns to use each other for the quirks of all users

deku black whip one for all

One of Izuku’s greatest accomplishments is his ability to uncover the true potential of One for All. Not only is he able to use All Might’s strength, he has acquired quirks like Blackwhip, Float, and Danger Sense. Having so many abilities inundating him is undoubtedly terrifying and overwhelming, but Izuku is up to the challenge. He even uses Blackwhip to save civilians during Ending’s attack on Endeavor’s son, Natsuo.

1 It channels the full potential of One For All and Beats Overhaul

Deku releases one for all

The main villain of the Shie Hassaikai arc, Overhaul brings death and destruction wherever he goes. He experiments on little Eri, using her blood to create his erasing bullets. When the heroes arrive to stop him, he fatally wounds Sir Nighteye and erases Mirio Togata’s quirk.

In order to defeat him, Deku teams up with Eri. He shatters again and again, using Eri’s power to rewind his body so that his own power doesn’t kill him. The battle makes his true hero potential shine even more, but it also shows his terrifying determination and willingness to always push his limits.

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