Edge of Spider-Verse Explored in New Limited Series


The future of marvel’s Spider-Verse is explored in an upcoming limited series. Writer Dan Slott returns to the universe of Spider-Man heroes in Edge of Spider-Verse. The five-issue series will introduce new heroes while catching up with familiar faces. The series sets the stage for an epic conclusion in The end of the spider verse.

What can we expect from Edge of Spider-Verse?

Dan Slott’s return to the Spider-Verse will be an action-packed adventure. Each of the five issues will contain three different Spider stories. These stories will introduce new heroes to the Spider-Verse while catching up with some fan favorites. Classic characters returning to the series include Arana, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Gwen, and Spider-Man: India. Additionally, these new adventures will plant the seeds for an overarching saga that will launch The End Of Spider-Verse later this year.

In an interview with Polygon, Slott shared that Marvel did the “unthinkable” by ending the Spider-Verse comic. This universe is reaching a “fiery conclusion” that will witness the end of the entire universe. Of course, many comic book universes pretend to end, only to reappear later. Therefore, we might revisit the Spider-Verse.

Who are some of the new heroes?

Polygon announced the impending end of the Spider-Verse. As such, they take a look at some of the early Spider characters in the upcoming series. One of these Spider-Heroes is none other than Felicia Hardy as Night-Spider. In this universe, it was Peter Parker’s thief friend who received a spider bite. Her new costume design is by Kris Anka.

Meanwhile, the Hunter-Spider design comes from artist Mark Bagley. This Spider-hero resides in a universe where Sergei Kravenoff obtained the powers of a spider in a rather strange way. Of course, fans will have to read the series to find out exactly how Hunter-Spider came to be. There is also Spider-Laird who is the first Spider-hero to wear a kilt. Martin Coccolo co-created the kilt-loving web-slinger.

All of this and more can be discovered when Edge of Spider-Verse debuts in August.


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