Every Wesley Snipes Movie Ranked From Worst To Best


More than 15 years after “Streets Of Gold,” Wesley Snipes returned to the ring in “Undisputed,” which also stars Ving Rhames (“Mission: Impossible”), Michael Rooker (“Guardians Of The Galaxy”) and Fisher Stevens (“Short Circuit”). This time, Snipes is not the hero of the story. Instead, the film centers on world heavyweight champion George “The Iceman” Chambers (Rhames).

After receiving a heavy sentence, Chambers is sent to prison. He meets the king of the ring, Monroe “Undisputed” Hutchen (Snipes), at the State Penitentiary. After a bitter first encounter, a rivalry quickly develops. Convicted mob boss Ripstein (Peter Falk) exploits this, setting up a title fight from prison between the two champions after he bribes the manager and a key guard (Rooker).

With both fighters portrayed as despicable criminals, it’s an interesting approach to take, with neither being a particularly lovable character to cheer on. It’s this compelling dynamic that critic Roger Ebert praised, along with the film’s apparent self-awareness about the simplicity of its concept. “There’s a kind of fun to be had from its straightforwardness, its lack of gimmicks, its classic form,” Ebert observed. While not an outstanding sports film, it delivers conflict and action in a fast-paced drama.


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