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When Grant Morrison introduced the concept of Batman Incorporated, they changed the way people in the DC Universe viewed Batman forever. Previously, Batman was a concept that stood between fact and urban legend. But when Bruce Wayne made his first appearance after being missing for months, he came up with a major announcement.

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He explained that in the future he would franchise the Batman name, allowing several new superheroes from around the world to be employed under the Wayne Industries brand. It was meant to be a way to expand Batman’s fight against crime globally, addressing the issue of Batman being obsessed with Gotham once and for all.

8 Bruce made it harder to find his secret identity

One of the coolest things about Batman Incorporated was that he gave Bruce Wayne a connection to Batman without explicitly revealing his secret identity. During the initial press conference after revealing himself to the world, he explained that he has been funding Batman’s weapons and vehicles for years. He lost his parents to the crime and decided, when Batman appeared, that he would support his efforts. This is exactly the kind of reasoning someone could use to steer people away from any connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman.

7 It gave Jason Todd a new identity

During the original Batman and Robin run, Morrison brought Jason Todd back, turning him into an antagonist for Dick Grayson and Damian Wayne. The character functioned as Red Hood for an entire arc before being locked up for his murderous actions. Bruce, on the other hand, believed Jason Todd deserved another chance, giving him a whole new identity when he invited him to Batman Incorporated.

In the group, Jason would become Wingman, the identity of the Batman of Sweden. He would briefly function as Wingman until the battle against Leviathan, where he realized that Bruce had not changed from his old self and again parted ways with the Bat-Family.

6 He made some small changes in the new 52

In the midst of Morrison’s massive multi-year epic, DC had its own epic plans with The new 52. The new 52 was originally marketed as an “update,” where all of the main DC characters would be young enough to be in their twenties again. Several years of history had been completely erased, but there were some things left to complete storylines like Batman Incorporated.

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In The new 52, many of the same elements of the original story have remained unchanged: Batman RIP, Dick and Damian’s time as Batman and Robin, and The Return of Bruce Wayne have all remained the same. The only thing that had changed was that Stephanie Brown was reconnected by continuity, as she played her own role on the team before the reboot.

5 He has a lot of inherited characters

Batman Incorporated did not rely solely on existing characters. Morrison took inspiration from a ton of older ideas and introduced a bunch of new characters based on ideas inherited from the Silver Age. Characters like Knight and Squire, the English version of Batman and Robin, have received entirely new versions and are an integral part of the existing storyline.

Meanwhile, other heroes like El Gaucho have become more serious versions of themselves so that they can handle crime in their country. It was a way of presenting characters that weren’t already well known to Batman fans, characters that had never had their own comics before.

4 He introduced a completely different Batwing

One of the few new characters introduced during this time was Batwing. But the Batwing that people know now is completely different from the first Batwing. Originally, Grant Morrison wanted Batwing to be the “Batman of Africa”, and the first character was David Zavimbe. This character actually received his own course in The new 52.

But that didn’t last long, as David was replaced by Luke Fox in the second half of the series, becoming a new Batwing. If David was addicted to technology, Luke was even more addicted despite being a much better fighter. His costume is much more technologically advanced than Batman’s to make up for the fact that he doesn’t quite have the training Bruce does, and because Luke is more comfortable relying on the technology.

3 Cassandra Cain became the Batman of Hong Kong

Cassandra Cain struggled to fit into the Bat-Family for years as she continued to expand. Originally Bruce’s secret weapon, the character was eventually pushed further and further into the background, especially as Bruce faced greater threats in Morrison’s race.

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But the character was given a whole new identity just before The new 52 started when they made her Black Bat, the Hong Kong representative for Batman Incorporated. It was an identity Cain continued to use until the reboot wiped him out of continuity.

2 Batman Inc did not meet its original goal

Kathy Kane and Batman

Interestingly, Batman Incorporated actually failed its original purpose. Batman formed the group to fight Leviathan, Talia Al Ghul’s own secret organization that had already infiltrated multiple levels of society. The final volume shows the two sides clashing, but Bruce’s side suffers heavy losses. He loses his son Damian and Bruce eventually confronts Talia in the Batcave.

But Bruce has been nearly overwhelmed here, and it’s Kathy Kane who arrives and saves the day, using her resources in the Spyral spy organization. Ultimately, although Batman Incorporated has waged a fierce fight, it is Spyral who stops Leviathan and kills Talia.

1 The team is still here

Batman 118 Header

The idea for Batman Incorporated was all but gone by the time Morrison stopped writing about Batman. The new writers made Batman a much smaller character, as he solved the mystery of the Court of Owls, an organization that only affected Gotham City. But with James Tynion leaving Batman after “Fear State”, DC Comics is once again revisiting Batman Incorporated.

This time around, Bruce Wayne doesn’t have the resources he had back then, and as such, Batman Incorporated has a whole new benefactor. Batman will have to learn to get along with this benefactor, especially since Bruce has apparently stopped dealing with the organization he created years ago, leaving all those crime fighters he brought to fend for themselves. alone.

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