Final Fantasy characters expected to appear in Chocobo GP


Among the many exciting Nintendo Direct announcements from September 2021, one that surprised many was Chocobo GP. This game is a sequel to the PS1 game Chocobo race, a charming kart racer who has been largely forgotten by the gaming community and apparently Square Enix. However, this is obviously not the case, as a new kart driver is on the horizon. Considering Mario kart 9 is nowhere to be found, and Sony and Microsoft do not offer any significant alternative, it is fortunate to fit into a niche.

There are many reasons to be excited for Chocobo GP. Its multi-level magic system offers a different take on standard kart racing items, which has not been fully explored since. ModNation runners on PS3. However, an important feature in the minds of fans is the ability to play as an icon. Final fantasy characters and racing on familiar tracks. In addition to shooting expectations Chocobo side series characters, Chocobo GPreveal trailer showed Final fantasy 5 and 9 characters too. Gilgamesh, Vivi, and Steiner all join the race, making it seem like almost anyone who can adapt to the chibi aesthetic is a possibility.

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The obvious choice is another of Final fantasythe mascots of and a secret character in the original Chocobo race: Cactus. Cacti are tiny cactus beings that move steeply. They usually have surprisingly powerful attacks that deal specific damage, like 1,000 needles and 10,000 needles. A Cactuar in Chocobo GP could run along the ground or use karts inspired by its serial brethren. His special movement would have to be 1,000 needles, and he could briefly reach Gigantuar size while using it.


A Tonberry in the Final Fantasy VII remake

The Tonberry is another icon Final fantasy enemy. This vaguely reptilian species walks around in a hood, carrying a lantern and a dagger. The Tonberries seem traditionally non-threatening, but are implicitly filled with the rage of any monsters players have defeated. Using this rage, Tonberries can deal massive damage, often accompanied by a slow march towards player characters before performing the execution. As a runner in Chocobo GP, a Tonberry would likely use their Karma ability as a special move.

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Namingway Final Fantasy 14

Another good option is Namingway’s Final fantasy 4. This little bunny was responsible for renaming player characters in the original game and foreshadowing the existence of the Hummingways who live on the moon. With the DS remake, he became a recurring NPC with his own side plot of jumping between various jobs, finding love and loss, and ultimately getting married. Namingway has popped up in a few other things, but his main role has always been to act as a replacement for Moogle and let players change their names. His Chocobo GP the appearance might involve riding in a Lunar Whale cart as a fun reference to its origins.



When it comes to iconic Final fantasy creatures, Ultros cannot be excluded from the discussion. This mischievous octopus hounds the heroes throughout Final fantasy 6 and manages to cause trouble in a few other games as well, making him one of the weirdest villains in Final fantasy. His best friend Mr. Typhon is never far behind, and the vile duo remain one of the franchise’s most memorable comedic antagonists alongside Gilgamesh. For Chocobo GP, Ultros could ride on Typhon, or he could call Typhon as a special attack. Either would be nice, but these two can’t be separated.

Raw Justice

Justice Brute Final Fantasy 14

From a more recent Final fantasy is the Brute Justice suit mecha. Brute Justice is a boss of the Alexander raid series in Final Fantasy 14. It is well remembered for its cheesy anime theme song and even more ridiculous appearance in the ultimate raid “The Epic of Alexander”. His Chocobo GP the appearance could be based on this version, coupled with his fellow boss Cruise Chaser. The Cruise Chaser is based on the Arch of Final fantasy 9, a robot that can transform between humanoid and jet forms. Much like in The Epic of Alexander, Brute Justice should be able to take the form of Cruise Chaser’s jet. Squeezing these two robots into chibi form might be a challenge, but it would definitely be worth it.


Final Fantasy 8 Brothers

Chocobo GP would be remiss not to include a Final fantasy convene. From the look of the trailer, it looks like Ramuh will be in the game, but the playable Summons shouldn’t end there. Aside from iconic faces like Ifrit and Shiva, more obscure ones that match the tone of the game are expected to appear. Chief among them are the Brothers, a Guardian Force of Final fantasy 8. The Brothers are made up of Sacred and Minotaur, and after recruiting them alongside Squall, players can summon them to use Brotherly Love: a humorous attack that involves the smaller Minotaur throwing Sacred at their enemies. References do not need to end there, as their carts can include various other guardian forces of FF8. The Doomtrain and Eden would make excellent vehicles.

Exuberant Chocobo

Another character who would be exciting to see in Chocobo GP is the exuberant chocobo of Final Fantasy 13-2. These red and green chocobos are a subspecies affected by the various paradoxes of the game. They are loud, obnoxious, and gobble up gysahl greens instead of just once while riding them. However, their heavy metal theme song “Crazy Chocobo” is way too funny to be hated. Chocobo GP appears to have at least three playable chocobo, including the main chocobo, a chocobo girl, and a metal chocobo. There shouldn’t be much more, but the comedic value of the exuberant chocobo would make its addition worthwhile.

Chocobo GP will launch exclusively on Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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