Friday ‘Nite: Let’s Fan-Cast The Fortnite Movie


A Fortnite movie is coming. No, it’s not an announcement, although there have been rumors of a Fortnite movie for some time now. But it’s pretty much a foregone conclusion that one of the biggest names in entertainment, a brand with its hand in virtually every IP money pit right now, from Star Wars to Marvel and more, is going to get a movie. It’s just a matter of time.

You could say that a movie is an old-fashioned way of doing things. Fortnite already has amazing live cinematic events that players can experience for themselves, which ends up feeling like you’re already in a Fortnite movie. But I think, even in this weird time for movie theaters, a Fortnite movie would be huge. It’s important to capitalize on the game’s still skyrocketing popularity, lest Epic Games and its partners risk releasing it when the game runs out of steam, like the Angry Birds movie.

With so many crossovers and characters constantly arriving in Fortnite, there’s no doubt that a Fortnite movie would be full of more collaborations than Ready Player One, but for this exercise I’m going to focus only on local Fortnite heroes and make the most of important characters from Fortnite lore, such as Jonesy, Doctor Slone, and Midas. Whether it’s a live-action adaptation or an animated feature with a star-studded voice cast, here’s who I consider to be the stars of the inevitable Fortnite movie.

Jonesy – Tom Holland


Holland is already the famous face of Spider-Man and Nathan Drake on the big screen, but if you think he can’t play the main character in the Fortnite movie too, I guess you haven’t heard what Chris Pratt did. Holland suits Jonesy’s mix of an ordinary young man with the reluctant, joking hero tropes he already does well in his other movies. As with his role as Drake, he’s also young enough to play Jonesy for years of sequels to come.

The Foundation – The Rock


No need to be cute here. The Rock already plays the muscular leader of the Seven in Fortnite, and there’s every reason to think he’d fulfill that role in the movie version as well. The Rock has star power like few others, appealing to both kids and adults alike since his WWF days. It’s a shard he’s never really lost, and he’d play perfectly against Holland the same way The Foundation and Jonesy already do in-game.

Doctor Slone – Jasmine Savoy Brown


Jasmine Savoy Brown’s last half-decade has seen her catapulted into the upper echelon of young stars, and hers is a star still on the rise. She has already developed her ability to play complicated and morally questionable characters in projects such as The Leftovers, Scream and Yellowjackets. She would therefore fit perfectly into the role of Doctor Slone, probably evil, but perhaps misunderstood.

The Cube Queen – Carrie-Anne Moss


After back-to-back high profile roles in The Matrix Resurrections and Horizon Forbidden West, Carrie Ann Moss makes a lot of sense as the formidable Cube Queen. He’s a character who may not appear in the first Fortnite movie, assuming he rehashes the story to a predictable degree, but Moss would make a big name attached to the sequel like the studios like to do, and she has the dominant energy asks the queen of the cube.

Midas-Oscar Isaac


One thing Epic got wrong about Midas, in my opinion, is that he’s supposed to be Jules’ father, but the two characters are almost the same age. If the movie was live action, that could be solved by casting an older actor, but still someone who feels dripping in style and dangerous looks. Of course, I’m talking about Oscar Isaac. He’s the perfect age and would bring his soon-deserved Marvel fandom with him.

Jules – Ariana Grande


It would be fun for several reasons. For one, Grande is starting to try acting, as seen on Netflix’s Don’t Look Up recently. But more than that, Grande is already a big name in Fortnite thanks to her Rift Tour gig in the summer of 2021. For Grande, appearing in the Fortnite movie as an Epic-created character would be a fun nod to the in-game. . history, let alone Grande is a few fake tattoos away from looking quite closely like Jules.

The Paradigm – Mackenzie Davis


As of this writing, Epic is continuing to tell us why The Paradigm was kicked out of The Seven (and why the band may now be considering bringing her back). It looks like the writers have very big plans for this mysterious hero, and if that translates to the movie, you’ll need a rising star to fill the role. After nailing him in things like Black Mirror and Station Eleven, I love Mackenzie Davis for this role. She’s believable as a hero with a checkered past, which seems to be what Epic tells us The Paradigm is.

The Scientist – Joel McHale


Like The Foundation, the game’s voice actor The Scientist might as well slip comfortably into the movie role. Joel McHale has done a great job as a scientist, bringing a comic relief character to the story which, while colorful and silly in general, tends to be about the universe collapsing in on itself when you you really pay attention to the details. He basically plays Community’s Jeff Winger – but isn’t he always the case? As sardonic as ever, McHale has the right amount of star power to fill out this cast.

Peely – Donald Glover


Look, if we’re not going to have the community movie, then I’m using this as my own personal wish to get at least some of the cast back in Something. Glover has amazing comic chops and would obviously kill him as an anthropomorphic banana from the Fortnite world. Plus, it would do wonders with the eventual dancing banana segment that you should know makes the final cut of any Fortnite movie. While we’re at it, let’s put Danny Pudi on the fitness fast lane to also play Meowscles, Midas’ buff cat.

The Fortnite universe is massive, so this is just a core cast, more or less. Who else would you like to see in a possible Fortnite movie? If you like that sort of thing, join me each week for my weekly Fortnite history column, Friday ‘Nite.

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