Funeral of 11-month-old baby as HPD continues investigation


PROCTORVILLE, Oh. (WSAZ) – Olivia Taylor writes a letter to her 11-month-old son as she rests him.

“As a mom, I had a lot of hope,” Taylor said.

When her baby Silas Lee was born, she said, he was a smiling and happy baby. Then, at the age of two months, Olivia took him to the hospital when she knew something was seriously wrong.

“His brain was so swollen you couldn’t really tell. There was so much blood and behind his retinas he was hemorrhaging, that’s when they knew a healthy baby doesn’t just wake up with these problems, ”he said. she declared.

Huntington Police said they came to hospital after reports of alleged abuse of the two-month-old boy. Police told WSAZ their investigation was ongoing.

Olivia’s father Keith Taylor has been by his side from the start.

“My daughter couldn’t work 24/7, she was barely able to survive,” Keith said.

Even John Buckland with Heroes 4 Hire came as Batman to honor Silas and raise awareness about children who have been abused.

“It is a tragic situation that the family has experienced in hell on earth for the past 8 months,” Buckland said.

In the 8 months that he was hospitalized, Olivia and her family no longer know where to turn.

There is not enough for the families facing this, we have hardly received any help, ”he said. “Hospitals are pushing us back for lack of beds because of COVID-19 or saying ‘well, we think there is nothing more we can do. “”

On September 9, Olivia, Keith and her family said their final farewells.

“He passed away in my daughter’s apartment and we all had to hold him to carry him at an absolutely devastating time,” he said.

Huntington Police are now reviewing autopsy reports to find the cause of death. They said if it came back indicating signs of abuse, they would prosecute all suspects involved.

Olivia, Keith and everyone who showed up on Sunday is now hoping for closure and justice, always keeping their smiling little boy Silas Lee in their hearts, always.

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