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The Times of India CodingBee – The Coding Heroes of India powered by Makebot; Knowledge Partner – Singhania Quest +; Associate Partner – Adventure Education Tours was launched in mid-September with the vision of creating a platform rooted in the idea – “Free Coding For All”. A little over a month after the start of the program, nearly 48,000 students have registered. Almost 250+ ICT teachers have signed up as mentors.

A Diwali Carnival of Learning (October 29 and 30, 2021)

With the festival of lights right around the corner, TOI Coding Bee Diwali Carnival strives to kindle the fire of learning in all. At CodingBee, the festivities are all set to begin with the celebration of learning to code. The event will celebrate learning and ignite the spark of innovation in students. Revathi Srinivasan, Director – Education and Director, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, said: “Diwali season means holidays and time away from learning. But as unconventional as CodingBee is, we see festivities here in learning. This carnival breaks the norm as a breath of fresh air. ”


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A pool of activities has been conceptualized which will spark students’ curiosity to know, learn, play and demonstrate their coding skills. It will also be a fun virtual activity and game room that will question and challenge students’ coding expertise. Students will attempt and play different levels of a game designed with a specific coding language. The lucky winners will be rewarded with a Diwali coding kit.

Krishna Singh, Co-Founder, Makebot & CMD, Globalspace Technologies, spoke of the celebrations intervening in a competency-based championship. He said: “Celebration and study don’t get in the way; you will see wonders when the two are coupled. CodingBee is not a strictly academic area where skills are paramount. Rather, the idea is an easy going yet vibrant platform where learning is fun and celebrated. The Diwali carnival is an extension of the celebration. “The theme of making learning fun for such an advanced and futuristic skill is rife in all CodingBee events, and this particular party segment is no stranger to it.

Amit Krishna

Amit Verma, Co-Founder and CEO of Makebot, said: “As the holiday season approaches, we wanted to reinforce the fun and fun element of learning at CodingBee. Skill development, learning and competition are the basis of the championship, but the underlying and overall vibe defined as enjoyable and joyful learning is the goal. The Diwali carnival is a boost on this point. ”

Brijesh Karia, COO Singhania Education Services Ltd said, “It’s so refreshing to see learning and celebration come together. I can say that takes away the myth that the two must be separated. And students can see relaxed and enjoyable learning. as something that is not taboo, especially for a modern skill. ”

Brijesh Karia - Singhania Education

CodingBee and young innovators

Coding comes with an extensive base of a skill set, which adds immense value to a child’s development. Life skills such as problem solving, decision making, computational thinking and creativity are in store for participants. Here, an advanced skill like coding is absolutely accessible but at the same time fun to learn and easy to explore. Coding opens a gateway from a child’s basic digital needs to a complex coding base.

Neilaksh Deshkar

The excitement, enthusiasm and spirit of moving forward, just like the festivities, is shared by the thousands of coding and future innovators associated with CodingBee, the attendees. One of them, Neilaksh Deshkar, from Avalon Heights International School, Grade 8 Navi Mumbai, shares the same sentiment. He said, “Codingbee is a great platform that unlocks the potential of children to unknown limits. We start to think outside the box, and creativity flows and flourishes. It gives us the opportunity to think and think. ‘apply the concepts of our choice. With the next Diwali carnival, I look forward to having fun and interacting with other participants from various regions of the country. ”

Another participant Harril Thakker, Euro School, Thane, Grade 5, has to say this – “I very much enjoy learning about the Times of India – CodingBee platform, from the resources and learning materials provided. This platform helps me create so many new things through coding. I have already ideated my CodingBee app and am really excited to build it for this contest. Thanks, Times of India and Makebot, for introducing us to Codingbee, which inspires us to continue to imagine, create and apply. ”

Harril Thakker, Euro-school

CodingBee – Coding Heroes of India

The championship started in 2020 to foster the spirit of invention. The coding was done slowly, venturing into the general curriculum and generating immense interest from young learners. Being in its early stages of popularity, this field of study still lacks opportunities and platforms to help its enthusiasts shine. CodingBee is precisely the right platform and the right opportunity for young learners to learn to code and benefit from its endless features that prepare participants for a digital future and its technological reforms.

Students can register for free on CodingBee here and win exciting coding kits during Diwali Carnival on October 29-30, 2021.

Disclaimer: This article was produced on behalf of Makebot by the Times Internet Spotlight team.

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