Happy Weekend Letters to the Editor: April 9


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Well it was a really good weekend [March 26]. Beautiful journalism paying tribute to Australian cameramen, wildlife warriors in Malaysia, a resilient former political prisoner and the hunt for an involved member of the British royal family. Along with the columnists, it was a standout example of how Australian journalism punches above its weight on the global media stage.
Lee Palm Tree
Albert Park, Vic


Prisoner 97029

I was moved by Kylie MooreGilbertthe story of his stay in Iranian prisons [March 26]. What an amazing person. I traveled to Iran and through my work as a teacher I met many Iranians. I can confirm his statement that ordinary Iranians are “so hospitable, friendly and warm”.
Ron Brown
Wallsend, New South Wales

Smart and strong, Kylie Moore-Gilbert survived through strategies that included learning Farsi and remembering that “freedom is a state of mind.” She avoided bitterness, rebuilt her life and wrote a book. Truly, the human mind is amazing. Her story will inspire others to prevail in their struggles.
Barbara Fraser
Burwood, New South Wales

eye on the tiger

Chris Barrett’s article on the fragile future of the magnificent Malayan tiger inspired hope and despair in me [March 26]. The tragic cost of illegal poaching was heartbreaking, but the new program to train villagers to become “protective” guards has raised some optimism.
Judith Cain
Donvale, Victoria

Why aren’t all three levels of government in Australia equally committed to saving the koala? They let farmers and developers clear the koala’s habitat for more farmland and housing. It’s time to make it an election issue.
Robert Pallister
Punchbowl, New South Wales


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