Helderberg Nature Reserve, land of epic trails, will soon be open again


After a forest fire caused the closure of the Helderberg nature reserve last month, there is good news.

The scenic site for picnics, wildlife exploration, and trails will soon reopen on August 1.

The timing of the closure allowed the nature reserve to get into top shape as the biodiversity team had to deal with urgent erosion works and infrastructure safety checks.

According to the city of Cape Town, the planned date will have allowed sufficient time for restoration, and the city believes that its teams will be able to make the area safe and ready for public enjoyment again, including access to the Mountain.

The other heroes behind the restoration of Helderberg were the members of the Friends of Helderberg who worked tirelessly to perform cleanups and restoration magic.

Cleanups after fires, restoring eroded areas after the heavy rains we experienced earlier this winter, and rebuilding burnt trails were all part of the action.

For those who feel like getting back on the trails, temporary markers placed along the routes will guide you to trails deemed safe to use. Some popular routes are still getting a makeover, so be sure to check the signs.

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