How to request a KRA PIN code on iTax


In Kenya, you need a KRA PIN code if you are employed or in business. You will also need it when filling out your taxes. The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) authorizes the application of the PIN code on the ITax System.

In this article, we will see how to get a KRA Personal Identification Number (PIN) certificate for an individual for those who do not have one. It is relatively easy and only takes about 5 minutes to complete the process.

Step 1

Go to KRA iTax website, if you already have a PIN code, it will ask you to enter it but it also offers an option to save a new PIN code for those who do not have one. Click on the area indicated by the arrow to register.

2nd step

Once you’ve clicked on new registration, it will take you to the second page. Here you will be prompted to indicate whether you are requesting the PIN as an individual or as a business. For the purposes of this article, I have selected the individual option. You will also be asked to indicate whether you want to use an online form or be allowed to download a form that you can fill out manually and download later. I chose the option of the online form which seemed less tedious to me.


Step 3

Here, one is expected to indicate whether one is a Kenyan resident, non-Kenyan or a non-Kenyan non-resident. Each option chosen has different requirements regarding the necessary details.


Step 4

After indicating that you are Kenyan, you are expected to indicate your profession with various options provided like accountants, dentists, engineers among others. If your profession is not indicated, choose the option others and enter your profession. For this application, the individual is a student.

The iTax system seems to be linked to the national identity database, so just insert the ID number and date of birth and it will fill in other details like your name and your parents’ names. If you try to put the wrong date of birth or put a wrong ID number, the system will quickly inform you that it does not recognize the number. I found it very convenient because you don’t have to type in all the details.


After filling in the basic details, one is expected to fill out the following form which is the details of the obligation. For this case I have chosen income tax for a resident, be sure to include the date of registration which is basically the date you register.


The third form to fill out is the source of income details. If you have a job or have other income, you must choose the Yes option. In this case, the student has no source of income.

KRA 10

Being an individual is not supposed to fill in agent details, so leave it blank.

Step 5

Once you have entered all the data you can submit, but the system will first expect you to do some simple calculations in order to prove that you are human. Only when you have given a correct answer will you be allowed to submit.


However, if you haven’t filled out all the details, you’ll quickly get a message indicating which areas you missed.


Also, if you take too long to complete the process, you will be overwhelmed which means you will have to start over. So make sure to complete the processes as quickly as possible.


Step 6

If you have correctly filled in all the details, you will quickly receive your PIN code with the option to download a PDF version of it. Make sure you provide the correct email address as this is where they will send the login credentials that will allow you to access the iTax system and submit your returns.


If you registered your PIN code before the introduction of the iTax system, you must also register. However unlike someone who is registering for the first time, all you have to do is enter your PIN code in the box indicated by the arrow and click on continue. You will then be prompted to update your information on iTax, after which you will receive a new PIN certificate by email.

itax 9

So, as you have seen, requesting a PIN certificate is quite easy because you have no excuse not to have one.


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