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The International Committee of the Red Cross and its leader have taken the Russian side despite the war crimes that these terrorists commit every day in Ukraine, writes Roman Rukomeda.

Roman Rukomeda is a Ukrainian political analyst. It’s her 25and account of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which he managed to send to EURACTIV despite difficulties and limited internet access.

The 30th day of war is coming to an end. The Russian aggressors have not achieved any significant successes so far. They were pushed back around kyiv. They failed to move towards Mykolaiv and Odessa, where they were counterattacked, so they retreated to the Kherson region.

They failed to capture Chernihiv, Sumy, or even Mariupol despite the massive destruction inflicted on those cities. They continue to lose men, tanks, armored vehicles, planes and helicopters in large numbers.

At the same time, Ukraine has mobilized military reserves and today has about half a million soldiers and officers ready to fight and who know how to fight. The only problem is the weapons.

Meanwhile, Ukraine is experiencing a real humanitarian catastrophe in the areas captured by the Russian aggressors. People who remain in their homes lack drinking water, food, electricity, heating and security.

The Russian invaders are looting, looting and robbing, killing and torturing civilians. In the Mariupol Drama Theater, which served as the largest shelter and was later attacked by the Russian super-heavy air bomb, there are more than 300 dead under the ruins. Some of them are pregnant women or women with newborn babies from the city’s previously bombed maternity ward.

One of the biggest problems is Russia’s kidnapping of Ukrainian citizens, forcibly deporting them to Russian territory.

Ukrainian authorities in beleaguered Mariupol said around 15,000 civilians had been illegally deported to Russia since Russian terrorists seized parts of the southern port city.

There is evidence of strange behavior on the part of the International Committee of the Red Cross and its head, who announced the decision to open an office in Russian Rostov to help Russian terrorists illegally deport Ukrainian citizens. In comparison, the president of the Red Cross did not mention such steps when he was in Ukraine.

Additionally, the Red Cross keeps silent about Russian filtration camps for captured Ukrainian citizens and denies Red Cross members access to Ukrainian POWs.

This seems bizarre and unacceptable in the current situation when the Red Cross has taken the Russian side despite the war crimes these terrorists are committing every day in Ukraine. Hopefully there will be a reasonable explanation for such behavior.

The national economy has become accustomed to operating in war mode. Now, employees of public and private companies can work up to 60 hours a week with only one day off. In the current situation, personal property such as cars can also be seized by the state with additional financial compensation.

It is necessary to understand that Ukraine is creating a new European history where Russia will no longer be a threat to any European state and will no longer have the opportunity to interfere in the internal affairs and policies of countries sovereign Europeans. It is also the most appropriate time now for the beginning of the creation of a new European security system with its influence on the global dimension. Ukraine helps Europe and the world isolate and punish the most dangerous terrorist state of the 21st century, Russia.

The price Ukraine is paying is enormous and the glory of its heroes is eternal.


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