Latest What if …? Episode pays tribute to Thor: Ragnarok as a subtle tribute


Marvel’s Disney Plus Multidimensional Jump Series What if…? embraces some of the most beloved aspects of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, including the more humorous side of Chis Hemsworth’s Thor, as Looper pointed out.

The series reimagines a slightly remixed version of some of our favorite characters from the movies, such as T’Challa Star Lord, Gamora slaying Thanos, Peggy Carter as Captain Carter, and Iron Man wearing Sakaaran armor. It focuses on alternate worlds where only a thing or two may have been altered from the stories we know, but whose rippling consequences often result in something bizarre or tragic, like zombies invading the world and the murdered Avengers. one by one.

As for the series’ take on Thor, however, we get a character with a heavy dose of humor and levity with his Party Thor, which is a more immature version of his cinematic character. The character’s obsession with beer and hobbies looks a lot like a less depressing and less sedentary version of Fat Thor from Avengers: Endgame.

Aside from the occasional fish-like humor out of the water when the Norse God of Space first visits earth in the first Thor film, the Shakespearean-type character visibly lacked a funny bone in the first two installments of his films. With the third film in the series, Thor: Ragnarok, however, director Taika Waititi brought a refreshing comedic touch to the character.

That film, and the added dimension to the character of Thor it brought, was paid a loving tribute in an easy-to-miss tribute in the final episode of What if…? Episode nine centers around The Watcher recruiting all of the greatest heroes he can muster to create Guardians of the Multiverse to defeat the menacing Infinity Ultron.

In the episode, The Watcher catches Party Thor in the street like a doll, leaving him to scream in fear until he returns, only to realize that he is standing perfectly safe in a room with the other heroes. . The moment exactly mimics a similar gag in Thor: Ragnarok in which the Asgardian is strapped into a terrifying tunnel one moment, screaming, only to realize that he is in fact sitting comfortably in a static chair the next moment.

What was your favorite Easter egg in the last episode of What if…?


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