Laurel and Hardy club launch in Saddleworth to remember comedy heroes


DEVOTED moviegoers Laurel and Hardy assured their club’s first reunion went without a classic label from their heroes, “another beautiful mess …”

Over 25 people attended the event at the Springhead Liberal Club in Oldham Road Springhead.

The appreciation club, designed by Garry Errock, is called “Sons of the Desert” and is open to both men and women.

At the reunion, they performed “Sons of the Desert” and “Night Owls” and sang “Lonesome Pine” and “We are the Sons of the Desert”.

Sons of the Desert clubs are called “tents” and are named after the Laurel and Hardy films. And because of the Oldham owl emblem, their tent will be called Night Owls.

The club is organized using original titles: Garry Errock is the Vice-Sheikh (Sheikh in charge of Vice), Steve Hewitt Grand Sheik, Mark “Rubber Legs” Rowe is the Grand Vizier (Secretary), David Wood Sub Vice Vizier (treasurer), At Large board members will include; Wayne Smith, Tim O’Donnell and Thomas Wood. (The titles will be renewed every year).

David Wood said: “Laurel and Hardy’s movies are funny when you watch them at home, but even funnier in a room full of people laughing together.

“All had a great time – it was good clean fun! ”

The next meeting is Tuesday February 1 at the Liberal Club, with a face sum of £ 1 for each participant.


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