Man who crashed car into Trump store had pro-antifa group tattoo


An anti-Trumper who allegedly crashed his car into a New England For Trump store over the weekend has the logo of the hard-core Pro-Antifa Ministry group tattooed on his arm.

Sean Flaherty, a 46-year-old father from Raynham, Massachusetts, also has an anti-Trump bumper sticker on the 2015 Volkswagen Jetta that video shows he drove into the store in Easton in southeastern L ‘State.

Flaherty, who was charged with reckless operation of a motor vehicle and malicious destruction of property, could not be reached for comment by The Epoch Times. No court date has yet been set at Taunton District Court.

Video of the accident shows Flaherty circling the store, then speeding towards it, smashing his car from the front and narrowly missing an employee – an American veteran – before coming to a stop just outside the back wall.

What made matters worse for store owner Keith Lambert, he said in an interview with The Epoch Times, was that he received emails from Flaherty supporters wanting more violence against his store.

“You are a [expletive] cancer. You all. The driver had a great idea,” read one of the emails Lambert shared with The Epoch Times.

Another person posted on Facebook “not all heroes wear capes,” in reference to Flaherty.

In addition to the New England For Trump store, Lambert owns several Let’s Go Brandon stores in New England, including three in Massachusetts, one in Rhode Island and one in New Hampshire.

Merchandise sold by the store includes “Trump Won” t-shirts, mugs celebrating the Second Amendment, and a variety of bumper stickers.

Lambert, who had signs smashed and stolen and his store vandalized with graffiti, pointed out that he had also received an outpouring of support, but was disgusted that anyone would celebrate such violence.

“There are really hateful and mean people in this world. It’s scary,” said Lambert, who estimates he suffered around $40,000 in damages from the accident.

Easton Republican Committee Chair Patty Locke told The Epoch Times that she views media coverage of the incident as a prime example of the double standard he is practicing when covering up what he perceives to be violence. political violence.

Referring first to the recent tragic Uvalde shooting, Locke said the media was quick to use the incident as a way to promote gun control, even though it was clear the shooter suffered from a serious mental illness.

She also pointed to the mixed coverage of recent pregnancy center bombings by pro-abortionists and the media’s lack of outrage at the murder of Ashli ​​Babbitt, the January 6 protester shot dead by an officer. Capitol Police.

“As far as the Conservatives are concerned, they will turn a negative story in any way possible against them; they don’t waste a second blaming Republicans and labeling them bad people,” Locke said.

Some news outlets reported on Flaherty’s injuries from the crash and initially didn’t use his name in any of their reports until Turtle Boy, a popular blogger among Massachusetts conservatives, called them out for not not having disclosed it.

According to Lambert, his store clerk told him that Flaherty said he was undergoing shock treatment and heard voices in his head.

There were no initial reports of Flaherty’s anti-Trump bumper sticker, although it is visible in the video.

The sticker features an image of Trump made to look like Hitler with the slogan “those who make us believe in nonsense make us commit atrocities”.

The media also failed to report on his ties to rock metal band Ministry.

A Facebook photo of Flaherty shows him wielding the same symbol pictured at the start of a music video for the group’s song “Antifa,” a violent anti-Republican song with lyrics that include “we are the Antifa, the right wing is in freefall, they won’t survive…Antifa is coming for you,” and “I will back him up with my fist, sick and tired of dealing with [expletive]that is why I resist.

An introduction to the song refers to all the people who elected Trump to power as Nazis.

Lambert, son of a U.S. Navy veteran and grandson of a U.S. Army veteran, pointed out that the majority of his employees are former military personnel.

The store clerk nearly knocked down by Flaherty is a U.S. Navy veteran who served in Vietnam.

Video of the accident shows that after the employee consoled Flaherty and stayed with him while waiting for an ambulance to arrive, he got out and picked up a large American flag swept away by the force of the accident. .

Locke said the image brought tears to his eyes.

“And yet they call this madman who could have killed someone, the hero,” she said.


Alice Giordano is a former news correspondent for the Boston Globe, the Associated Press and the New England bureau of the New York Times.


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