Mariska Hargitay: 2021 Glamor Women of the Year


She calls it the frozen place – the crunch that occurs as a result of trauma, whether it’s sexual assault, domestic violence, or the loss of a parent. “I was clearly in this frozen place for much of my childhood – I was trying to survive, I was actually trying to survive,” she says. “My life has been a process of taking the layers off and trusting and trusting again.”

Joyful Heart’s origin stories and I am a proof both come back to this idea of ​​the frozen place. From the first episodes of Law and Order: SVU started airing in 1999, it received letters from strangers – hundreds, then thousands – about sexual trauma. The intense fandom of the series is at least in part due to the alternate universe it presents, where victims are not only heard and seen, but triumph. It’s an alluring and cathartic premise, and perhaps why people are so obsessed with the show, even though a pair of white cops aren’t the most likely American heroes of this age. So many feelings Hargitay heard in the letters were the same: “I feel lonely”, “I am ashamed”. Hargitay saw the displacement, how the survivors had taken on “all these things that did not belong to them, that belonged to the aggressor.”

“I was like ‘Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no,'” she recalls. “Joyful Heart was my response. This is the foundation’s goal: to give back possibilities. She goes back to her favorite metaphor. When something is frozen,“ light does not come in. ”She started the foundation to guide people out of those stuck and numb places, to lead them to hope.

Dries Van Noten coat. Brinker and Eliza necklace. Liv Ballard bracelet.

The role suits him well. She is a natural leader both on the board and at the foundation. She is less apt to let herself be driven. When Hargitay was 10, she was hit by a car in New York City while crossing the street, and she broke her femur. His father was putting on a show, but he was willing to give up all his commitments and rush to his side. “And I was like, ‘No, no, no, I’m fine. I’m in the hospital, it’s going to be fine, ”she said. “My husband laughs, because everyone who knows me says I say, ‘You don’t tell me. I decide. ‘ It’s kind of my thing.


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