Marvel: 10 Times Morbius Did Something Heroic In The Comics


Introduced as a thief from Spider-Man, Morbius the Living Vampire has enjoyed a similar history to many anti-heroes across DC and Marvel. His malevolent actions are underpinned by a dilemma of a tragic nature, adding to the character’s appeal to readers. As his condition is brought about unintentionally and with pure motive, Morbius is as much a victim of it as those at the end of his fangs.

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Either way, an antihero’s strength comes from his rebound from the disaster that puts him in his path; from this perspective, Morbius overcame tremendous devastation to channel his accessory abilities in a positive way. The comics feature many examples of Morbius showing his hero side by helping other heroes, helping innocent people, and hurting himself for the benefit of those around him.

ten Morbius destroys the fire demon cult

morbius cult vs fire demon

Vampire Tales#1-8, told by a variety of writers, is Morbius’ first starring role after debuting in the pages of amazing spider man. Told in a black and white style reminiscent of classic Universal Monster movies like Frankenstein and The werewolf, the comic tells the story of the battles of the Living Vampire against the Fire Demon Cult.

This group is a satanic cult under the leadership of Mr. Kazarian, known as Apocalypse; they target a young woman named Amanda Saint due to her mother’s involvement in the cult and plan to offer her as a sacrifice. Befriending the Living Vampire, Amanda is saved when Morbius single-handedly destroys the Demon-Fire members.

9 Morbius feeds on Tara

Tara Morbius

Shortly after his heroic rescue of Amanda Saint, Morbius comes into conflict with Reverend Daemond, a wizard from the planet Arcturus IV. The latter is at the origin of the creation of Tara, a vampire with immense psychic talents but with the appearance of a young girl. The two are a threat and Morbius moves to confront them; however, Daemond and Tara end up going their separate ways in the final moments.

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Pushed into feeding by her, Morbius allows himself to relent as his fangs sink into the seemingly helpless girl’s neck. The maelstrom caused by his death subsequently leads to Daemond’s death but is stopped by the consumption of his blood by Morbius.

8 Morbius saves Mary Slade from the Moors monster

morbius saves mary slade

Just like his main role vampire tales, Doug Moench and Sonny Trinidad Marvel Preview #8 is rendered in black and white in the traditional black way. Morbius’ adversary is not an entire cult this time but a single individual: Ronson Slade, a friend of Michael, whom he visits to potentially obtain a cure for his vampirism. He encountered the opposite when Slade transforms into the Monster of the Moors, a werewolf-like creature stalking the swamps for prey.

Slade initially sets his sights on his daughter, Mary, the night he changes, but Morbius is nearby to thwart Slade’s feeding attempts. He saves an innocent victim from a nightmarish monster, no doubt recognizing the parallels between himself and his old friend. Morbius finally puts Slade down for good.

seven Morbius teams up with The Thing To Take The Living Eraser

morbius and the thing against living gum

In Marvel two in one #15 by Bill Mantlo and Arvell Jones, Morbius clashes with Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four, aka The Thing, on the streets of New York City before they are interrupted. The Living Eraser, a villain from Dimension Z, appears next to them and proclaims his intent to curry favor with his people by attacking Earth.

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Although initially transported to the Z dimension when they attempt to engage the Gum, Morbius and Thing decide to bring the Conqueror to justice by teaming up. In this regard, Morbius can finally proclaim that he saved the world alongside his most heroic companion. Readers are reminded, however, that Morbius has major flaws: he tries to feed on living gum and is forced to stop once enemy people stop him. This further accentuates Morbius’ turbulent inner conflict between the doctor and the vampire living within.

6 Morbius saves Gillie

morbius and gillie

The darkness surrounding Morbius is restored with Brendan Cahill and Michael Gaydos Legion of Monsters: Morbius #1. The Living Vampire tries to turn Roxy, a drug addict, at the behest of her boyfriend; Roxy has overdosed and is fading fast. Due to running out of breath at the time of her turn, Roxy transforms into a primitive monster only interested in feeding.

The teenage vampire kills two of his friends before going after the third, Gillie; Michael breaks Roxy’s neck to put her down. Having been responsible for the entire episode, Morbius must come to terms with the trembling fear Gillie displays in his presence despite him saving her life. This story reminds the Doctor (and readers) that no matter what Morbius may do, he remains a monster for those he saves.

5 Morbius leads the Midnight Sons

morbius man-thing

The universe of Marvel Zombies continues to grow in popularity, especially in light of its recent adaptation on the Disney+ show, What if…? Before mass audiences were introduced to the concept, comic book creators reveled in the twisted horror the premise offered them.

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Fred van Lente and Kev Walker Marvel Zombies 3#4 continues the epic thriller with Morbius battling an impostor while coming to the conclusion to reassemble the Midnight Sons. Most “Zombiverse” heroes have fallen into the plague; with this in mind, Morbius’ initiative to assume the protection of the world that remains is extremely admirable.

4 Morbius saves the people of Monster Metropolis


Morbius is one of the founders of Monster Metropolis, alongside Werewolf and Man-Thing, in Dennis Hallum and Juan Doe’s legion of monsters #1-4. It’s a city dedicated to defending and protecting monsters everywhere, with Morbius recalling the harrowing events that shaped him in his decision to form it. A supernatural virus is unleashed in the city and, as the investigation reveals, the source is Morbius’ own blood.

The doctor is relentless in his search for a solution, even entertaining the idea of ​​destroying the city with a bomb to prevent the spread of the disease. The monsters use Dimensional Man’s powers to inhale the virus, freeing Monster Metropolis from further danger.

3 Morbius tries to cure the lizard

the lizard and the morbius

Morbius starts working at Horizon Labs with Dan Slott and Humberto Ramos amazing spider man #671, alongside Dr. Curt Connors, aka the Lizard. In an effort to discover a cure for both of their conditions, Morbius remains anonymous to avoid the attention of Peter Parker, who has also started working at Horizon. The Doctor is successful in his search for something to restore Connors to normal form but miscalculates just how much control the Lizard has taken over its host.

Morbius is driven into a frenzy when the captive Connors dispenses blood through the air vents, prompting the living vampire to attack the other scientists. For his earnest efforts to cure the villain, Morbius is locked in the raft by Spider-Man.

2 Morbius fights absolute carnage

morbius, iron fist, etc.

Absolute carnage follows the resurrected Cletus Kasady’s odyssey to collect the symbiote remains of everyone who has ever bonded with one. In true Carnage fashion, the villain fights a bloody path through New York City and instigates the formation of a band of heroes to defend the city.

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Iron Fist recruits Morbius, Firestar, Cloak, Dagger, and Deathlok to save Misty Knight, who is being chased through the sewers. The Living Vampire’s former compatriot, Man-Wolf, is about to assassinate Misty under Carnage’s direction when Morbius manages to talk him out of it. Using her persuasive skills, the heroes save Misty and escape with the help of Cloak.

1 Morbius defeats Hobgoblin

morbius vs hobgoblin

The most recent addition to the Morbius canon, the self-titled miniseries from Vita Ayala, Marcelo Ferrerira and Francesco Mobili depicts the doctor’s ongoing quest for a cure for his condition. Things get worse when Morbius transforms into a creature reminiscent of DC’s Man-Bat when he’s thirsty; Spider-Man allows the Living Vampire to consume some of his blood to avoid further transformations.

Melter, the current bearer of the moniker Hobgoblin, attempts to suppress Morbius’ labor at every turn and alters the formula that would end the monstrous nightmare. His determination undeterred, Morbius proceeds to manufacture an effective cure and distributes it to those affected. Plus, he’s able to revert back to his usual form, allowing more of Marvel Comics’ living vampire for years to come.

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