Marvel’s Spider-Man Player Uncovers Hidden Details About Doc Ock’s Lab


A Marvel’s Spider-Man player recently uncovered hidden details about Otto Octavius’ lab, including how it was once an auto repair shop.

An eagle’s eye Marvel’s Spiderman The player recently spotted some interesting details about Dr. Octavius’ lab, including clues to what it was like before Otto hired him for his research. Insomniac’s critically acclaimed 2018 superhero sandbox adventure is filled with Easter eggs for the greater Marvel Universe, including signs that other heroes like Doctor Strange, Daredevil and Ant-Man may be active while Spider-Man is swinging in New York. There are also several fun little details about Peter Parker and his universe of supporting characters, like a touching and relatable text conversation between Peter and his beloved Aunt May inside. Marvel’s Spider-Man in-game social media feeds.


Speaking of relatives of Peter, one of the main characters of the first Marvel’s Spiderman game is Dr. Otto Octavius, an initially well-meaning scientist and Spidey’s mentor when the hero isn’t taking down criminals. According to lore, Otto eventually descends into villainy as the multi-membered Doc Ock, a plot twist that is heralded by a hidden detail in Marvel’s Spider-Man Photo mode. Before that though, Dr. Octavius ​​and Peter spend a good part of the game’s plot searching for mechanical limbs – including Doc Ock’s signature steel tentacles – in a crude lab in Greenwich. Players often pass through this lab to help Otto with his experiments by completing side puzzles, and Peter uses the facility to build the Anti-Ock armor he wears during Marvel’s Spider-Man personal and emotional final boss battle against the fallen scientist.

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Reddit user Razkal719 had played through Marvel’s Spiderman no less than five times on the PlayStation 4 and four times on the PS5 when they finally noticed some secondary details in Otto’s lab that reveal it was once an auto repair shop (via Rant game). In the video, they point out that the lab contains several roll-up garage doors, a car lift, and a service pit. From the exterior of the lab, Razkal719 notes that the lab is located on the ground floor of the building, as the same garage doors can be seen along the base. Peter enters from the top as Spider-Man and meets Otto downstairs in his lab gear, which means he changes his costume when descending the stairs from the roof.

Part of what made Marvel’s Spiderman the level of detail developer Insomniac has put into its world and gameplay is so well received, with fans discovering new things even four years after the game first launched on the PS4. While playing in the open world of Marvel’s Spiderman, players noticed unique animations of Spidey pulling himself up the fire escapes, as well as the web hero’s not-so-obvious ability to pull said fire escapes out of buildings they’re attached to out of combat. This attention to detail will continue in the 2020 spin-off. Spider-Man: Miles Morales and fans wouldn’t be surprised to discover many fun secrets in the upcoming Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and Marvel’s Wolverines as well.

These secrets include how Otto Octavius’ lab was once an auto repair shop before the events of Marvel’s Spiderman, which illustrates how Otto and his company are running out of funds due to his falling out with Norman Osborn. Indeed, the game notes that Otto’s research largely depends on grants to keep alive his dreams of overcoming a neurological disorder he suffers from, and it is this desperation that ultimately leads to his tragic fall from grace. the end of Marvel’s Spiderman.

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Source: Razkal719/Reddit (Going through Rant game)

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